Three Remarkable Sites To See In This Lifetime

11 November 2017

We only have one life on this planet, and how you choose to live it is entirely up to you. But wouldn’t it be a shame to get to old age, and never see some of the world’s most spectacular places before you get too old to travel? There is indescribable beauty in every continent on the globe; some of it man-made, some of it natural. And although there is almost no way of seeing it all, there are some things that are, in my opinion, unmissable. Here are some suggestions for your bucket list - try and check them out before it’s too late!

Zhangye Danxia Landform in Gansu, China

Let’s start with something a little out of the ordinary - the Zhangye Danxia Landform in Gansu, China. If you ever go to China, make sure this is on your list, as it is one of the most spectacular sites on the planet - making even established artists go weak at the knees. The mountainous region is vast and full of color - red rock cliffs interspersed with the most incredible, multi-colored formations you will ever see. Some of the shapes you spot in the landscape are amazing, too - look out for weird, castle-like structures, as well as outcrops that look like giant people, birds, and beasts.

The Northern Lights in the North of Europe

Also known as the aurora borealis, the Northern Lights are an incredible sight to see - if you ever get the chance. If you have ever wondered what produces an Aurora, it’s a little complicated if you don’t know much science, but in essence, it’s when solar flares collide with atoms and molecules in the atmosphere. The result is just magnificent - greens, yellows, reds and many other colors of the spectrum can light up across the sky, forming unusual patterns. The only issue with the Northern Lights is that no one really knows when they will arrive - you only have two hours or so to get yourself in the right position. Your best bet is to go in-season, stay for a week or two - in somewhere like Scandinavia or Scotland - and cross your fingers. It will be worth the flight if you catch a glimpse!

Meteora in Greece

The Meteora in Greece is a combination of nature and human endeavor at its best. Giant, sandstone peaks erupt from the ground high into the sky, and perched atop of them are some incredible Greek Orthodox monasteries. The monasteries are - quite literally - suspended in the air, and were built between 1356-72, and still used by around 60 monks and nuns to this day. A trip to the Meteora is not for the faint of heart, however. If you are wary of heights, though, I would suggest confronting your fears and give it a shot - the scenic rewards from the top of the peaks is supposed to be incredible.

Do you have any favorite spots in the world you would like to share? Why not leave your remarkable locations in the comments section below?

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  1. The Northern Lights in the North of Europe is on top of my bucket list! :D