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Monday, 19 February 2018

Coffee. Chocolate. Camaca

Personal fave gelato flavour: Raspberry Mango
From the outside, CAMACA looks super ambitious, taking up a huge corner in one of KK city's most prominent locations. Whether you call it Jalan Dewan, Australia Lane, or an extended part of the famous Gaya Street, tourists and locals alike would definitely notice the latest addition to KK's ever-growing cafe culture.

With the bright lights and insta-worthy interior, CAMACA offers sugar-free gelato in a variety of No Scoop flavours (thanks to a special machine invented by the founder, Dr Lee from Taiwan) and special teas on the ground floor, and coffee heaven with sugar-free chocolate on the cozy upstairs.

Now I know what you're thinking: "Sugar-free? Blegh! Gimme the sweet stuff!" But if you know me in the slightest, you'd know for sure I'm not exactly the type to go straight for the healthy option (understatement). CAMACA is different though. All their products are created with health in mind, thanks to the founder being a medical pHD holder, and all gelato, chocolate etc is safe for diabetic patients and the like. Even the burger, I swear I thought it was a normal beef burger until someone told me it was vegetarian, and it tastes amazing!

Personal faves:
Twilight Berries and Dessert Set
Hangout: Mangosteen Tea  RM7.90 (H) RM8.90 (C)
Made from local ingredients, incorporating Taiwanese techniques
Twilight Berries
Photo Source
Splurge: Twilight Berries RM29
Ice-drip, non-alcohol, non-caffeine, pure berry refreshment.

Brewed: The black sugar cafe latte is a must-try, Taiwanese cutie not included. RM12.90 for small

Also, if you know your coffee, you'll probably recognise this:
The very first Spirit Duette coffee machine in East Malaysia

Ice Drip: Slowly, drip by drip, this coffee goes down smooth, even for a non-coffee lover like me. RM29/bottle

Charcoal Bagel Set with Mangosteen Tea
The Charcoal Bagel Set is actually vegetarian - but you'd never guess! The patty is made from 猴头菇, aka hericium, a type of mushroom. I honestly had no idea it wasn't even a normal burger before I was told - it was so good!

Comes with Japanese fried, cooked with sunflower oil, salt, Sarawak black pepper and paprika, and also home made sambal and satay sauce (bf totally polished that off!)

RM25.90 for the set (comes with their scented tea)
RM6.90 for just fries.


So many flavour options, not to mention sorbets too! Unique flavours as well as the crowd pleasers, and also...
Durian-based flavours! All the flavours marked with a 'D' have durian in them. You're welcome, durian lovers.
Sugar-free with a natural sugar replacement method, these no-scoop gelatos won't leave you feeling thirsty afterwards. RM15.90 per cup, plus free toppings (pistachio nuts, macarons, chocolate sprinkles etc)
Some of the gelato topping selection
Dessert Plate

Swiss Roll and macaron. Preservative free, perfect for sharing, or indulging on your own!

CAMACA has long been known for their chocolate since the very first branch in Imago - totally melt-in-your-mouth!

Every cup, every pot, every utensil, every piece of equipment, is carefully selected or acquired by the owners, not just for the aesthetic (cz they are definitely pretty to look at!), but also for the functionality, especially the coffee drips and machines. Even the no scoop gelato maker was invented by the founder himself!
That's one of the No Scoop Gelato machines right there!
Perfect for a catch-up with friends, some family time, or even a first date, CAMACA Jalan Dewan is open 12pm - 11pm daily. And before you say "aiya so hard to find parking la", I'm one step ahead of you haha. It's definitely much easier to find parking at night, but in the day time, just go straight to Menara Jubili; loads of parking there and just a short walk away!

Always up for dessert,
Calista xx

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

6 Beautiful Countries In Asia

Asia is one of the larger continents in the world, and it is full of culture, a range of cuisines and much
mystery. Asia is a stunning place which encapsulates the diversity and wonder of the world in all of its
different countries. Here are a few of the most stunning countries in Asia.

Take a stay at the JW Marriott Khao Lak Resort and enjoy one of the increasingly popular holiday
destinations in Asia at the moment. Thailand is a popular backpacking destination and is a very busy
country as far as travellers are concerned. However, that does not take away from the beauty of this
great country. There are stunning white sand beaches at every turn, beautiful landscapes to explore in
the mountains and a lovely nightlife for those who are inclined.

This is a small country which is situated between Vietnam and Thailand. Although it does not have a
coastline, it still has some stunning features for any intrepid adventurer to enjoy. Take a day hiking in
the mountains and you will see some of the most stunning waterfalls and landscapes you have ever

Although this country has a bad reputation due to past conflicts, that is all the in the past now and this
country really isn’t one you want to miss. If you love to see some stunning natural rock formations,
then the karst rock formations on Ha Long Bay will inspire you to stay in this stunning place for longer
than you ever thought you would. Enjoy some of the worlds most picturesque rivers and beaches all
in one neat package.

The Philippines
Made up of a staggering thousand islands, the Philippines is a place which you would be able to travel
around for the next ten years and still have things left to see and experience. The island of Palawan is
perhaps one of the most stunning islands this country has to offer, and you will be able to enjoy
staggering cliffs and rock formations with turquoise blue waters flowing through them from below.
Another stunning place to see in this country is the chocolate hills of Bohol, with rolling hills which
span over 40 meters high.

Cambodia is a place which has been voted the most friendly in the world, and it is no surprise that this
country is appearing on the list of most beautiful in Asia. Cambodia is a third world country at heart,
but they have a thriving tourist business which is helping the economy build and providing housing
and education for its natives, the country is filled with temple ruins which will wow any history
enthusiast, and views which will make anyone feel on top of the world. If you want somewhere to
relax, the pristine beaches offer stunning views and gorgeous weather all year round.

Indonesia is perhaps the most stunning place in Asia of all. The country is made up of a staggering
17000 islands, so it is no surprise that some of these places must be the most stunning on earth.
Due to many of the islands being unpopulated, you can really lose yourself in the wild and take
advantage of the natural wonders in the world, from waterfalls to lakes, and rock formations which will
make anyone’s jaw drop with awe. If you want a bit of adventure you can even take a look at the huge
volcanoes on the islands as well as take a trek in the dense jungles.

Happy Travelling,
Calista xx

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

The Essential A to Z Guide For Those Travelling Abroad

Whether you are thinking about travelling abroad or perhaps considering spending an extended time in a particular country, you may be planning your next journey. Now, while other websites are content to give you a simple overview of advice, we are going one better. This article is a journey unto itself, braving the scales of the alphabet to give you an A to Z guide to all the travel tips we can think of. Quite how we are going to traverse the obstacles that are Q and X is something you are going have to find out for yourself as you read on. Let’s go!

A is for Adventure

Every travel experience should be an adventure. Once you have set foot off the plane (other modes of transport are available), a whole new world awaits. The sights, the sounds, the smells… you need to be prepared for them all. We listed some of the remarkable places we think you should visit at, but wherever you go, make sure you carry the spirit of adventure with you, and take a few risks.

B is for Beware

As mentioned, travelling is about taking risks, but you do need to be careful. There is some useful advice at for staying safe abroad, but wherever you go, do your research beforehand. You probably don’t want to head to a war zone, for example, and as a tourist, you are going to stick out like a sore thumb when venturing around a new country.

C is for Cruises

Get vertigo when flying? Don’t fancy the idea of backpacking? Then travel around the world on a cruise. You can get some fantastic deals in off-peak parts of the season, and you will gain some fantastic experiences on and off board the ship. Shuffleboard anyone?

D is for Drive

Hire a car or take your own, driving is the preferred choice of travel for many, especially if you are travelling with a family. If you are thinking about a road trip in another country, check out the advice at, with ideas for where to go and how to travel safely.

E is for Expat

You may be thinking of extending your travels, and the life of an expat may appeal to you. Not only will you be able to savour a particular country in more detail, but you will be able to extend your travels from the place you are living in. You will need to scour the internet for international property sites, such as, though you should probably use a translation tool if you don’t speak the language. After all, you don’t want to end up with a money pit!

F is for Focus

In short, make an itinerary for your travels. Depending on the length of your stay, you want to make sure you get to do all you want to do. So focus on your priorities before you leave, making a list of all the things you want to see and achieve while away. You may need to be flexible, as not everything will go to plan, but you don’t want a wasted journey without some ideas beforehand.

G is for Going solo

There’s no harm in travelling solo. You don’t have to compromise with anybody else, so you can do all that you want to do, and there’s nobody else to worry about but yourself. Of course, going solo can also be a lonely experience, and safety may be an issue. There are some excellent tips at for solo travellers, so have a look if this is something you are considering.

H is for Health

Being away in a new land is fun for a while, until you get ill! Therefore, make sure you get immunised from potential diseases, and always have a first-aid kit stocked with ointment, plasters, sunscreen, bandages, and all the other first-aid essentials. You may be put on the first plane home if you go without these medical precautions.

I is for Insurance

You need to be covered for all manner of disasters while you are away, from travel insurance to medical insurance. As mentioned, you might get sick, and you may lose your luggage or have the frustration of a cancelled trip, so make sure you are protected in the event of any potential disaster.

J is for Join in

There are bound to be activities on offer in the country you visit, so don’t be afraid to take part and experience something new. If you are somebody who travels solo, it’s also worth joining in with other groups of people if permitted, as you may not want to be alone all of the time. Being with other people will also keep you safe when venturing into unknown places.

K is for Keep in touch

Again, this is one for solo travellers. Before leaving, make sure you have all the relevant contact details on hand for your nearest and dearest. Then, should you get homesick, you will be able to call family or friends for a familiar and reassuring voice.

L is for Languages

You won’t get far in a foreign country without some knowledge of the lingo. Desperate for the loo? Need something to eat? Make sure you have the phrases on the tip of your tongue. Buy a phrasebook, or go one better and learn the language in detail online or at a local evening class, ensuring you are prepared for every eventuality. This way, you won’t offend an entire nation by saying the wrong thing.

O is for Oranges are not the only fruit

The use of that popular book title is our way of saying try something new to eat. You don’t have to stick with the foods you are comfortable with, oranges included, so opt for the cultural culinary delights on offer to you. Some of the foods you should try are listed at, but you should also pick up a guidebook or follow your nose when spending time in a new locale.

P is for Passport

Quite simply, don’t forget your passport. Nothing more really needs to be said, as you won’t be going far without it. Though you should also make sure your current passport isn’t out of date, and if it is, order a new one several months in advance, as processing times can vary.

Q is for Quit while you’re ahead

Don’t try and cram everything into your schedule. You will only burn yourself out, and spend the rest of your travel time in bed from exhaustion. If you are living abroad for an extended time, you are going to have plenty of opportunities. If not, plan your days with care. Your feet will surely thank you for it!

R is for Rest and Relaxation

You might be the adventurous type, looking for action and excitement on your travels. On the other hand, you may prefer to spend a little more time relaxing and resting, away from the worries of your normal life. Either way, you will need some time to recharge your batteries. There is useful advice at to help you do just that!

S is for Save money

Travelling can be expensive, from arranging transport, to finding places to stay. However, there are ways you can save money, as recommended here, Oh, and remember to save a little money for emergencies. You don’t want to splash all your cash on the first day of travelling, so budget your finances in advance.

T is for Time passing

Thinking about travelling or moving abroad? Then do it. Time passes quickly, and if you continue to procrastinate, you are never going to get anywhere. It all depends on your commitments at home of course, but if you have the chance to visit somewhere new, take it, before time runs out, and you are still where you were ten years ago.

U is for Understanding etiquette

We alluded to this earlier, but you really do need to understand the place you are visiting. This site,, gives you everything you need to know about worldwide etiquette. Making the wrong hand signal or a certain nod of your head may get you into deep waters with the local people if you’re not careful, so be sure you do your research before you make an international blunder!

V is for Visa

You may not need a Visa for every country you visit, but you do need to check before you travel. Whether you are planning a short or long-term visit, make sure you know how long your Visa permits you to stay in a certain place. It is possible to extend your Visa, so check with your local and visiting government before departure. Otherwise, you may be back on the plane before you know it!

W is for Write a journal

Keeping a journal is a great way to remember all the highlights of your journey. From the favourite places, you visited to the quirky people you met along the way, make a note, so you have no chance of forgetting every priceless moment of your travels.

X is for Xerox

Okay, so we were going to write xylophone and make some reference to musical customs, but that just didn’t seem right. However, Xerox is a much better word as this is something you don’t want to forget. Xerox everything that is important for your trip, from hotel booking information to personal identification. It’s better to take precautions, just in case you lose or forget something. Go the extra mile and scan and save everything to the cloud as well, so you have access to important information from your smartphone or computer, wherever you are.

Y is for You

In short, do what you want to do. Travelling is about a personal experience, so don’t let your time be compromised. This is your time to find yourself, learn new things, and follow your dreams. Enjoy your travels, and create memories that you will cherish for a long time to come.

Z is for Z’s

We’re done. We have climbed the peak of the alphabet, and it’s finally time for us to rest and take stock of what we have written. The same applies to you on your travels. We already talked about rest earlier, and this includes sleep. At the end of each day, get plenty of sleep, giving you the refreshment you need to face your upcoming adventures. Especially if you are climbing a mountain the following day, you do need to be at the peak of your physical fitness!

What are your A-Zs? Comment down below!

Love always, Calista xx

Saturday, 18 November 2017

The Hottest Shows That Are Worth Travelling For

There are lots of things worth travelling for - some people want to see the world’s famous sights and attractions, others prefer natural phenomenons, such as the Northern Lights.. But have you ever thought about travelling to see a show?

It’s well known that some of the best musicals and theater shows take place on Broadway in New York City, and in London’s West End. Plus, there are lots of sports and musicians who tour the world with their shows. So, don’t worry if a particular show isn’t coming to your own hometown; it’s a great excuse to book a flight ticket and enjoy a quick trip and a show!

Here are some of the best shows that are currently on right now - they are all definitely worth travelling for!


Based on the life of one of America’s founding fathers, Hamilton tells the tale of Alexander Hamilton. This is the man whose portrait is on the ten-dollar bill, so you might know him already without even realizing it! This musical is unusual to most other Broadway shows as its cast is entirely made up of BAME actors. Not only that, though, but it explains the various things that happened throughout Hamilton’s life in the late 18th century and early 19th century using contemporary hip-hop and rap. It’s a very modern and diverse retelling of a centuries-old tale! Even though Hamilton’s Broadway run has come to an end and the American tour of the show is over, it is about to open in London’s West End. There are still a few tickets available for the show, which will run from January through until the summer. So, ready for a city break in the British capital?!

WWE Tour

Would you rather watch some sport for a couple of hours than sit through a musical? Well, if so, you’ll be happy to hear that there is currently a WWE tour traveling around the US. You can check this website to shop for tickets and see where the tour is heading. Even if you haven’t been to a wrestling show before, and have never even thought about going to one, it’s definitely worth considering this show. The wrestlers are true entertainers and they get up to some pretty comical stuff alongside all their wrestling. Don’t worry, though, no one gets hurt during these shows - it’s all a big act and the fight scenes are completely choreographed.

Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour

Do you want to know what the hottest thing in music is right now? Chances are you will have already heard! Taylor Swift recently dropped her latest album, “Reputation” and she is gearing up to hit the road with it next year. Hopefully, you have already bought the album or a piece of merchandise as everyone who does will get the chance to preorder tickets for her upcoming tour. But don’t worry if you haven’t bought the album or any merchandise yet as tickets will be on general release very soon. The international tour kicks off with a leg around the US next spring and summer before moving to other countries later in the year. So, if you fancy taking a vacation and catching Taylor while you are away, chances are that it will be entirely possible to do so!

“Girl from the North Country”

If you aren’t completely convinced by musicals but want to see a theatre show that uses some pieces of music, then you should book tickets for “Girl from the North Country”. This play has been inspired by the songs of Bob Dylan, and most of the characters sing some of his songs throughout the show. The play tells the story of a poor family who runs a guesthouse in Minnesota during the depression in the 1930s. The show opened earlier this year to rave reviews, and features an all-star cast, including Shirley Henderson who is known for playing Moaning Myrtle in the Harry Potter movie franchise. Even though the play’s original run at The Old Vic Theatre is now over, it is about to move to the West End from next month for a stint. So, that’s now two reasons why it’s worth booking a trip to London over the coming months!

“The Book Of Mormon”

Want to see a comedy? If so, then “The Book of Mormon” might just be the show for you! It’s a play about a group of Mormon missionaries who travel to Africa to try and convert the natives to the Mormon religion. The show goes on to poke fun at Mormon beliefs and teachings. As this is written by Trey Parker, Robert Lopez, and Matt Stone, who all write for the TV show South Park, you can guess that this is going to include some very close-to-the-bone humor! This certainly isn’t a musical for those who are easily offended.

The Blue Man Group

Like music? Like comedy? Like watching contemporary dance? If you’ve just said “yes” three times, then there’s a good chance you will really enjoy the Blue Man Group. There are a few theaters around the US that show Blue Man Group performances regularly, but if you fancy getting away for a week, you should consider taking a vacation in Berlin, Germany. The Berlin Blue Man Group regularly hosts shows at the Bluemax Theater. The show includes some amazing special effects and, thanks to its awesome effects and music, it has quickly become one of Berlin’s most popular shows. So, be ready to book well in advance!

There are lots of different shows all over the world that are well worth the price of the tickets. The ones mentioned above are just a handful of the best that you can get tickets for right now. If you do fancy going to see one of these, make sure you buy your tickets well in advance as they can often sell out very quickly!

Swiftie for Life,
Calista xx