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Thursday, 20 July 2017

Life Online As A Radio Announcer

I honestly think I would die without internet.

Love of my life - my phone
Exaggeration? Maybe, but only slightly. Anyone who knows me can testify to the fact that I'm always scrolling on my phone, going through every single app when I know there isn't really anything new, or most recently, watching way too many instastories - even when I know they eat up so much data!

Only 4 days into my data cycle 😨
Now that I'm working in radio, I have an excuse to be 24/7 on the internet is more important than ever! I always have to keep up-to-date with the latest gossip and trends, so I can keep my show updated with all the coolest news and music, so I'm one of those lucky people who can go on a YouTube binge and call it work. Sounds amazing, until you run out of data. Luckily though, that doesn’t happen often with Digi, and when it does, you can bet it's topped up within seconds, as you can #JomInternet Your Way with Digi Prepaid Live. I get to enjoy 2GB high-speed internet at only RM3! Honestly what can you get for RM3 these days…

A typical day in the life of a radio announcer (or at least, my life):

Basically every morning
9am         Run out of snooze buttons and drag myself out of bed (after scrolling through all the notifications that happened while I was sleeping).

10am       Reach the office, go through emails, then start doing my show prep (this includes googling latest celeb goss, watching new movie/tv trailers, scrolling through Facebook to see what's viral, sneaking in instagram time BECAUSE WHY I AM ADDICTED etc.

11.30am  Lunch and whatsapp away.

In the studio
12.45pm Time to start the show! Between talking, I'll also be googling extra info on the topic I'm talking about, and replying listeners' whatsapp messages.

4pm        Show done! Time to reply my own messages and update my instastories and social media.
This is also when we'll be taking photos and videos for the station's social mediawriting scripts, having meetings etc. On the lucky days I have none of these to do, I plonk myself in front of YouTube and usually discover a million and one new songs, vlogs and interviews all at once.

7pm Time to go home! Usually I’ll head out for dinner or a catch up with friends, all the while my phone never leaves my sight. Not exactly healthy, but reality.
Instastorying the beautiful sunset
Of course the scrolling never really stops until I actually fall asleep. I survive on the internet and if my data accidentally runs out, I literally don't know what to do and I feel fidgety (maybe I should go to some kind of rehab for this addiction lol)

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Calista xx

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Flying Tips to Keep You Sane This Summer


Summer is traditionally the time when many of us fly off for what we hope will be a relaxing vacation at a beautiful location. Sadly, too many of us reach our holiday spot stressed out, annoyed and sometimes even angry due to the quality of our flights.

If you’re flying this summer, here are some summer flying tips to help keep you sane, so that you start your vacation the right way:

Dress Comfortably

If you want to have a comfortable flight, then you need to dress comfy. That doesn’t mean that you have to dress down in your sweats and hoodies – there are lots of comfy maxi dresses to be found at Dress Boutiques, as well as comfy cotton t-shirts and linen trousers to be found, so you can look good and stay comfy. Just make sure that you take along a cardigan, sweater or jacket, so that you can layer up if it gets too cool onboard.

Get the First Flight of the Day

If the thing that really annoys you is having to wait around forever to get on the plane due to delays and other disasters, book the first flight of the day and you’ll rarely have to worry because the plane will already be there and ready to go. Of course, you’ll have to get up quite early, but trust me it will be worth it.

Book an Exit Row Seat

If you can’t afford to upgrade to first class, and there are few of us who can try booking an exit row seat because more often than not, you will have more leg room if you do. Unfortunately, these seats tend to be cooler, so remember to bring plenty of layers along.

Be Nice to the Flight Attendants

If you bring a few little treats along for the flight attendants, perhaps some chocolates, they’ll be so pleased by your appreciation that you shouldn’t be surprised to have your journey made more comfortable with free drink or two, or perhaps even a free headset so that you can enjoy the in-flight entertainment in peace.

Pack Some Snacks

Airlines are getting better at providing food for people who have special dietary needs, such as vegans and celiac, but they still aren’t as good as they could be and errors are still made, so if you eat a bit differently from the norm, it’s probably a good idea to pack a few things you can eat in your carry-on. This will stop you from getting overly hungry, which will only make you madder at the poor service and sour your vacation before it even begins.

Bring an Air Travel Pillow and Earplugs

If you’re flying long-haul and you want to get some shut-eye, bringing along an Airplane Travel Pillow and a pair of earplugs is a must. They’ll make you much more comfortable, keep the noise of those crying babies and your snoring neighbor at bay and ensure you reach your destination, cool, calm and well rested.

What are your top tips for staying sane on a summer flight?

Calista xx

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Fashion With Feeling: Look Good While Doing Good

In recent years, the world has become a very different place. Now, more people than ever have started caring about the world around them. As the Internet connects people, it’s becoming easier to see that humans are all the same. For some, this promotes the need to help others in every aspect of the life. If you fall into this category, this post may just be for you. It will be going through some (not all) of the best ways to make sure that the clothing you wear is good for the world and the people in it, and, will also be giving you some inspiration to try new options.

Woman on Gray Shirt Caring African Child With Gray Shirt

A helping hand
To start with this effort, it’s a good idea to look at the impact products have on the people that make them. Thanks to lighter laws, cheaper taxes, and much more affordable employment, a lot of companies choose to make goods in other countries. This is great for business, as it keeps all of the prices down. But, for the people making the products, it can cause a lot of issues. In the areas that these workers live, you will often find a lot of military activity. Of course, this activity isn’t from a government. But, instead, it’s organisations who want to profit from the people around them. This will often lead to child and slave labour. Most companies are happy to advertise the fact that their goods are conflict free. So, when you’re shopping for clothing, you should be sure to avoid options which don’t state this. Only through boycotting clothing will conflict caused by its production end.

Once the conflict and danger have been taken out of a place, it’s time to start looking for ways to make security more permanent for the residents. A lot of people have the knowledge to farm and grow their own food. But, unfortunately, the equipment required to get started is far too expensive. To get around this issue, companies like DAINO have started finding ways to give something back. When you buy a pair of their wooden sunglasses, five trees will be planted to feed the locals who grew the original product. This gives you the chance to give something back, while also wearing a unique accessory.

abstract, black-and-white, cardigan sweater

Being responsible
Of course, there’s not much point in planting trees and other materials if it isn’t done responsibly. A lot of companies don’t care about their environmental impact. Instead, they will use all of the resources they need to create their clothing. In a lot of cases, this results in fossil fuels being used to create new items. Along with this, being irresponsible will also affect the locals in an area. For example, growing and harvesting too much cotton will eventually damage the land. Once the plants can’t be grown, the locals will have to find a new space to make their money. A company like Alternative Apparel is a great example of a responsible brand. Their products are made from 70% renewable resources. And, they sell all sorts of goods. So, using their range could be a great way to get started.

The world is a very sensitive ecosystem. Like mentioned above, over farming will often damage land and make it unusable. But, there’s more to it than just the amount we take. Over the last couple of centuries, chemical fertilisers have come a long way. These synthetic materials are used by a lot of companies to produce greater yields than they would naturally. Unfortunately, putting chemicals like this into an environment is bad for the plants and animals surrounding it. Companies like Patagonia have made a good name for themselves by selling organic goods. This means that their cotton and other resources have been grown using natural fertilisers, in a way which doesn’t harm the Earth. Along with being good for the world, their clothing also looks great. Adding some color to any outfit is easy with a splash of Patagonia.

black-and-white, connected, hands

Unfortunately, it can be hard to trust the claims of the companies selling you their clothing. In the past, businesses have lied about their environmental and social efforts in a bid to become more popular. The only way to tell exactly how a company operates is if they make the information public. This sort of transparency can be very hard to come by, today. But, companies like Everlane are still trying to pioneer this new way of running a company. A lot of people will love the minimal and tasteful styles this company has become known for. And, you’ll be happy to know that they stock nearly anything you could want.

disposal, dump, garbage

Humans are masters when it comes to creating things. But, of course, people are also very good at creating waste. In fact, each year, over two billion tons of waste is dumped in holes in the ground. Lowering this rate is essential for the survival of the human race. And, so, it’s a good idea to look for companies which are responsible for their waste. Companies like Nike and Adidas have been scrutinised for the waste they produce, in recent years. Whereas, companies like Modernation have been heralded for producing nearly no waste at all. Other companies have also started using old clothing as the basis for their new designs, limiting the impact they have on the environment. When you spend the time to look for companies which don’t like waste, you’ll often find the highest quality clothing. This sort of commitment doesn’t end when their products leave the factory. Instead, they want their clothing to last as a long as possible. And, this means that they have to produce it to a very high standard. Sometimes, the ethical option can also be the cheapest and longest lasting. So, it’s well worth your time to do some research.

Hopefully, this post will give you a good idea of what needs to be done to start using your heart when you shop. A lot of people don’t consider the impact their clothing can have on other people. But, the world can be a bad place. And, this makes it very important to do your bit to make it better.

Calista xx

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Monday, 3 July 2017

What To Buy For Big Birthdays

When big birthdays roll around, it can be hard to know how to celebrate them - or more precisely, what you should buy. If it’s your partner’s thirtieth, or your mother’s sixtieth, or even your best friend’s eighteenth birthday, you want to make it really special with a gift that they’ll remember forever - but what exactly should you get?

An Investment Piece

Image source

A lot of the time, an item that can be kept forever is one of the most popular gift ideas. Jewellery is always a good option, particularly if it’s for your partner - earrings or pendants are always appreciated! If you have absolute faith in your own taste, you can pick them out yourself, but it can be fun to choose them together as well. If that’s what you go for, why not make the whole trip into a day out and go for lunch as well? Jewellery is also a great option for your daughter or your mother - a bracelet is something that they can wear and keep forever. Finally, if you’re wondering what to buy for your husband or father, a watch is always a solid option - and the great thing about a watch is that they’re easy to personalise with engravings too!

Consider Their Hobbies

Image source

It can be tempting to buy something that you love for your loved ones - your own favourite book for instance, in the hopes that they’ll enjoy it as much as you did. But it’s a lot more thoughtful to go for something that they’ll really sincerely enjoy and that you’ve carefully considered. Even if you’d rather jump off a bridge than spend any time contemplating the different types of roses, if your loved one is a gardening fanatic then you could consider buying them a new shiny set of gardening tools. If they’re a foodie or an alcohol aficionado, it might be hard to choose what exactly they might want, so check out reviews online to learn the difference between Irish and Scotch whisky and where exactly Kikori whiskey comes into the equation. Focus on what they love and you’ll be onto a winner!

An Experience

Image source

Finally, the most important gift that you can give to anyone is spending some quality time together. We all generally have all the material possessions that we need, and a lot of the tat that we give each other every birthday and every Christmas tends to end up discarded - we’ve all got one of those piles of things we don’t need at the back of our closets, right? So instead, why don’t you opt for making some memories? There’s nothing better than a meal out, or splashing out on an afternoon tea. You could also look at the listings for your local area and go for theatre, ballet or opera tickets for anyone who’s a culture buff. In addition, you could consider going on a weekend away with your partner or even a close friend - reconnecting and having a few laughs together is something that you’ll both value for the rest of your lives.

Calista xx

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