I'm turning 26 this Sunday!!

10 January 2013

Happy birthday to me!

Turning 26 feels.. Strange. I posted a status on my facebook a couple of days ago, and luckily for me it seems I am definitely not the only one who doesnt feel her age!

I'm gonna be in KK for my birthday, but I havent made any plans on what to do yet.. Any suggestions? I cant go far cz I've got work the next day, and it is on a Sunday.. But I want to do something memorable! Like last year, I climbed the KLCC Petronas Towers on my birthday, which you can read about HERE. I also went ice skating, which was so much fun! You can see my experience HERE. =D

Looking back on my post last year, I didnt feel 25 then either.. Hahaha.. Guess it's an ongoing emotion throughout the years.. I can just imagine myself turning 50 and feeling like I'm still 21.. Oh wait, that happens - mom, aunt Karen n aunt June all said they feel the same.. Hmm.. Should I blame genes then? ;p

So anyway, SUGGESTIONS PLEASE!! =D Something easy and cheap, but a whole lotta fun!I dont wanna spend my turn-of-the-year just sitting at home.. =(