Coffee. Chocolate. Camaca

19 February 2018

Personal fave gelato flavour: Raspberry Mango
From the outside, CAMACA looks super ambitious, taking up a huge corner in one of KK city's most prominent locations. Whether you call it Jalan Dewan, Australia Lane, or an extended part of the famous Gaya Street, tourists and locals alike would definitely notice the latest addition to KK's ever-growing cafe culture.

 With the bright lights and insta-worthy interior, CAMACA offers sugar-free gelato in a variety of No Scoop flavours (thanks to a special machine invented by the founder, Dr Lee from Taiwan) and special teas on the ground floor, and coffee heaven with sugar-free chocolate on the cozy upstairs.

Now I know what you're thinking: "Sugar-free? Blegh! Gimme the sweet stuff!" But if you know me in the slightest, you'd know for sure I'm not exactly the type to go straight for the healthy option (understatement). CAMACA is different though. All their products are created with health in mind, thanks to the founder being a medical pHD holder, and all gelato, chocolate etc is safe for diabetic patients and the like. Even the burger, I swear I thought it was a normal beef burger until someone told me it was vegetarian, and it tastes amazing!

Personal faves:
Twilight Berries and Dessert Set
Hangout: Mangosteen Tea  RM7.90 (H) RM8.90 (C)
Made from local ingredients, incorporating Taiwanese techniques

Twilight Berries
Photo Source
Splurge: Twilight Berries RM29
Ice-drip, non-alcohol, non-caffeine, pure berry refreshment.


Brewed: The black sugar cafe latte is a must-try, Taiwanese cutie not included. RM12.90 for small

Also, if you know your coffee, you'll probably recognise this:

The very first Spirit Duette coffee machine in East Malaysia

Ice Drip: Slowly, drip by drip, this coffee goes down smooth, even for a non-coffee lover like me. RM29/bottle


Charcoal Bagel Set with Mangosteen Tea
The Charcoal Bagel Set is actually vegetarian - but you'd never guess! The patty is made from 猴头菇, aka hericium, a type of mushroom. I honestly had no idea it wasn't even a normal burger before I was told - it was so good!

Comes with Japanese fried, cooked with sunflower oil, salt, Sarawak black pepper and paprika, and also home made sambal and satay sauce (bf totally polished that off!)

RM25.90 for the set (comes with their scented tea)
RM6.90 for just fries.


So many flavour options, not to mention sorbets too! Unique flavours as well as the crowd pleasers, and also...

Durian-based flavours! All the flavours marked with a 'D' have durian in them. You're welcome, durian lovers.
Sugar-free with a natural sugar replacement method, these no-scoop gelatos won't leave you feeling thirsty afterwards. RM15.90 per cup, plus free toppings (pistachio nuts, macarons, chocolate sprinkles etc)

Some of the gelato topping selection

Dessert Plate

Swiss Roll and macaron. Preservative free, perfect for sharing, or indulging on your own!

CAMACA has long been known for their chocolate since the very first branch in Imago - totally melt-in-your-mouth!

Every cup, every pot, every utensil, every piece of equipment, is carefully selected or acquired by the owners, not just for the aesthetic (cz they are definitely pretty to look at!), but also for the functionality, especially the coffee drips and machines. Even the no scoop gelato maker was invented by the founder himself!

That's one of the No Scoop Gelato machines right there!
Perfect for a catch-up with friends, some family time, or even a first date, CAMACA Jalan Dewan is open 12pm - 11pm daily. And before you say "aiya so hard to find parking la", I'm one step ahead of you haha. It's definitely much easier to find parking at night, but in the day time, just go straight to Menara Jubili; loads of parking there and just a short walk away!

Always up for dessert,
Calista xx


  1. Their desserts look so yums and the interior so nice!

    1. Like no lie, I really like the stuff there. Was super surprised at the burger hahaha

  2. I would definitely like to come here. Thanks for sharing such a nice place to visit.