The Hottest Shows That Are Worth Travelling For

18 November 2017

There are lots of things worth travelling for - some people want to see the world’s famous sights and attractions, others prefer natural phenomenons, such as the Northern Lights.. But have you ever thought about travelling to see a show?

It’s well known that some of the best musicals and theater shows take place on Broadway in New York City, and in London’s West End. Plus, there are lots of sports and musicians who tour the world with their shows. So, don’t worry if a particular show isn’t coming to your own hometown; it’s a great excuse to book a flight ticket and enjoy a quick trip and a show!

Here are some of the best shows that are currently on right now - they are all definitely worth travelling for!


Based on the life of one of America’s founding fathers, Hamilton tells the tale of Alexander Hamilton. This is the man whose portrait is on the ten-dollar bill, so you might know him already without even realizing it! This musical is unusual to most other Broadway shows as its cast is entirely made up of BAME actors. Not only that, though, but it explains the various things that happened throughout Hamilton’s life in the late 18th century and early 19th century using contemporary hip-hop and rap. It’s a very modern and diverse retelling of a centuries-old tale! Even though Hamilton’s Broadway run has come to an end and the American tour of the show is over, it is about to open in London’s West End. There are still a few tickets available for the show, which will run from January through until the summer. So, ready for a city break in the British capital?!

WWE Tour

Would you rather watch some sport for a couple of hours than sit through a musical? Well, if so, you’ll be happy to hear that there is currently a WWE tour traveling around the US. You can check this website to shop for tickets and see where the tour is heading. Even if you haven’t been to a wrestling show before, and have never even thought about going to one, it’s definitely worth considering this show. The wrestlers are true entertainers and they get up to some pretty comical stuff alongside all their wrestling. Don’t worry, though, no one gets hurt during these shows - it’s all a big act and the fight scenes are completely choreographed.

Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour

Do you want to know what the hottest thing in music is right now? Chances are you will have already heard! Taylor Swift recently dropped her latest album, “Reputation” and she is gearing up to hit the road with it next year. Hopefully, you have already bought the album or a piece of merchandise as everyone who does will get the chance to preorder tickets for her upcoming tour. But don’t worry if you haven’t bought the album or any merchandise yet as tickets will be on general release very soon. The international tour kicks off with a leg around the US next spring and summer before moving to other countries later in the year. So, if you fancy taking a vacation and catching Taylor while you are away, chances are that it will be entirely possible to do so!

“Girl from the North Country”

If you aren’t completely convinced by musicals but want to see a theatre show that uses some pieces of music, then you should book tickets for “Girl from the North Country”. This play has been inspired by the songs of Bob Dylan, and most of the characters sing some of his songs throughout the show. The play tells the story of a poor family who runs a guesthouse in Minnesota during the depression in the 1930s. The show opened earlier this year to rave reviews, and features an all-star cast, including Shirley Henderson who is known for playing Moaning Myrtle in the Harry Potter movie franchise. Even though the play’s original run at The Old Vic Theatre is now over, it is about to move to the West End from next month for a stint. So, that’s now two reasons why it’s worth booking a trip to London over the coming months!

“The Book Of Mormon”

Want to see a comedy? If so, then “The Book of Mormon” might just be the show for you! It’s a play about a group of Mormon missionaries who travel to Africa to try and convert the natives to the Mormon religion. The show goes on to poke fun at Mormon beliefs and teachings. As this is written by Trey Parker, Robert Lopez, and Matt Stone, who all write for the TV show South Park, you can guess that this is going to include some very close-to-the-bone humor! This certainly isn’t a musical for those who are easily offended.

The Blue Man Group

Like music? Like comedy? Like watching contemporary dance? If you’ve just said “yes” three times, then there’s a good chance you will really enjoy the Blue Man Group. There are a few theaters around the US that show Blue Man Group performances regularly, but if you fancy getting away for a week, you should consider taking a vacation in Berlin, Germany. The Berlin Blue Man Group regularly hosts shows at the Bluemax Theater. The show includes some amazing special effects and, thanks to its awesome effects and music, it has quickly become one of Berlin’s most popular shows. So, be ready to book well in advance!

There are lots of different shows all over the world that are well worth the price of the tickets. The ones mentioned above are just a handful of the best that you can get tickets for right now. If you do fancy going to see one of these, make sure you buy your tickets well in advance as they can often sell out very quickly!

Swiftie for Life,
Calista xx

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