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Thursday, 21 January 2016

Sweet Indulgence: Say Cheese with Anchor

Anchor is no stranger to households in Malaysia; I daresay we've all had a bite of Anchor Cream Cheese spread on bread, toast, crackers or even straight from the jar at some point! So when I heard they were creating a new line of desserts, I knew I had to try them out!

Three signature desserts were created by Fonterra's own in-house patisserie chefs using Anchor Cream Cheese, as well as other Anchor products such as Anchor Cream, Anchor Butter and Anchor Cheese Slices to give them divine creamy goodness, and are available in Port View Euro Bakery in Kota Kinabalu until the end of January 2016. Hopefully, they will gift us three more creations after that! 

Kaien Chizu Tart
A sea salt cream tart with a rich cream cheese filling, topped with melted sliced cheese. When they say "rich", they really mean it! I loved this, but I might suggest cutting it into quarters and sharing with a friend.

Winter Magma
A melt-in-your-mouth chocolate souffle, with a divine cream cheese centre. Chocolate lovers, this will be your fave!

Karui Snow Cake
This petit vanilla chiffon cake is fruity and fresh, light and delicate with mango passion cream cheese filling, and topped with a buttery almond crumble. I think this one might very well have been my favourite!

There are three Euro Bakery branches in KK, one right opposite Suria Sabah, one in Inanam, and the other in Damai, which is the one I went to. If you wanna try out these scrummy desserts, you have 10 days, and counting! Good luck!

(Needs to go) On A Diet,
Calista xx

Friday, 8 January 2016

Roadtrippin': Attractions from Kota Kinabalu through Sandakan

Sandakan is definitely a favourite home away from home for Sabahans who live anywhere but, of course, Sandakan. Known as "Little Hong Kong" since it was here that many early Chinese settlers landed from Hong Kong, it is also known as "Food Heaven" because OH MY GOD.

Charlotte and I went on a short 2 day 1 night road trip with one goal in mind: Seafood Bak Kut Teh! From KK city, it's about a 5 - 6 hour drive through Tamparuli, Kundasang, Ranau and Telupid, before you reach the junction to Sandakan, Lahad Datu and Tawau. Along the way are the most beautiful roads, and Char's favourite bridge over Kinabatangan River!

Tourist Attractions: 

Tamparuli -
Rumah Terbalik a.k.a. Upside Down House
Tamparuli Suspension Bridge over Kiulu river
Zip Borneo: Zipline across Kiulu river
Kundasang -
Sinalau Bakas on the way up to Kundasang
Best view of Mount Kinabalu peaks
View of Mount Kinabalu from Kundasang National ParkDuring photo shoot for Tourism Malaysia
and of course, the best weather in Sabah!

Ranau - Desa Cow Farm,
Poring Hot Springs
During photo shoot for Tourism Malaysia
Sabah Tea Gardens
During photo shoot for Tourism Malaysia
We stayed in Four Points by Sheraton, which is situated right in the middle of town on the harbour, and gifts you with an obstructed view of Sandakan Bay and the islands beyond. If you haven't guessed by my other posts, I LOVE sea views!
Four Points by Sheraton
Upon arriving in Sandakan, we were starving so we dropped by Brew Cottage at Prima Square for a quick bite before continuing another 4 miles into town for a tour of the hotel.
Our room - Deluxe Seaview
The bathroom
Definition of a picturesque view
Executive Suite
Infinity Pool
Wrapped Bakery
The Best Brew Bar
Club Lounge
As we were craving local food, we only had one meal at The Eatery @ Four Points, and that was a beautiful breakfast spread with the best view, which Char and I took full advantage of! Hey, how could we not selfie in this gorgeous light?

Where to go in Sandakan?
1. Agnes Keith House
2. Puu Jih Shih Buddhist Temple
3. St. Michael's Church
4. Sepilok
    5. Selingan Island a.k.a. Turtle Island ParkDuring photo shoot for Tourism Malaysia
    6. Rainforest Discovery Centre
    During photo shoot for Tourism Malaysia
What to eat in Sandakan?
  1. Breakfast & Lunch:
    Buffet at The Eatery, Four Points by Sheraton
    皮蛋水饺,fish noodles, 5 spice pork noodles @ central market
  2. Hi Tea:
    Ba Lin Rooftop Cafe @ Nak Hotel - great for photos!
    UFO tarts
    English Tea House
  3. Dinner:
    Seafood Bak Kut Teh
  4. Dessert: 7 Heaven @ Mile 4, Cloud 9 @ IJM
The Good: Four Points by Sheraton is under the Starwood group, so just like Le Meridien, they have
                    the most amazing beds! I'm not kidding, these I would take a staycation just to spend all
                    day wrapped in their beds haha. The infinity pool has a view of heaven, and the location
                    is perfect for both business and leisure.

The Could-Be-Better: The variety of the food at the breakfast buffet could be wider, but that's all

For those who would like a quiet holiday, do try to avoid school holidays as Four Points is a family favourite. I would love to go back during low season and try capture that gorgeous sunset over the South China Sea..

Roadtrippin' Madness,
Calista xx

*Four Point by Sheraton photos by Charlotte Fong. For more amazing images, check out her Instagram HERE!

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

More Than Just Good Sushi: Sushi Tei, Kota Kinabalu

Japanese food: Almost everyone I know loves it. 

For the adventurous. 
For those watching their weight.
For the wasabi kick.

Whether it’s the salmon salads, the rice bowls (don), sashimi, or sushi, going out for Japanese is always a popular dinner suggestion when it comes to special occasions, or even just girls night out! Everyone usually has a favourite restaurant, but here in KK, Sushi Tei seems to be one of the most popular choices - and it’s not hard to see why!
Salmon Sashimi  RM13.80 / 3pcs
I’m usually pretty boring when it comes to food, always opting for the usual dishes: Teriyaki steak. Garlic fried rice. Gyuniku don. Tamago sushi. Inari. Salmon maki. All safe choices as you can see! So when Sushi Tei invited me to try out their latest promotion menu, I was both excited and anxious; what if they feed me somethings weird like jellyfish? Yes I know about 98% of my friends love jellyfish but it’s just not for me! 
Halibut Curry Ramen  RM21.80
I was pleasantly surprised to see Mr Lo had ordered a lot of choices for me to try, and I’m happy to say I liked all of them - no lie! Having said that, my favourite would definitely be the Halibut Curry Ramen topped with flatfish fillet and fried winter melon, and the Hamachi Kama Shio, which is yellow tail cheek grilled with salt - to die for! Of course, salmon sashimi is also a no-brainer when it’s so juicy and fresh!
Hamachi Kama Shio  RM52.80
Now with 30% discount at Sushi Tei Oceanus KK
Hamachi sashimi is the dual coloured fish, so if you are ordering sashimi and wanna try something new, try this. It's definitely on my list next meal!
Kawara Charcoal Soba  RM19.80
If you prefer non-spicy Soba, just request to omit the radish. I liked this, but it was a bit spicy for my palette. These are the well-known "cold noodles", so definitely get around to trying some!

 This salmon skin maki tastes as good as it looks, and this is one pretty sushi platter!
Autumn Salmon Skin Roll  RM6.80
Limited Promotion Item
Salmon Head (Half) Shio  RM20.80
Get 20% off at both Suria Sabah and Oceanus Outlets
Finishing off with pure matcha ice cream was literally the cherry on the cake: those are little green chunks of heaven - trust me on this one! 
Nama Matcha Ice Cream  RM16.80
With two outlets in Kota Kinabalu, Sushi Tei not only provides great food, they also create great ambience, with both outlets overlooking the South China Sea. The first outlet is in Suria Sabah; right on the corner, in one of the most well-loved malls in town, while the newest one has a breathtaking view of the sunset, in KK’s latest Oceanus Mall.

The Autumn Indulgence menu will be available until Chinese New Year 2016, while you can also receive a 20% discount off the salmon head in both outlets, and 30% off the hamachi in the Oceanus branch. 

Even better news? Both Sushi Tei outlets in Kota Kinabalu have waived the 10% service charge - yay for savings! 

Til the next indulgence,
Calista xx