#hitzEscape: My Malaysia

9 August 2016

August is Merdeka month, aka Independence Day for us Malaysians! To celebrate, this month we're turning the #hitzEscape spotlight on our very own country:

So why do tourists love to visit us? It could be because:
  • We're really affordable! It's true, don't believe me? Check out what TripAdvisor said.
  •  Everywhere is so accessible! Except getting from East to West Malaysia of course; but once you're in a city, it's so easy to get to where you wanna go to next.
  • The food is amazing! We have so many different varieties - there's always something for everyone.
  • We have so many different cultures - there are various native tribes all throughout Malaysia. In Sabah alone there are over 42!
  • Malaysia is also home to 14500 species of flowering plants and trees, 200 species of mammals, 600 species of birds, 140 species of snakes, and 60 species of lizards.
  • Malaysians are super friendly!
We also have everything you could possibly need: Mountain high to Ocean deep; Concrete jungles to the oldest rainforest in the world. Mount Kinabalu is the highest mountain in Malaysia, but we also have hills which are great for hiking peppered all over the country. Diving? From Sipadan to Redang, then options are endless.

Oh, and did you know that the word "Ringgit" means "jagged" in Malay, and it actually referred to the separated edges of Spanish silver dollars? Neither did I!

What do you love about Malaysia? Drop me a comment! 
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