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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A Journey to Total Wellness

Wellness is a way of life. 

Unfortunately, we tend to take our health and wellness for granted - we dont have time, we cant be bothered, we just dont quite know what's out there.

Maxx Media, one of the top marketing and media companies in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and SWEPA, the Sabah Women Entrpreneurs and Professionals Association are set to change that, by making wellness knowledge more accessible and fun with the Wellness Journey Conference and Exhibition 2012!
Committee from Maxx Media and SWEPA
The 2nd edition of this event, Wellness Journey will comprise of 3 components: an Exhibition Gallery for the public, a Wellness Conference which is a 2-day forum centered by presenting info and talks by 6 international speakers, and a series of Enriching Workshops.

The Exhibition Gallery will feature many exhibitors who specialise in the spa, beauty, and health industries, and one of the main highlights will be the Wellness Garden, which is designed to look like a lush, verdant garden where visitors can rest and recuperate. The stage area will also be in the garden, where lucky draws and activities such as a blood donation drive will be held.

Some of the things in our media kit from some of the exhibitors.
Unique learning experiences will be the main feature of the Wellness Conference, where for RM400 participants will have the chance to get invigorating information from a number of prominent players in the health and wellness industry. Speakers include:
  1. Julina Halim, Wellness Coach and Consultant (Singapore)
  2. Professor Gerard Bodekar, Traditional and Complementary Medicine Specialist (Australia)
  3. Joanne Bruce, Founder of Biossentials (Canada)
  4. Dr. Sivakumar Kumaresan, Herbal Medicine Expert (Malaysia)
  5. Karina Lipold, Health and Wellness Consultant (Austria)
  6. Michael Loh, Wellness Magnate (Singapore)
The president of SWEPA addressing the media with the invited speakers shown on the screen behind her.
For guests who wish to participate on a smaller scale, you may consider joining some of the various Enriching Workshops available, which will include different wellness disciples and activities, along with a hands-on learning experience which will leave you equipped to relax and rejuvenate in your own home.

The launch on the 1st day of the exhibition will be officiated by Sabah's Chief Minister YAB Datuk Seri Panglima Haji Musa bin Haji Aman, and is sponsored by Lactovida, Nes Health and Xtremchi Suria.

So save the dates!

Dates: 24 & 25th November 2012
Venue: Sabah Trade Center, Likas
Time: 11am - 8pm

You can visit or for more info.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Featured in Breeze Magazine Again! =D


My 2nd fashion spread for local Sabahan Breeze magazine! And the theme is special this time, as it's the SOCIAL MEDIA issue!! =D

Here are some teaser photos:
Hair being pulled every which way! ;p
Jeffie Jeff, the fashion editor and makeup artist/hair stylist/photographer/art director for the shoot can work magic! I know you cant tell, but I was actually quite sick during the shoot! 2 days of fever n flu beforehand, nauseousness on the day, and today still coughing and feeling quite awful.. (Yes, I am looking for sympathy.. *PussInBoots eyes*)
Heaven is among all these clothes and accessories!
The outfits and accessories all came from blogshops that are registered with Pretty.Wild.Diva., a one stop shop where you can find all the hottest blogshop links in KK! They also organise annual Shopaholics Bazaars (for my experience click HERE) and preloved bazaars.
Test shot before the shoot!
So do I need to say it? Grab your copy of November's Breeze magazine as soon as it's out! I cant wait to see the end result, and there's also a short behind-the-scenes video to come! =)
And I'm spent!
Will update when the actual mag is out! Til then peeps!

For those of you who'd like to view my first spread, feel free to click HERE! =D

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Miss Malaysia Queen of Clubs - SABAH

Hello again blog world!

I can't believe it's been exactly a month since I last updated this little space of mine! =O Did you miss me? Didyoudidyoudidyou?? I hope so, I definitely missed you!
So much has been happening it's been crazy! I'll update you guys as much as I can, but what's really been keeping me busy is, as the title of this post suggests, the pageant I'm co-organising in Sabah - Miss Malaysia Queen of Clubs!
Organised by Ripples Consultancy in KL, Miss Malaysia Queen of Clubs is a national talent search cum beauty pageant that will be held in 6 states (Sabah, Penang, Ipoh, Johor Bahru, Selangor and KL) before the top 3 of each state are brought together to compete for the national title.

Ripples and our official talent agency Potluck Talent will be searching not only for the winners of the competition, but also for girls of commercial value to groom and market in the entertainment industry, including models, actresses, singers, dancers etc.

With some of the biggest names in Sabah as our sponsors, the first 2 heats in Sabah were held successfully in our 3 club venues!
Shenanigan's Heat 1 - With the contestants and main organiser.
BED Heat 1 - With the judges
Lava Heat 1 - Presenting memento to one of the judges, Leonard
Heat 2 photos to be uploaded as soon as they're received! =)

Getting fully involved from A-Z, it's not all just work! I also got to be involved in our promo video shot underwater by our official videographers, Geng Kapak!
Just before the shoot! Look at that thing! =D

You can view the video HERE.

Some behind-the-scene shots:
With emcee Farhan of Hitz KK
Sexy ladies Josephine in black, Amber in white, and Sharon and Junnette in red!
B.ED.Heat 1 in sexy Rip Curl swimwear & pretty Olumis batik!
My view during the show: Sharon and Rachael ready to rock the stage!
Wonderful Emylia, who coordinated for the 1st 2 nights.. Beauty, brains & a whole lot more! <3 br="br">
With contestants from Lava Heat 1 - Deidre and Coco
The multi-talented Junnette came to help out backstage when she wasnt competing! <3 br="br">
Gorgeous Shenanigan's Heat 2 contestants!
With emcee Aby Feebs of KK fm!
Kiddo, our youngest contestant!
Judges of Lava Heat 2 - Jovy, Rounnah and Charlotte!
So that's it! My days n nights have been filled with meetings, rehearsals, and the actual shows, not to mention some other stuff that shall be revealed soon! =) Semi Finals for Queen of Clubs will be this week (17/10 Shenanigans's, 18/10 B.E.D., 19/10 Lava), so if you're in KK, do drop by to show some support! A great show is coming up, I promise you!

Thank you to our sponsors: 

Official Casual and Swim Wear: RIP CURL
Official Venues: 3 of the hippest clubs in town: B.E.D. Waterfront, Shenanigan's Fun Pub, and Lava Resto Bar
Official Restaurant: Fullhouse, Suria Sabah
Official Magazine: Breeze
Official Hair and Makeup: SNIPS
Official Photographer: Seri Gaya Studio
Official Videographer: Geng Kapak

Official Gym: All Fit, Blue 7
Official Batik House: Olumis Borneo Batik
And our Official Emcees: Farhan S. and Aby Feebs!