Life Online As A Radio Announcer

20 July 2017

I honestly think I would die without internet.

Love of my life - my phone
Exaggeration? Maybe, but only slightly. Anyone who knows me can testify to the fact that I'm always scrolling on my phone, going through every single app when I know there isn't really anything new, or most recently, watching way too many instastories - even when I know they eat up so much data!

Only 4 days into my data cycle 😨
Now that I'm working in radio, I have an excuse to be 24/7 on the internet is more important than ever! I always have to keep up-to-date with the latest gossip and trends, so I can keep my show updated with all the coolest news and music, so I'm one of those lucky people who can go on a YouTube binge and call it work. Sounds amazing, until you run out of data. Luckily though, that doesn’t happen often with Digi, and when it does, you can bet it's topped up within seconds, as you can #JomInternet Your Way with Digi Prepaid Live. I get to enjoy 2GB high-speed internet at only RM3! Honestly what can you get for RM3 these days…

A typical day in the life of a radio announcer (or at least, my life):

Basically every morning
9am         Run out of snooze buttons and drag myself out of bed (after scrolling through all the notifications that happened while I was sleeping).

10am       Reach the office, go through emails, then start doing my show prep (this includes googling latest celeb goss, watching new movie/tv trailers, scrolling through Facebook to see what's viral, sneaking in instagram time BECAUSE WHY I AM ADDICTED etc.

11.30am  Lunch and whatsapp away.

In the studio
12.45pm Time to start the show! Between talking, I'll also be googling extra info on the topic I'm talking about, and replying listeners' whatsapp messages.

4pm        Show done! Time to reply my own messages and update my instastories and social media.
This is also when we'll be taking photos and videos for the station's social mediawriting scripts, having meetings etc. On the lucky days I have none of these to do, I plonk myself in front of YouTube and usually discover a million and one new songs, vlogs and interviews all at once.

7pm Time to go home! Usually I’ll head out for dinner or a catch up with friends, all the while my phone never leaves my sight. Not exactly healthy, but reality.
Instastorying the beautiful sunset
Of course the scrolling never really stops until I actually fall asleep. I survive on the internet and if my data accidentally runs out, I literally don't know what to do and I feel fidgety (maybe I should go to some kind of rehab for this addiction lol)

Find out more about the awesome deal here:

Calista xx

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  1. Wow! Quite surprise your Instagram data usage more than 1Gig! Anyway, wish you enjoy your Radio Announcer life :D See you again ;)