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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Review: Japan Girls VC+nanoC Facial Masks - Dry Skin Begone!

Hey girls! (And guys - I know you like to look good too!)

As you probably know, I've been in KL for a little over a month now, and as always, my skin tends to get a little more congested and drier than usual while I'm here, probably because I'm crossing busy roads under the hot sun most days! Ah, the days of public transport..

This time around, I was lucky enough to receive some new daily facial masks to review, from the one and only Manoah! Facials can be pricey, especially when you're not sure of the best places to go, so this was the perfect solution to help keep my skin clear and hydrated at my home away from home!

Usually facial masks are suggested once, or maximum twice a week, but with the Japan Girls co.,ltd VC + nanoC Masks, you can apply it every day without the fear of it drying up your skin. It's actually meant to be applied every day, as it's packaged with 30pcs in a zip lock bag, and they're to be used within 60 days of opening! (I would do this on some occasions, for instance being in a big city such as this month, or if I have abnormally dry skin that particular month, but probably not every month in the year.)

All 30pcs are packed together, making it eco friendly!
The VC+nanoC Masks are 100% organic cotton sheets from Japan (as you probably already figured out by the company name). Containing vitamin C derivative (Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate for those of you who like to check your science!) and hydrolysed collagen to keep the skin moisturised, no fragrance, colorant or mineral oils are added.

*VC = Vitamin C   NanoC = Nano Collagen, which helps you achieve firmer, clearer and more supple skin

As with all facial masks, apply onto skin after cleansing. There are two ways to use this one:

 a) Close your eyes and relax; make sure your eyelids get some TLC too by covering them with the flaps!


b) If you dont know how to relax (like me), fold the eye flaps down and give your under-eye area that TLC instead! (You can play with your phone, read or whatever at the same time then! =P)

Before: Taken in a hotel bathroom while in Penang, when I was slightly sick. No judging! =P
Leave the mask on for 5 - 10 minutes, the follow with your usual skin care routine. What I usually do, because the mask is always still moist, is I fold it in half and drape it over my neck for another 5 - 10 mins. No waste, reap more rewards!
After: Zero editing, taken with natural sunlight.
As you can see, after about a month of using the Japan Girls VC+nanoC masks (what a mouthful ey?), my skin is definitely clearer and more supple. I'd recommend this if you're prepping for an upcoming big event - just add a quick sheet mask to your nightly skin regime! It's light enough and doesnt come out of the packet dripping wet like some other sheet masks, so not being messy is definitely a plus point! And even though I just kept it in my suitcase every day, the mask felt cool when applied, while the serum absorbed quite quickly once I removed the sheet from my face.

Japan Girls co.,ltd VC+nanoC Masks are only available at selected Guardian stores around Malaysia. They're only selling at RM65.00 per box of 30pcs, so it's definitely affordable!

Have you tried any Japan Girls products before? How did you find it? Or do you have any favourite facial masks you'd recommend? Let me know in the comments! =)

Til next time,
Calista xx

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

We Love Asia 2014 - Rave with the Next Generation

I'm going back to Kota Kinabalu next week, after a month or so in KL, and was wondering whether I'd get to squeeze in one last party before I did. Imagine my glee when Manoah informed us bloggers that We Love Asia Next Generation is going on this weekend! =D

Not missing a beat (pun intended), I signed up before even asking which of my friends were gonna be there. Also, I know one or two of the pretty bloggers I know here in KL off the top of my head who wouldn't be caught dead passing up the chance to rave at a music festival. *smirks*

So who's performing?

Let's start with the cute DJ from Belgium! Real name Koen Bauweraerts (don't ask me to pronounce it haha), DJ Coone produces hardstyle and jumpstyle tracks. From what I know, that means we're in for a lot of jumping to the beat of a kick drum! Sounds good to me! I also read that he started out with a remix of Blur's Song 2, and remixed a Linkin Park x Steve Aoki track. Right up my alley!

Hailing from good ol' England, DJ D.O.D proved a little hard to find on Google, with Department of Defense amongst other things coming up first, so here's his facebook page. With nothing but good reviews since day 1 of his career, I'm looking forward to raving away to his tunes already!

Headliner of the night DJ Bl3nd is the masked bandit of your ears. With a global following before ever leaving California, DJ Bl3nd is the DJ success story of YouTube. Spinning Electro House mixes that won't give your feet a rest, his sets are eagerly awaited wherever he performs. I hope we get to see him without his mask at some point during the show though! =D

We Love Asia Next Generation Early Bird tickets are already sold out, but don't worry, you can still purchase your tickets from Rock Corner outlets across KL or online at

For more info, log on to the official website, or the We Love Asia Next Generation facebook page, and I'll see you there! #EatSleepRaveRepeat 

But first, let me take a #Selfie,
Calista xx

Monday, 28 April 2014

Achieve Royal Status with the New Samsung NX Mini

Take your rightful place as Queen - Selfie Queen, that is - with just a wink of those gorgeous eyes!

What the heck am I talking about? Well, last Saturday I was invited to the launch of the latest Samsung camera - the Samsung NX Mini Smart camera! And it wasnt just a boring old launch either; myself and 29 other Manoah bloggers were each given a snowy white NX Mini each, and sent off on a marathon around Pasar Seni to give us a chance to test it out. Only condition: Selfies, the more the better!

I immediately fell in love with the compactness, luxurious leatherette finish, and interchangeable lens. They werent kidding when they said it was gonna be Samsung's slimmest and lightest interchangeable-lens camera to date! At 22.5mm and weighing only 158g, the NX Mini is definitely easy to slip into a clutch for a night out, and lightweight enough to take around while travelling. The only complaint I have would be the fact that there is no protection for the lens (no lens cap), and no case. Hopefully they'll introduce a good camera case for it though!
Photo taken from official Samsung website. The flip screen is flipped 180 degrees for easy selfie-taking, and the 2 different lenses currently available. 
So why the emphasis on selfies? Well the camera is slim enough to hold just like your mobile phone, and with a 3.0-inch flip-up display screen, it's like having a front camera lens to check your angle and framing before you snap away! Samsung has always prided itself on listening to what the consumers want, and with the word 'selfie' officially being added into the Oxford dictionary, there was no doubt as to what this generation loves the most!
Smooth fair skin; beauty mode ON! Selfie before the event with my partner Sandy
Yes it's appearance and surface features had me hooked, but as with my current camera (the Samsung Galaxy Camera), it's the inside that counts! With a large 1-inch type 20.5MP BSI CMOS Sensor, the NX Mini captures high quality, high resolution images that are sharp and burst with vivid colour. The Smart settings are still intact, and from experience with my Galaxy cam, the Food and Sunset settings are two of my faves! I did try out the Beauty mode for the selfies though, and it's definitely more natural than some of the editing apps around.
Mistakenly thought you need to keep winking to use the wink feature; it's so much cooler than that! Will elaborate in the next post =)
Anyway. I digress with the nitty gritty. I'll update more on some of the cool features in another post, when I've explored the camera more, but for now lemme get back to the marathon!
Selfie with some of the other bloggers
What's not to love? I get a kiss from the one & only Yukiko, and gorgeous Zana is in the pic! (Never seem to take many pix with her, that's gotta change)
We gathered at Nu Sentral, where we got our cameras and tshirts, and started taking selfies! As I mentioned, there were 30 of us bloggers, plus the Manoah team, plus the PR team, plus the Samsung team; wah! We definitely attracted attention with such a big group, all in the same t-shirts, holding the same camera, with a videographer following us around! Not to mention we were so noisy - as Don said, it was like rombongan sambil belajar (school field trip), and I actually felt like a primary school student! (Looked the part too with my Converse sneakers - they kept losing me in the crowd hahaha)
Briefing is about to start, but first let me take a #selfie!
Don of Manoah and Samsung Product Expert Jason giving us the low down.
After a short briefing on what to do and how to use the camera, we were put into groups, and sent off into the horizon!
Aka. The LRT station.
Never taken a selfie in the LRT before. Comfort in groups I guess.
Sandy and I were partners and were sent to find historical buildings around the area - not so much of a challenge, except for time constraint! There are so many cool old buildings around Pasar Seni, I really wanna do a photo shoot in front of the old KTM headquarters and the old museums surrounding it! (Any photographers here? =P)
The KTM platform
It was a really sunny day, so the light was very harsh
Excuse my butt!
Galeri Batik
With Sandy at Central Market
The group - it was so hot, Koey got a nose bleed! 
At 15 mins to noon, we had to make our way back, and head to lunch. Bear in mind we had no idea what we had to do with the photos we had taken yet, but that was all revealed when we got to Johnny Rocket's in Avenue K.
With the legend! Haha.. Donovan of Manoah; excuse my big tshirt.
With the lovely Janice! 
A million and one selfies with my partner-in-crime that day!
Johnny Rocket's has such a retro American diner feel to it, and all the staff were so friendly and ready to help! They even perform on and off like in the movies, dancing to the old time disco tracks!
My burger. Alicia must've thought I was insane; I couldnt stop smiling at the cute ketchup!
Kifli is so cute! He won the Instagram contest from Samsung, you can check out all the awesome pix with the hashtag #MyNXMiniMarathon - everyone is so creative!
It was an awesome day, and even though I had only 3 hours of sleep the night before (partied hard at Prodigy KL!), I enjoyed myself immensely! Now to work on winning one of the last 2 cameras available for us bloggers......

The Samsung NX Mini is available in 5 colours (white, black, pink, mint green and brown), and the RRP is RM1399.

Til next time,
Calista xx

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Twitter: @CalistaLeahLiew

Monday, 21 April 2014

Buffet For The Shopaholic - Malaysia's Largest Clothes Buffet!

Ok, I know I know, I've been neglecting my blog since I've been in KL.. I'm sorry! This trip seems to have been fun and productive (though obviously not for my blog), and here's a glance as to some of the things I've been busy with, aka, SHOPPING!

It just so happens that I'm gonna be in town for Malaysia's Largest Clothes Buffet, and it's the first time I've ever heard of the concept, let alone attended one! Sounds amazing though, so I couldn't pass up the chance to go with Julie - we have sleepover plans the night before so I'm already super excited! What could be more fun than having a slumber party and some retail therapy? =D
In the bag on the left, there are 4 dresses and on the right; a dress, 4 skinny belts, 1 clincher, a pair of stockings.
So what is a clothes buffet? Well, I asked around, and basically you just pay a fixed entrance price (in this case RM60), and you will be given 15 minutes and a 9"x14" ziplock bag in which you can stuff ANYTHING you want from all the stuff lined up on the tables, buffet style, and, as the poster says, if you can zip up the bag, you can keep whatever's inside! So far the record is apparently 16 pieces! =O
My goal, but maybe with at least one more piece? =P
I'm gonna try go for more clothes, less accessories, since I dont usually accessorise that much, but I guess it depends on what they have. I'm usually really indecisive when it comes to clothes, so this is gonna be a challenge! =P Everything is brand new, no pre-loveds/second hand items, but do make it a point to check the things you're picking up for tears/stains/broken bits, just like you would in a normal boutique.
If you do happen to see more things you want, but couldn't fit it into the bag, don't sweat; every day of the event there will be a special blowout sale where dresses, tops, skirts and more will only be RM10 each! I dont foresee any shopping needed when I go back to KK at all hahaha! I may also buy some new bedsheets to take back cz:

So maybe I'll see you there? You can purchase your tickets HERE, or on the day itself, but it's cash terms only on the day, and you may have to wait for a different session if the session you want is already full, so I suggest pre-purchase for convenience sake.

Here are the T&C's for reference:
♥ Cash terms only on event day
♥ No handbags and any other bags allowed in the ‘shopping area’
♥ May go for multiple rounds
♥ Only 1 bag purchase per session per person
♥ Sessions limited to while stocks last
♥ No trying allowed
♥ Shopper must be able to close the ziploc bag before exiting ‘shopping area’
♥ Bag must not be torn or damaged or a penalty for a new bag will be incurred
♥ No refunds
♥ Management reserves the right to refuse entry/sale of bag
♥ Management reserves the right to amend the terms & conditions without prior notice

Directions to the event location
Venue : Syopz Mall Taylor's University Lakeside Campus

Date : 25th-27th April 2014(Fri-Sun)

Time : 10 am - 4 pm (Blowout sale from 4 - 6 pm)

For more info, visit or

Til next time,
Calista xx

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Introducing The New Samsung Galaxy S5, Gear 2 & Gear Fit

While the latest gadgets in the smartphone world have yet to hit Malaysian stores, members of the media were invited for the special pre-launch of one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2014, accompanied by what looks to be the start of a new smart-fitness era with the Samsung Gear 2 and Gear Fit.

Let's rewind: Samsung is yet ahead of its game with spanking new user-demanded features in the latest addition to the Galaxy family, redefining how technology and innovation can enhance our day-to-day lives.
Samasung Galaxy S5 Ambassadors Dato' Lee Chong Wei & Pandelela Rinong
As a Manoah blogger, we got to try out the goodies before anyone else when we witnessed the unveiling at Pullman Hotels, Bangsar. Seriously, the Gears arent even on display in official Samsung stores yet, and the S5 is only available for pre-order!
In love with the Gear Fit!
Focusing on the key 5 elements Fun, Speed, Life, Fit & Style, the Korean innovators have pulled out all the stops in terms of giving the consumers what they asked for:

Putting the FUN back into easy photo-taking, the Galaxy S5 is equipped with RealTime HDR, Selective Focus (which allows you to blur out the background ala bokeh style) and fast auto focus - a winning 0.3 seconds.

SPEED is everything in the world today, and Samsung understands your need to watch that kitty video ASAP. By bonding LTE & Wifi, the S5 comes with a Download Booster, downloading those videos in speedy time!

We all know that LIFE can sometimes be cruel, and that our most beloved possessions can often be compromised by the most common factors of the environment. Not to worry with the S5, which is iP67 certified to be dust- & water-resistant, and comes with a finger scanner for extra biometric security. The feature I was most happy to hear of though, is the Ultra Power Saving Mode: turning the display black and white, and shutting down all unnecessary features when activated, there will be no more helpless moments watching the battery percentage drop til you're rendered helpless with a lifeless phone! =D

Fitness is quickly becoming a prominent part of everyone's life. Whether a trend or not, there's no denying staying FIT should be a priority, and it should be easier for non-fitness freaks (like me!). S Health 3.0, you have a comprehensive fitness monitor including a pedometer, diet & exercise records, and a new in-built heart rate sensor, which can be paired with the new Gear series.

Blending the iconic Samsung design with a perforated pattern on the back cover, creating a sleek & modern glam look to complement the STYLE of each individual.

Photo taken from Samsung Malaysia's fb page.
Personally, I'm really interested in the Gear Fit, with a 1.84" curved AMOLED screen and equipped with an accelerometer, gyro and heart rate sensor, I think it'll help me stay on track while keeping fit, and looking stylish. Plus it's only 27g and has a changeable strap, with designer straps from from Nicholas Kirkwood and Moschino available! The Gear 2 is the next generation Gear, and you can even download your favourite tunes right into the watch itself!
The Samsung Gear 2
*The Samsung Galaxy S5 will be retailed at RM2399, while the Gear 2 and Gear Fit are priced at RM899 & RM599 respectively.

Til next time,
Calista xx