Not Suitable For Audiences Under 18

25 July 2011

What do you think of this photo? Honestly. Just another random photo, right? Anything provocative about it? Guys, does it turn you on? Would it make your girlfriend jealous? Girls, would you feel offended by it? Here's a better view:Apparently, a photo of me on a photo shoot (theme: "sports wear"), wearing one of the loosest t shirts in my wardrobe, is now deemed "18sx". I'm not quite sure whether to feel flattered, or offended. Lol..

It was posted up on one of the photographers' walls on facebook, a couple of days after the shoot. This was a group shooting event by the way. I wasnt tagged or anything, but as he added me as a friend, I noticed a bunch of Chinese characters with a photo of myself, so I clicked to see what it was. This is what I was greeted with:


This photo is 18sx? This photo is not suitable for children? This photo caused your girlfriend to say you betrayed her when she saw it?
So powerful? You want me to delete it immediately?
Brother, isnt that a bit too much?)

Stunned? Me too. I never knew a photo of me in a t shirt could provoke such emotions and drama! Lol.. When I asked, the photog just said his friend asked him to delete cz the girlfriend wasnt happy. Why? For one, it's not his friend's photo. And secondly, JUST WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU DOING WHILE LOOKING AT THIS PHOTO THAT MADE HER SO MAD??? I have a hundred photos that are a hundred times more provocative than this! This is a sports t shirt for crying out loud!! To label this as 18sx, well, would she pass out hyperventilating if she caught you looking at this one?As I said, I have no idea what went down, but I can think of a few omg situations.. How about you? Feel free to express your thoughts.. ;p I'm still totally flabbergasted!


  1. Certain people possesses different level of perversion. In this instance, he might get turned on looking at photographers taking photos of people! :D

    Hey, will u be around for Raya? Do come visit! :D

  2. Hahaha.. I thought it was hilarious when I first saw it.. Then was in disbelief.. Then kinda offended that anyone would place an "18 and above" tag on anything related to me.. Lol..
    No! =( I'm going back 17 Aug.. Wish I could go to your open house tho! =(

  3. *This is meant to be overthetop.*

    I think the girl felt a bit intimidated since you're TOO HOT (especially when you're wearing sports wear hahaha). Well it happens. The girl's over jealous with everything, then your picture comes along, and she sees that you're hotter than her, you're an Eurasian (special combo), her bf's looking at your picture instead of hers, in her mind she's thinking why is he looking at your picture of all pictures he could have looked at and that he's probably thinking about you at that moment. She goes berserk. They had a fight. She deducts his trust mark to 10%. Thus he thinks by deleting the picture, he would probably get another 15% back. End. It happens, seriously. Even in the most random kind of situation.

  4. Haha.. Omg.. The imagination, girl;! ;p

    Poor guy, he'll have to work hard to delete every single female photo he may chance upon to regain the 100%..

  5. Some good modelling pictures there.

  6. somehow some of the ppl who claim themselves as photographer but don't know how to respect the model. Some even thought photography as a alternative to pornography (which is capture by himself), just to fulfill their own needs. I even saw some even worse than this. so don't simply let other guys who call themselves as photographer but apparently NOT for photoshooting, otherwise you'll just became another victim of invisible sexual assault..

  7. Well, in this case the photogs were all cool.. It was just a friend of one of the photogs who apparently had a problem.. Lol.. Thanks for the concern tho! =) There are photogs who do what you mentioned, but I try my best to stay away.. ;p

  8. What do you think of the modelling profession then, would you always recommend that women, and men for that matter, have a "back up" career? Do women especially get taken advantage of?

  9. I think to be a model, it's all about passion. You have to love what you do or else you just wont be motivated enough to face the competition out there.

    Modelling, and acting, singing etc, is not only about talent and hard work though, it also relies a lot on luck, so yes, I would recommend a back up plan if things dont go as you hope.. Unfortunately, this industry accepts only a few lucky ones to be able to survive on doing what they love.

    As for being taken advantage of, I suppose both men and women have to go through this, and this is not only in modelling, but in any career. But it is more pronounced with women as there are way more female models than male.. =)

  10. Very nice picture! good addition to your portfolio =D

  11. Haha.. Well after the drama it's been through, I may have to lock it away from the world! ;p

  12. You look hot in both pictures and some people are just idiots. Anyhoo, to be vulgar, "a little titty never hurt anyone" :P

  13. Haha.. Thanks Audrey.. Maybe next time should cover even more.. Lol..