Taiwan - More Than Just A City! 台湾 - 不只是受欢迎的大城市!

16 October 2013

Taiwan has, in recent years, become more and more popular as a place to work, shop, and play, with Taipei easily accessible from hubs all over Asia and beyond.
Striking a pose with the Taiwanese flag
Fashionable, easy-going, a city without the hardness of the big, wide world - Taipei is modern yet has managed to keep its traditions, both in its people and in its architecture.
Shopping at Xin Men Red House, built in 1908 and situated in Taipei's fashion central.
It's safe to say that many of us have probably visited this bustling city at least once, or are planning to in the near future; but is that all there is? Shopping at XiMenDing (西门町), marvelling at the majestic Taipei 101, or shrieking how adorable the pandas are at the Taipei Zoo?

Not surprisingly, Taiwan has so much more to offer than just the hustle and bustle of Taipei; all you need to do is venture out a little (and it is a little - Taiwan is a considerably small country!), and you'll find yourself in a whole different world of nature, beauty and relaxation.
People taking relaxing walks and spending some family time at Flying Cow Ranch, Miaoli
Let Air Asia and I take you on a journey of Leisure Farming!

Now I know what you're thinking: Farming? Why would I want to go on holiday to do farming?!
Ahh, but my friend, you have no idea what joy is in store!
A beautiful morning in the woods of Long Yun Leisure Farm
To begin with, Leisure Farm tourism is not what it sounds like - no work is involved, just walks through 100-year-old pine trees, breathing in the fresh air and aromatic flowers, and watching the sunrise/sunset over grasslands/hills as far as the eye can see.

Discover the uniqueness of a holiday where you can pick fresh fruits and vegetables, soak in the hot springs, make your own salted / century eggs, or see glowing twigs in a forest in the dark of the night. Food is another joyous occasion as every farm has its own flavour! Ever had a meal that is cooked with different flowers? How about a different type of fruit in every dish? Or a steamboat with milk soup? You can be sure Tien Ma Ma (田妈妈味) will surprise you with every meal - guaranteed fresh and healthy!
Easy on the eyes, yummy in your tummy: Hualu Leisure Farm
So next time you think of going on a trip, make sure you visit Taiwan - whether it's shopping and city life, history and culture, or nature and landscapes, everything you'd ever hope to see is there! Don't believe me? Keep a close eye on my upcoming posts, and let me introduce you to some of the gorgeous leisure farms I got to visit, all thanks to Air Asia and the Taiwan Leisure Farms Development Association! =)

Taiwan Must-Knows:
Currency: New Taiwan Dollars (TWD) 新台币
Weather: Ranges from 13ºC to 32ºC (When I went during the end of April, it fluctuated between 18-30ºC, while the end of September was about 15 - 29ºC, bearing in mind I was on high ground most of the time)
Time Zone: GMT +8 hours (Same as Malaysia)
Language: Mandarin (aka Chinese)
Electricity: 110V, usually flat blade two-pin plugs, so if you're from Malaysia, an adapter is necessary.

How to get there?
Air Asia flies from Kota Kinabalu to Taipei daily, and from Kuala Lumpur to Taipei twice daily.

Coming up: 
1. Hua Lu Flower Leisure Farm 花露休闲农场
2. Da-Keng Leisure Farm 大坑休闲农场
3. House of Fruits Farmer 果晨之家
4. Tainan Duck Farm 台南鸭庄
5. Xian Hu Leisure Farm 仙湖休闲农场
6. Chu Niang in Historical Lane 古道厨娘
7. Fen Qi Lake 奋起湖
8. Long Yun Leisure Farm 龙云休闲农场
9. Zhuo Ye Cottage 卓也小屋
10. Shanbanqiao Opera Life Cultural Center 山板桥脸谱馆
11. Flying Cow Ranch 飞牛牧场

Til next time,
Calista xx


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    1. Haha.. This one pre-post only, so just a summary of Taiwan as a whole la.. ;p

  2. Looking forwards to reading your entries on Taiwan since I'm going there next January and in need of some tips...

    1. Hopefully I can help! Do let me know if you have other questions that I dont mention in my posts - I'm far from being an expert but if I can, I'll answer! =)

  3. Jom lets go Taiwan again... give me all the street fooddsssss....!!! :D

    1. Haha.. I wanna go back again too!! So many more places I havent visited yet.. =D Street food is so omnomnom-able..

  4. Seems like your Taiwan trip more focus on natural as going for many farms.

    1. Yes, this time around we visited all the farms as the trip was sponsored by the Taiwan Leisure Farms Development Association.. My earlier trip with my family was just in Taipei - I'll be writing about that very soon too! =)

  5. It was a pretty sweet adventure!

    1. It was! Now to get off our butts and actually blog about it! Hahaha.. Procrastination is my worst enemy I swear =.="