What To Buy For Big Birthdays

3 July 2017

When big birthdays roll around, it can be hard to know how to celebrate them - or more precisely, what you should buy. If it’s your partner’s thirtieth, or your mother’s sixtieth, or even your best friend’s eighteenth birthday, you want to make it really special with a gift that they’ll remember forever - but what exactly should you get?

An Investment Piece

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A lot of the time, an item that can be kept forever is one of the most popular gift ideas. Jewellery is always a good option, particularly if it’s for your partner - earrings or pendants are always appreciated! If you have absolute faith in your own taste, you can pick them out yourself, but it can be fun to choose them together as well. If that’s what you go for, why not make the whole trip into a day out and go for lunch as well? Jewellery is also a great option for your daughter or your mother - a bracelet is something that they can wear and keep forever. Finally, if you’re wondering what to buy for your husband or father, a watch is always a solid option - and the great thing about a watch is that they’re easy to personalise with engravings too!

Consider Their Hobbies

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It can be tempting to buy something that you love for your loved ones - your own favourite book for instance, in the hopes that they’ll enjoy it as much as you did. But it’s a lot more thoughtful to go for something that they’ll really sincerely enjoy and that you’ve carefully considered. Even if you’d rather jump off a bridge than spend any time contemplating the different types of roses, if your loved one is a gardening fanatic then you could consider buying them a new shiny set of gardening tools. If they’re a foodie or an alcohol aficionado, it might be hard to choose what exactly they might want, so check out reviews online to learn the difference between Irish and Scotch whisky and where exactly Kikori whiskey comes into the equation. Focus on what they love and you’ll be onto a winner!

An Experience

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Finally, the most important gift that you can give to anyone is spending some quality time together. We all generally have all the material possessions that we need, and a lot of the tat that we give each other every birthday and every Christmas tends to end up discarded - we’ve all got one of those piles of things we don’t need at the back of our closets, right? So instead, why don’t you opt for making some memories? There’s nothing better than a meal out, or splashing out on an afternoon tea. You could also look at the listings for your local area and go for theatre, ballet or opera tickets for anyone who’s a culture buff. In addition, you could consider going on a weekend away with your partner or even a close friend - reconnecting and having a few laughs together is something that you’ll both value for the rest of your lives.

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