Samsung NX Mini: A Social Media Lover's Best Friend

4 August 2014

My life pretty much revolves around social media, and I'm not ashamed to say I'm plugged in almost every single day (yes, I get internet withdrawal symptoms)! Whether for work or leisure, Facebook or Instagram, it's no surprise that most of what I share and like, are photos.
Mantanani Island, Sabah
So when I got the opportunity to review the all-new Samsung NX Mini, I jumped at the chance. You've probably seen #myNXMini on a lot of my photos recently, and if you missed them, my previous blog posts from when I first received the camera back in April are HERE and HERE

Three months in, and I'm in love

The NXMini has been the perfect travel partner, event buddy, and all-round daily lifesaver since it has been introduced into my life. Small & light enough at 22.5mm & 158g to carry around in my handbag every day, I've been able to capture things I was never prepared for before, and with 20.5 megapixels? Those moments are clearer than ever. 

Never being the selfie-a-day kinda girl, this camera has definitely helped peak my interest in taking snaps here and there, now that I can confidently know I'm not cropping off half my face with the 3.0 inch flip screen (although, mastering that perfect angle and smile is still a learning process for me =P). With the ultra slim 9mm wide angle lens, I've also been able to snap a selfie of not just my face (which is common when snapping with a phone camera), but with a good view of the background as well! Not to mention group "wefie" shots have been much easier to compose. =)

But my favourite feature? It's gotta be the easy-as-pie (and almost as good) NFC, which allows me to transfer the photos I've taken with my camera, directly into my phone so I can upload them straight away!

All I have to do is:

You can press the DIRECT LINK button on top of the camera, or I prefer to: 

and it's on it's way to my smartphone. Since my main phone at the moment isn't a Samsung phone, I just have to make sure 

4. the Wi-Fi on my phone is turned on
Click my (prior downloaded) Samsung Smart Center App 
wait for the photo to pop up! 
Then I do my cropping or editing or whatever, and upload it directly to Instagram/Facebook just as I would a normal photo. My record so far is transferring about 70 photos at once so I could Whatsapp them to my friends after a trip to Brunei!

I didn't think much of the camera at first, was just expecting another camera to use *yay*. But after using it almost everyday for the past few months, my honest opinion is, it has made my life much easier and my photo skills, if I do say so myself, are getting better just by playing around with it. If I had to have one complaint, I'd say it's the NX Mini's inability to zoom, but hey, I'm already planning to get the zoom lens, which is also compact enough to carry around and interchange as needed! =)

The Samsung NX Mini comes in 5 colours; I'm using white, but the black and mint ones look pretty cool too. There's also pink and brown, and with the leatherette design I can't really say any of them look anything less than stylish. They're selling for RM1399 with kit lens in all Samsung outlets.

For more info you can check out the Samsung website or their facebook page (maybe they have a good offer? You neeeevveeerrr know~!!)

Love always,
Calista xx


  1. I saw this a few days ago in the store. Thanks for the info.. I agree the inability to zoom without zoom lens is not that good. Guess I'll have to splurge on the lens then! Lol

    1. Yeah, other than that it's pretty good, found it quite handy especially the size and quality for its size.. =)