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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Smoking hot MODELS!! =D

After seeing the video for Aldo's latest collection (see video here), I decided to dig around for some of the featured models' other campaigns:

Lily DonaldsonAldo Spring/Summer 2011
Burberry Beauty 2011 with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Nina Porter
Monsoon Spring/Summer 2011
Kenzo Fall/Winter '10/'11
Gucci Fall/Winter '08/'09
Lanvin 2005 "Symmetry as Perfection"

Lily is a British model who is the same age as me!! But way more successful, obviously.. Haha.. I just love her look!!

Sean O'Pry
Aldo Spring/Summer 2011
CK Accessories Spring/Summer 2011 with Liu WenGiorgio Armani Fall/Winter '09/'10DKNY Fall/Winter '09/'10 with Corey Baptiste, Mathias Bergh and Jake DaviesM Jeans Fall/Winter 2010ZioZia Spring/Summer 2010

Sean is only 21, but has more than a few campaigns under his belt! He's actually ranked as the world's second most successful male model as of 2011.. Smoking baby!! ;p

Stay tuned for more models soon..!!

Monday, 25 April 2011

Female Magazine / L'Oreal Hair Affair!!

Courtesy of Female, I got two invites to the fashion show in Suria KLCC last Friday (22/4), and invited a fairly new (but long-time awesome) friend of mine to come along - Tasha a.k.a Sharifah ItashaThe hors d'oeuvres were catered by Delicious, and were yum yum yum.. Especially the weird looking drink.. Haha.. The prawn thing was a bit weird too, but terribly addictive.. We both kept our composure and didn't stuff our faces (which was our initial reaction - cant say no to food! Lol..), especially since we were sitting there for about an hour before the show started.. Hahaha..

But when it started, wow, energy til the end! Couldnt keep my eyes off the show! A pregnant Daphne Iking was the host for the night, and the night started with a few short words from Female editor Seema Visamanathan.
Stunning as always!

Every theme (there were 5 in total) was kicked off with a dance, and this was the starter:
First up was Topsy Turvy by Albert Nico, and topsy turvy it was...The dancers moved robot-like to clockwork musicAnd the 1st model came out..Followed by the topsy-turviest of them all!!May I sit on your chair? (Bwahahahahaha... Haha.. Ha.. No? Ok, fine.)

A theme after my own heart - Dark Innocence by Andy ChanThis dance is like my own personal fantasy *evil smile*Don't they look like something out of a sci-fi movie? =)

Magical Reality by Kevin Woo's introduction dance was a very giant doll-esque performance, and the models dressed exactly the same - like cute dolls!But check out the heels - nothing easy about walking in these!Though this girl especially made it look as though she was walking in normal 3 inch heels!!

Next up was Miko Au's WonderlandI really like this one, the hair, the outfit, the girl's look.. They all just seem to fit.. =)
And I love this girl's look:Her face is gorgeous, and the white make-up just made here look breathtaking.. =)After all that excitement, let's cool it down a notch and take a stroll through The Enchanted Forest with Simon Koh shall we..? Nope, sorry, nothing calming about this forest at all, Simon kept it hot, hot, hot!! =D

But the highlight of the night, was also the fact that Female was giving away a RM1000 hamper of L'Oreal products to the most fashionably chic reader.. And guess who that person was?=D
Sorry, I couldn't get a good picture of her on stage accepting her prize, as I was side stage, so here's a photo of Miss Best-Dressed herself with her equally fantabulous Russell Brand lookalike boyfriend, Amar after the show, with her hamper!! Congrats babes!! *hugs*

Just a little FYI, her hamper was so heavy, that when she passed it to me, Miss Genius over here totally disregarded the fact that it was a basket full of hair products, and grabbed it like it was a basket of cards, thus causing it to slip and snap my thumbnail right off. Let me tell you, please appreciate every finger, as you dont know how helpless you are when one's useless. *sobs*

It was an amazing show, and I really have to thank Female for giving its readers the amazing opportunity of being front row at a fashion week fashion show.. It was a great experience, so thank you!! (We would like more where that came from too please, cz you know, we're all a little greedy.. Sometimes.. Most of the time.. ;p) Plus the fact that we were all given a goodie bag containing not one, not two, but THREE different L'Oreal products!! =D What more could you ask for ey?

Oh! And if anyone needs a model for hair styling, they could also give me a call if they need an amazing amount of hair.. Look at this photo for instance; I have more hair than face!! Hahaha..And with that, I bid you adieu!


Thursday, 21 April 2011

My first fashion editorial!! =D

Nope, this photo is NOT from any other ordinary shoot... ;p

During my three-week Chinese New Year holidays back in beloved Kota Kinabalu, I had the amazing opportunity of doing a fashion spread with the magazine of the Land Below the Wind - Breeze!!

Together with creative director Dinoza and the extremely talented Jeffie Jeff, it was decided that we'd do their first-ever accessories feature for their bumper issue (April 2011) - Due to a mix-up on the dates, we were left with very limited time to do make-up and hair, pick out outfits and accessories, and shoot. Keep in mind all this was done by Jeff and his assistant alone!! We started at 8am in Jeffie Jeff's studio, went on to Metrojaya, Suria Sabah at 10am, and had to be done by 2pm at the latest, or else yours truly would've missed her flight back to KL!! So what did we do? Even had time to make a Behind The Scenes vid, that's what! =D

Even though we were rushing here and there, it was crazy fun doing this shoot! There were 5 outfits in all, and a million and one accessories, and let me tell you, if you think I was excited, you should've been there to see Jeff's face - he was in accessory heaven! ;pTo everyone who wishes they had bee-stung lips, small lips can get featured too! =D

So, here they are! What do you think? Constructive criticism most welcome, and compliments, praise, and worshipping are all totally acceptable, because, you know, I like them. (I'm insane, I know. But people who know me know I'm psycho anyway. I promise I'm not as vain in person as I am when I write. ;p)Cz I was born to live luxuriously!This was my fave outfit.. =)Clutches are IT, baby!!My fave? Bottom right.. =)And to finish off? My favourite pic of all!! =D

So what are you waiting for? Go out and grab a copy of Breeze NOW!! I'll even autograph your copy for you.. You know.. So I can feel all famous and stuff.. Hahaha!!
(I know right? "Jeez, it's one shoot Calista, get a grip!" ;p)

I guess you can tell I'm really excited about this, and on a more serious note, I'll tell you why. As you all know, I am fighting an uphill battle to become a working petite model here in Malaysia. I'm not the best there is, and I lack more than one requirement of a "normal" model, but this is what I love. And this is what I shall continue to fight for to recognize my dream. It ain't easy, dont let anyone tell you it is, but as with all dreams, the falls are definitely worth it when you finally reach the step you were climbing to. It may still be a long, long way to the top, but one step closer is enough to make you feel proud of yourself, for that short while before you start climbing once again to the next level up. Being featured in a fashion editorial is a dream come true, and I really have to thank Breeze for helping me realise that. Thank you for believing in me! =)

And so, I shall leave you, while I go and prepare for the next step. Wish me luck, and keep on fighting for your dreams, no matter how impossible they seem! =)