Lobster Nasi Lemak at Tavern Kitchen & Bar, Imago

30 September 2017

The glorious nasi lemak, every Malaysian's favourite dish. Whether you buy the RM1.50 nasi lemak bungkus, or have it in a 5 star hotel, it's that one dish that is hard to resist and the first you crave if you're overseas.

Saying that, you'd think you'd know exactly how nasi lemak can be made: coconut rice, ikan bilis, cucumber, peanuts and sambal sauce, with the odd piece of friend chicken here and there - perfection! Until of course, you see this masterpiece:
Nasi Lemak Lobster
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah is known for the fresh and affordable seafood, and Tavern Kitchen & Bar in Imago Mall is setting the bar up high for your every day nasi lemak. At only RM49, this full-sized fresh lobster make your mouth water just at the sight of it: juicy, covered in melted cheese and accompanied by all the best parts of your traditional nasi lemak (aka sambal and ikan bilis, let's be honest).
Take a closer look - Nasi Lemak Lobster
As if that wasn't enough, Tavern is really getting into the seafood mood with 2 other options:

Tiger prawns with tuhau
Grilled Squid
The promotion is only from October - December 2017, so if you wanna have a taste of it, you gotta hurry! I'll definitely be there, not only for these dishes, but also for the great ambience and music - the amazing Esther Applunius performs there too!

The best compilation
PS: Try the hot pan brownies - personal fave since they first opened.

For more info on Lobster Nasi Lemak,  please visit www.tavern.com.my/lobster-nasi-lemak

Always hungry,
Calista xx

Images courtesy of Moose

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  1. WOw! Nasi lemak lobster! Must have it before i die! LOL