6 Beautiful Countries In Asia

10 January 2018

Asia is one of the larger continents in the world, and it is full of culture, a range of cuisines and much
mystery. Asia is a stunning place which encapsulates the diversity and wonder of the world in all of its
different countries. Here are a few of the most stunning countries in Asia.

Take a stay at the JW Marriott Khao Lak Resort and enjoy one of the increasingly popular holiday
destinations in Asia at the moment. Thailand is a popular backpacking destination and is a very busy
country as far as travellers are concerned. However, that does not take away from the beauty of this
great country. There are stunning white sand beaches at every turn, beautiful landscapes to explore in
the mountains and a lovely nightlife for those who are inclined.

This is a small country which is situated between Vietnam and Thailand. Although it does not have a
coastline, it still has some stunning features for any intrepid adventurer to enjoy. Take a day hiking in
the mountains and you will see some of the most stunning waterfalls and landscapes you have ever

Although this country has a bad reputation due to past conflicts, that is all the in the past now and this
country really isn’t one you want to miss. If you love to see some stunning natural rock formations,
then the karst rock formations on Ha Long Bay will inspire you to stay in this stunning place for longer
than you ever thought you would. Enjoy some of the worlds most picturesque rivers and beaches all
in one neat package.

The Philippines
Made up of a staggering thousand islands, the Philippines is a place which you would be able to travel
around for the next ten years and still have things left to see and experience. The island of Palawan is
perhaps one of the most stunning islands this country has to offer, and you will be able to enjoy
staggering cliffs and rock formations with turquoise blue waters flowing through them from below.
Another stunning place to see in this country is the chocolate hills of Bohol, with rolling hills which
span over 40 meters high.

Cambodia is a place which has been voted the most friendly in the world, and it is no surprise that this
country is appearing on the list of most beautiful in Asia. Cambodia is a third world country at heart,
but they have a thriving tourist business which is helping the economy build and providing housing
and education for its natives, the country is filled with temple ruins which will wow any history
enthusiast, and views which will make anyone feel on top of the world. If you want somewhere to
relax, the pristine beaches offer stunning views and gorgeous weather all year round.

Indonesia is perhaps the most stunning place in Asia of all. The country is made up of a staggering
17000 islands, so it is no surprise that some of these places must be the most stunning on earth.
Due to many of the islands being unpopulated, you can really lose yourself in the wild and take
advantage of the natural wonders in the world, from waterfalls to lakes, and rock formations which will
make anyone’s jaw drop with awe. If you want a bit of adventure you can even take a look at the huge
volcanoes on the islands as well as take a trek in the dense jungles.

Happy Travelling,
Calista xx

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