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Monday, 30 May 2011

The Twelve by MIFA, Thank You!!

What am I thanking them for? Why, these babies!!
Yes! The Twelve by Mifa gave myself and another winner - Devi a RM200 cash voucher to use at Benson Chen's section in The Twelve, which is located in Fahrenheit 88 (next to Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur). How did we win these vouchers? Easy!All we had to do was update our facebook status telling of our love for shoes and Benson's designs, and 13 people were then chosen to get exclusive invites to the prestigious Benson Chen's Masquerade Madness Summer Collection Showcase. 2 out of those 13 were then chosen as winners for the vouchers! =D

Unfortunately, due to some very bad timing, I was unable to attend the event *kicks herself*. I've been following the reports and photos on facebook, and it looks like it was a major fantastic party! =( Sigh.. Let's just hope I'm lucky enough to be able to attend any future events they host ey? =)

To those of you who don't know, The Twelve is a concept store featuring 12 brands created by promising Malaysian designers. The chosen dozen are Bumiputera Design Association (BDA), JKhan, Key Ng (KN), PU3, Radzuan Radziwill, TAS Iman by Tom Abang Saufi, Young Designers' Arena (YODA), Zero To Ten (all apparel), Benson Chen (shoes), Sasha Rowena (bags), Shinju Pearls (accessories), and uREKA (art).

It's an interesting space each of them have in the store, definitely recommended to go check it out! They're not too pricey either! =) Come back and let me know which is YOUR favourite out of The Twelve, I'd love to know!!


Property Hunting - What Are Your Methods?

When it comes to buying property, we all have our headaches. Which area is better? How can I get an unbiased opinion on different tamans, condos, apartments etc? Where can I get the best bargains? And the list goes on.

Most of us go through newspapers for ads, ask friends' opinions, or just drive around looking for areas that seem interesting to us. A lot of us nowadays also go on the internet and search through all sorts of sites looking at all the different places on offer. I, for one, like this method a lot, especially in the initial stages, and especially when you're looking for property in a different town or state.

Say for instance you were looking for property in Penang, and you were currently living in KL. All you would have to do would be to google "Penang Condo For Sale", and a million and one links would come up. How easy is that? =) The harder part comes when you need to sort through those links.. ;p One site I've visited even comes with a mortgage calculator, so you can calculate the exact price range etc that is available to you! =) Also available are satellite maps, and you can even ask questions and get real answers! Hmm.. Easier than the good old days when all you could rely on was word of mouth ey? ;p

Looking for a property site that has info listed about each location/development is also a good way to lighten your stress. Make sure you check out the facilities, tenure, build-up (square feet) etc to be sure of what you're getting yourself into.

Even though property sites are an easy way to check out more options, when you've narrowed down the choices do remember that not everything you read is true, and make a trip to check out those places in person. Buying property is no laughing matter; if you don't know for certain what you're getting yourself into, you could be left with a lot of unwanted debt. House hunting can be fun, so go on, whether for investment or for personal use, check out some of the available property in your dream area online.. Hey, your dream house could be just around the corner......

Moonlight Bay, Batu Ferringhi

So. My question for YOU is - What are your tried and trusted methods for searching / buying property? Drop me a comment letting me know! =)


Saturday, 28 May 2011

Blogger Of The Year - Digi Wwwow Awards


Hahaha.. Yes, i do. A lot. More than you know. And the only way i can achieve this? How else? With YOUR support of course!! =D Hey, no one can gain success alone right? =) And do you know how powerful you awesome people can be? Well, I posted on my facebook page today (Click Here) that I needed help with votes as I was ranking no. 104 (and that's a long way from no.1, *sobs*). And what did you do? Within 7 hours, my votes leaped to no. 88!! =D

So yes, there is hope! And as long as I have your support, I do believe I can grab this title and continue to blog to my heart's (and hopefully your eyes') content! =)
(Well, you know I'll blog even if I dont win, but hey, make me happy!! ;p)
Make me this happy, i dare you! ;p

You've all gotten me through a lot, and I know I ask for your votes for quite a few things, and you've never let me down! I just wanna say, that you guys are the best readers/friends I could ask for.. *big group bear hug*

Also, I'd love to hear more from you guys! Please, do leave me comments / questions / even constructive criticism!! I want this to be more than me blabbing (even though that IS a favourite past time of mine, nyehehe), i want to connect with you guys, know what you wanna read about, know what you guys like, know what you think is boring maybe.. Let me know!

So, I'll stop rambling now, as that also seems to be a hobby of mine, and leave you with the link to vote if you think i am worthy of the Blogger of the Year title.. =)
Register with your facebook account (you'll see this at the bottom of the screen print of this blog - Against All Odds), then that will be replaced with a box to type in two security words and a VOTE button. CLICK THAT TICK!! =D

You can vote once a day, until 20th June 2011, 11.59pm. If you'd be so kind, you can also share this out on your own facebook, twitter, etc.. =)

Thanks so much guys.. It really means a lot to me.. Modelling and writing are my passion, even though they dont necessarily seem to link with each other, and it's YOU who helps keep my dreams alive.. *teary eyes*
And it also seems i can be quite the drama queen ey? *wink*

Loves as always!

Monday, 23 May 2011

Carlsberg DJs Spin Party ft. Keli Hart!

Now I know what you're thinking. Two things dont go here. One, Calista doesnt even drink, so, Carlsberg? Secondly, DJs? Yo, I thought you didn't like house music or whatever these DJs spin?

Well yes, you'd be correct. BUT. You'd also be forgetting that just because it was a Carlsberg party, it doesnt mean they're gonna force me to drink any.My Shirley Temple

Plus hey, my friends are Carlberg fans so, who am I to stand in the way of their fun right? (Selfless, I know ;p)Uh-huh. And that was just the beginning!

And Keli Hart has to be the exception to the DJ rule, cz she spins songs I listen to, and does a damn good mix of them!
As soon as she got up on that console, we were dancing and having the most fun I've had in ages! Which reminds me.. I havent mentioned who I went with have I? =)These crazies, that's who!

Arrived at Ecoba Restaurant and Bar, which is at the PJ Trade Centre with Sue, and proceeded to order mushroom soup and a latte, while I ordered potato wedges (surprise, surprise) cz we were starved.. This was my 2nd time at ecoba (The 1st when I did the Alfaparf shampoo launch), and I must say, I'm very impressed with the ambience of the whole place.
The soup is REALLY good! From the taste of it, I'd guess it's made with wild mushrooms. Definitely a must-try!

I was invited by a certain Tim ChewWith his team of Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers, and also photographer Andy KhoThen Adrian and Dennis showed up, as Dennis also knew one of the organizers.. So it was a real cool party! =DThe event started off with local DJ/Model Patricia Knudsen, who's Danish and super hot! (Well the event's tagline IS "Have A Blast With The Hottest Female DJs Around", so are you really surprised? ;p)Emcee of the night was none other than Channel [V] VJ Joey G, who isnt so bad to look at either! Lol.. Basically it was a night of eye candy for everyone! =D I was lucky enough to get photos with both of them! They're really friendly people, and if it wasnt for my usual awkwardness I'm sure I'd have had a longer conversation with them.. Sigh..Also spotted at the party were local celebs Jason Lo and Pietro Felix, but I didnt get photos with them...

Halfway through each segment, the Carlberg dancers also came out! We were sat right in front of the stage, so we got a good view (guys, be jealous! ;p). Here's what you missed out:
A very incriminating photo, no? ;pI think she might've been the best dancer.. =)

Around 12am, it was time for Aussie DJ Keli Hart! Keli plays House/Electro/Prog/Tech/Breaks (and yes, feel free to drop a comment to explain what the genres are, especially Tech and Breaks, lol.. All I know is I can dance to it! ;p), and is not only one of the hottest DJs in Australia, but also a producer with her own label Dolls House! You can check her out HERE.
So yes, she DID get the party started! You could literally see the club start moving (the seemingly unlimited supply of Carlsberg might've helped that along too ;p) and when two exceedingly tipsy guys are with two naturally crazy sober girls, this is what happens:These two were cracking themselves up!

We left around 1am, and went for some supper before going home to sober the two guys up before driving home. It was a really fun night, and it ended like this.Not saying anything more other than SOMEONE is Star Wars crazy! ;p

Til the next event!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Chicken Soup for the Sole

Ok, so everyone who knows me personally will know I have a thing for shoes, especially heels -stiletto heels to be exact. I just can’t resist a slim, smooth, shiny black heel, the higher the better! I’m the type of girl who walks into places like Aldo and Guess just to drool at their latest collection. A lot of times, I have just the right amount of self-control not to spend hundreds of ringgit on these – quality heels aren’t cheap you know! Especially the 4 – 5 inch ones, which are my fave.. BUT. I also have my weak moments (mostly when I have money in the bank). So last month, what did I do? Yep. I bought TWO pairs of heels. Sigh.. Regret? Not really. Only when I peek at my bank’s balance, but then, only a twinge of it.. ;p So here I want to show off my latest, and highest so far – my 5.5” black heels from Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!! =D

Aren't they gorgeous? =D They were part of their bridal collection, so slightly more expensive than usual, but.. =D

The sole is non-slip, looks like a tyre! Hahaha.. They're a bit hard to walk in, but not so much because of the height but they rub slightly (I've never been able to take the pain, I plaster myself until shoes don't rub any more.. Haha.. I know a lot of girls go through with the pain to build up the skin so they don't hurt, but.. Not for me.. =/ I'm not gonna be walking much in them, plan to use them for shoots mostly anyway.. =) )

So I mentioned I bought a second pair, no? Well, these I got on sale at Robinsons in The Gardens.. Meet.. My Zang Toi heels!!

Ok, so they look much better on than off, haha..

But my favourite pair of heels are still my Guess heels, my 1st ever pair of expensive shoes.. I know they may not be anything out of the norm for some, but for me.. =O Haha..

These have been my trusty companion ever since I wore down my last pair of Emilio Valentino's.. Lol.. They're the comfiest pair I have right now so they come with me on castings, on shoots, on random occasions.. My very own best friends!! ;p

I mean, just look at them! They're so me!! 4.5" heel, black with a touch of goth with the transparent lace.. *hugs self while smiling* I bought these about a year ago, when it was literally love at first sight when I saw them in the window of the Guess store at Sunway Pyramid.. =)

So. What are YOUR type of shoes? Ballet flats? Sneakers? Running shoes? Wedges? Or are you a stiletto freak like me? =) Drop me a comment, I'd love to know!!

Til then,