Flying Tips to Keep You Sane This Summer

5 July 2017


Summer is traditionally the time when many of us fly off for what we hope will be a relaxing vacation at a beautiful location. Sadly, too many of us reach our holiday spot stressed out, annoyed and sometimes even angry due to the quality of our flights.

If you’re flying this summer, here are some summer flying tips to help keep you sane, so that you start your vacation the right way:

Dress Comfortably

If you want to have a comfortable flight, then you need to dress comfy. That doesn’t mean that you have to dress down in your sweats and hoodies – there are lots of comfy maxi dresses to be found at Dress Boutiques, as well as comfy cotton t-shirts and linen trousers to be found, so you can look good and stay comfy. Just make sure that you take along a cardigan, sweater or jacket, so that you can layer up if it gets too cool onboard.

Get the First Flight of the Day

If the thing that really annoys you is having to wait around forever to get on the plane due to delays and other disasters, book the first flight of the day and you’ll rarely have to worry because the plane will already be there and ready to go. Of course, you’ll have to get up quite early, but trust me it will be worth it.

Book an Exit Row Seat

If you can’t afford to upgrade to first class, and there are few of us who can try booking an exit row seat because more often than not, you will have more leg room if you do. Unfortunately, these seats tend to be cooler, so remember to bring plenty of layers along.

Be Nice to the Flight Attendants

If you bring a few little treats along for the flight attendants, perhaps some chocolates, they’ll be so pleased by your appreciation that you shouldn’t be surprised to have your journey made more comfortable with free drink or two, or perhaps even a free headset so that you can enjoy the in-flight entertainment in peace.

Pack Some Snacks

Airlines are getting better at providing food for people who have special dietary needs, such as vegans and celiac, but they still aren’t as good as they could be and errors are still made, so if you eat a bit differently from the norm, it’s probably a good idea to pack a few things you can eat in your carry-on. This will stop you from getting overly hungry, which will only make you madder at the poor service and sour your vacation before it even begins.

Bring an Air Travel Pillow and Earplugs

If you’re flying long-haul and you want to get some shut-eye, bringing along an Airplane Travel Pillow and a pair of earplugs is a must. They’ll make you much more comfortable, keep the noise of those crying babies and your snoring neighbor at bay and ensure you reach your destination, cool, calm and well rested.

What are your top tips for staying sane on a summer flight?

Calista xx

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