Warm and Comforting: The Colour Brown

6 June 2013

What's your favourite colour? Black, Red, Blue, Green, Brown..?

Well, do you know that the personality traits of colours can be defined by what colours make you feel good, and can also be used to ignite certain traits or emotions when an extra boost is needed?
For example, if you are regularly attracted to the colour brown while shopping, it may be because you portray a degree of sophistication and elegance, and possess a more timeless sense of fashion as opposed to following trends.

Cara Delevingne for Burberry Prorsum
When it comes to makeup, brown is the colour of choice for a lot of us girls because it just looks so natural! After all, makeup is meant to enhance, not to colour your face like an oil canvas, right? ;p

YouTube Sensation Sweet Brown ;p
If brown is your overall favourite colour and you surround yourself in it, you are probably very down-to-earth, reliable, and quite the home body

If you're like me and are attracted to most brown foods such as
Chocolate Cake / Brownies!
(I swear these brownies made by my cousin's girlfriend are the best ever!)
Chocolate Ice Cream
(Which I can now get my fix from Baskin Robbins since it's finally open in KK! =D)
Potatoes! Cooked any which way, I dont mind! Omnomnom..
Any Brown, Saucy Dishes
Then it probably means you are an EXCELLENT glutton who enjoys tasty, sinful yumminess! =D

But when it comes to gadgets, your life is probably full of black TV sets or white smart phones,  black computers or white tablets.. In fact, I'm looking around my room now and the only brown things I can see are my doors and tables! =O
Oh, and my bed.. No wonder it's always so comforting and warm.. *devilish smile*
(This photo also makes me miss my cat Ebony.. =( RIP.. )
But brown lovers, fear not! I just found out that Samsung has just released their latest marvel - the Galaxy Note II - in AMBER BROWN! I actually found out from this video which tickled my fuzzy bones  http://bit.ly/114eRHz

Personally I think the Note II in Brown definitely suits individuals not only of the corporate world who would like to have an air of practicality and stability, but also boys and girls alike who would like to step out from the norm and carry a creamy brown bar of convenience! The Samsung Galaxy phones definitely need no introduction, and each new model just gets better and better. After one and a half years with my Samsung Galaxy S II, maybe it's time for a change, and maybe, just maybe, the Brown Note II will entice me to get it!

Why live life in black and white? =)

Til next time,

PS: Tell me your favourite colour and I'll tell you what my favourite things in that colour are in my next blog/vlog post!
Bonus picture of my Brown-spotted Dog: Chocolate! <3 br="">