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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Cut's Gallery x Milbon Deesse's - Japanese Hair Treatment in KK!

We all know the saying "Your hair is your crowning glory", and no one could deny that having soft, silky hair is the best accessory you can have - I think a good hair day beats a full face of make-up hands down!

But finding a good hair treatment worth the price you have to pay at the salons can be tough - how many times have you paid over RM100 for a treatment which loses its effects the very next time you wash your hair?

I was introduced to Milbon Deesse's by Florence on my last trip to Cut's Gallery Hair Salon. The claimed benefits? A quick-n-easy 3-step salon treatment which includes 4 weekly home care ampoules, designed to improve the feel of the hair instantly, in only 10 -15 minutes. Too good to be true? I had to try it out.

Walking into Cut's Gallery is always a joy as you can just feel the relaxation that's about to happen to you. Starting from the basics, Cut's is definitely one of the best places to get your hair washed and blow-dried - by everyone's favourite Percy! Mom was upset that I took Percy from her that day haha, but sorry mom, the head massage denies me the ability to feel any guilt! =P

Percy talked me through the steps of Deesse's hair treatment, which will take 10 - 15 mins from consultation to blow dry!
My hair before the treatment
First off - After examining your hair and selecting the appropriate treatment type (Deesse's carries 3 different types for fine-normal, normal-coarse, and course & unruly hair), shampoo (your salon's Percy should give you an amazing head massage as they get your hair and scalp squeaky clean =P).

Apply step 1 - Your stylist will squeeze out excess water from your hair before slowly rubbing the orange and grapefruit scented treatment lotion into hair strands. My hair falls into the coarse and unruly category, but step 1 contains amino oil which smoothes out the surface bumps on each strand of hair.

Apply step 2 directly after step 1 - Unlike most hair treatments, step 2 of Deesse's hair treatment is applied directly on top of step 1. Starting from hair ends and working your way up, your stylist will massage the treatment until your hair softens, then comb through with fingers, before rinsing it off.

Apply step 3 after rinsing - the only part of the treatment process where you'll need to wait. Step 3 is applied from hair ends upwards after squeezing out excess water. You'll get another massage (yay!) before rinsing with cold water.

And ta-da! Silky, smooth, manageable hair, just like that!
After my hair was dried and trimmed following the treatment
After curling

Deesse's also comes with Step 4, aka Home Care - You will be given 4 tubes of home care treatment which contains aqua collagen, to be used once a week at home so you can enjoy flippable hair for more than a month! After shampooing, squeeze out excess water, apply step 4 from the ends, wrap with a damp towel or shower cap for 10 - 15 minutes (i used a towel cz I dont have a shower cap), then rinse and blow dry as normal!
Clockwise from top left
Verdict? I just finished my home care treatment, and I'm still loving the softness and shine of my hair! See for yourself:

Milbon Deesse's Hair Treatment costs RM140 - 170 in Cut's Gallery Hair Salon & Academy.

Address: 5th Floor, Palm Square, Centerpoint Shopping Complex, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Call for Appointment088-233386


Now also open:
The Gentlemen's Club by Cuts Gallery
The Gentlemen's Club is a division of Cuts Gallery Hair Salon, dedicated to giving the best men's styles and cuts the traditional way - including hot towel shaves and the like!
You can also take up the Cut's Gallery Scissor Salute Challenge! Contact them for more details..
Also available at Cuts Gallery are these awesome Virginstone anchor and rope bracelets, all the way from Australia! I've got mine, and I'm in love! There are loads of different colour combinations and designs to choose from, but I trust Florence's sense of style, and she wasnt wrong!

Love always,
Calista xx

Thursday, 9 October 2014

The Roller Coaster Months

Hey guys!

I know I haven't been blogging for a while, so I thought I'd give a short update on what's been happening - a lot!It's been a heck of a ride, but definitely a lot more highs than lows...


Chevrolet will be Man U's new sponsor for the next 7 years
After the Adidas Neo shoot with Sham, I was the Chevrolet girl at Sabah's ATAS Motor Show, being one of the very first to wear the brand new Manchester United jersey.

The Rolls Royce Wraith x Breeze Magazine editorial also came out - what dya think?

Couldnt resist getting a photo in one of Da Nang's famed basket boats on Da Nang Beach
Always a proud AABC member, I had the chance to visit Vietnam's newest destination with Air Asia - Da Nang! It was like a dream come true, since my 2014 bucket list was to visit Vietnam.. Only problem is, Da Nang has made me wanna go to Hanoi even more now!

The friendliest sabre tooth tiger - Diego from Ice Age!
So what's been keeping me so busy? Aha.. Well, I've been based in Genting for the past month, and won't be leaving til end of October! I'm emceeing for 20th Century Fox World's Ice Age Adventure here at the Genting International Convention Center, so if you wanna meet Sid, Scrat or Diego, make sure you get here before October 26th! =D

Best part about my time in Genting? Steamboat!


I did get into a little drama last month when someone who shall remain unnamed posted a couple of vulgar facebook statuses, followed by a paparazzi-like photo of me walking past during a bloggers' outing up at Genting. After escalating things into a local forum, including spreading my facebook links and photos, things have thankfully died down. Although this was disrespectful and a blatant violation of privacy, I'm just glad it didnt blow out of proportion.

To be honest, I think this is the biggest 'down' that I can actually remember in recent months, at least, the only down worth mentioning. No complaints, for sure! We all run into bumps in the road, but I guess the journey would be pretty boring if it was smooth sailing all the way; or so they say. I'd actually prefer a one-shot-to-the-top kinda life, but who wouldn't huh? =P

'Cause after everything is over and done, it's still a beautiful world~
Love always,
Calista xx