Diving in Phuket!!

5 July 2011

We woke up early and got ready to be picked up by the diving company (All 4 Diving). The islands we were going to were quite far away, about a 45 minute drive, so we settled down and napped before arriving at Kata port, where we were all hauled onto the dive boat, the Similan Queen. We settled down, and got ready for a 2 and a half hour journey to the Phi Phi Islands.

We had breakfast (they provide lunch and a snack as well), and I went with another guy who was from Russia for a briefing, as we were not licensed divers. It was pretty simple, as I have dived once before, so we were sent to rest for the remaining time of the journey.On our way

Luckily for me, Ray's a sleeper. He can (and wants to) sleep any time, anywhere. So we spent most of the long, bumpy boat ride asleep. Why is this a good thing? Because the way the boat rocks on the open sea during monsoon season makes one feel very, very seasick. And I'm not even the type! I dont remember ever being seasick/car sick (except when I was young and stubborn and insisted on reading in the car, lol), but this was no joke.Not sure whether you can tell how rough the sea was, but it's a pretty pic anyway! ;p

I woke a couple of times, felt queasy, so promptly went back to sleep. The poor Russian guy was literally green in the face by this time. When we were woken up to get into our wetsuits and put our equipment on, I immediately felt queasy again, but it was bearable. Problem was, we were like the second last group to get into the water, so while we were standing there, all of a sudden I thought "oh no", and before I knew it (this is gross, but I'm gonna tell you anyway), my mouth was full of vomit. As always, I calmly poked my instructor's arm, and pointed to my mouth. He knew what it was and sent me to the side of the boat to let it all out.. Haha.. Told me the fishes would love it.. ;p Talk about immediate relief! I felt better as soon as breakfast was out of me.. Lol.. Apparently, Russian Guy had already thrown up a few times, poor thing. Take this as warning, those of you who are planning to dive in Phuket - get a seasick pill when you get on the boat, the crew will provide them, but you must take it before the boat starts moving as it doesnt quite work when you're already feeling nauseous.

We were told to get into the water asap after that, as we would feel better as soon as we got underwater. Russian guy had a little training session before we were allowed under, so I floundered around for a while and practiced what I'd learnt the last time, just in case. Then it was down, down, down! The underwater world is SO beautiful in Phuket.. We saw so many different kinds of coral, fish, and even eels! We were pre-warned to steer clear of sea urchins (there were loads of them) and lion fish, and not to startle the puffer fish (even though I would've loved to see one puff up, I suppose it wouldnt be fair to the fish ey?) The best part, I must say, was when I caught sight of a white tip reef shark! =D A only got a glimpse, as they're very shy and will run away from divers, but it was awesome! We were down there for the usual time of 45 minutes, and I think we went about 8m under if I'm not mistaken.And that was Phi-Phi Lay! =) Next, we went on a much shorter boat ride to one of the neighbouring islands, Koh Bida Nok, which was even more amazing if you can believe!SO beautiful!

We went down to about 12 / 15m, cant remember which and this time, we got to see a giant tutle! It was so cute! We spent a good 10 minutes with it I think.. =) We also saw what I thought was a dead fish at the bottom of the seabed, but when we surfaced I was told it was actually a fish which I think may be a scorpion fish, but I cant really remember the name.. If anyone knows, please drop me a comment to let me know! Thanks.. =) I was gutted we didnt have an underwater camera.. =( 1st thing on my list of things to buy (behind getting the actual licence and buying some of my own equipment) will be a good camera and underwater casing! (Will accept as a Christmas gift, if anyone's feeling generous.. ;p)Look how blue the water was!

The next dive I wasnt allowed to go on, as it was for licenced divers only. This was Koh Dok Mai, which literally means "flower island" in Thai. You wouldnt understand the name as you reach the island, as all it is is a big boulder in the middle of the ocean.The site is mainly a wall dive straight down to 30 metres. The reason for the island's name is the wall underneath the surface is covered with colourful flower-like coral, and I heard it is most breathtaking! Wish I could've gone down.. =( Apparently there are loads of little seahorses and octopus' around the wall as well, and Ray told me they even went into a cave! Jealousness!Ray in the water
See how rough the sea was? While everyone was having an amazing time in the water, I had a lovely chat with my instructor, who, if I remember correctly, was called Darren. He's Australian, and has been living in Phuket for over 6 months. Most interesting part about him though, was that he used to be a policeman! =D I guess sooner or later everyone finds their true calling and passion.. I had a very good time diving with him, he's a very good instructor, very highly recommended! Other than talking though, I also did what I do best - stuffed my face. Darren wasnt kidding when he said the pancakes the boat's cook made were the best! =D I think I had about 3 before I couldnt fit any more in.. Lol..Yum yum.. With Hershey's Chocolate Sauce!

After getting back to the hotel, we had about an hour or so to shower and change, then it was time to go to the famous Simon Phuket Cabaret!
We'd gotten VIP seats, which are nearer to the stage for about 600baht each, including transportation. We arrived, got our seat allocations, then went out to take some photos and have a drink at Simon Bar before showtime. =)The show was amazing! Definitely a must-see in Phuket.. The 'girls', and the guys did a really good job of dancing and lip-syncing, too bad no photos were allowed though.. There costumes were really good, and I suppose that's where most of the ticket money goes to.. They performed traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese etc songs, jazz numbers, and even a funny Barbie Girl performance! By ONE 'girl'! =D I had a really good time, though Ray got fidgety half-way through. He said he liked it, but I guess it was too long for him.. Lol..

As I was warned, the performers lined up outside when the show was over, and asked people to take photos with them for a 'tip'. How much this tip was I'm not sure, but we were being hurried to our van anyway, so I didnt have time. Managed to snap a few photos on the way out though: Funny thing was, one of the 'girl' performers actually looked like Jovanny, and one of the guys looked like Oliver.. Hahahaha...

We were very tired at the end of the night, but who's got time to rest while on holiday ey? The next day, we had to wake up early to go on the day trip! =)

Stay tuned!


  1. Wow looks like you had a ball!! and great pictures too. I went there but I reckon you had a longer time there eh ;-) and a better time, seeing as i mostly chilled and ate and had massage only. Well done you ;-)

  2. I did! =D I was there 5D4N, so I think slightly longer.. But you went to relax.. U know me, relax? Huh? How? ;p

    Oh, n I remember the massage that almost killed you.. Hahahah..

  3. Got a really nice comment from Littlewing Destinations on a blog group in which I posted a link to this post..

    "good travel blog and writing"

    Thank you! It means a lot to get good comments from time to time.. =)

    The place looks AMAZING.. N when r u gonna take me to go diving..?? When u come back ok?? :))
    N i wish u had a pic of this so called me-lookalike.. Hahhaa..
    Great post.!

  5. Haha.. Sorry Oli, we'll go somewhere else nice soon ok? =) And yes, we can go diving when I get back to KK.. Pinky promise! =D xxx

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