Our Very First Borneo Fashion Festival!

8 February 2012

Over the weekend, I had the honour of being invited to the launch of the very first fashion festival to be held in Sabah. Starting on the 4th of February 2012 in Suria Sabah, the 6 week showcase of local fashion talent is organized by Jeffie Jeff in conjunction with the Breeze Model Search.

Being the launch and first day of the exhibition, guests were entertained by emcee Iskandar, dancers from the Gema Tari troupe, a singing performance by local singer Angelina Perete and her daughter Estee, and the highlight of the event - a fashion show featuring designs from four relatively new fashion designers, modeled by finalists of the Breeze Model Search.Gema Tari dance troupeSpeech by the organising chairman, the multi-talented Jeffie Jeff!

To start off the show, Nina Elaina Designs presented her collection "Frosted Flowers" to an upbeat tune that had the models skipping and snapping their fingers all down the runway!
Sorry for the blinding.. That was the spotlight on stage.. Thought this photo was cute so wanted to upload it anyway.. =)

PopRina's designer Nurul Alam's "Colour Chaos"

Cienna Creation by Clarissa Nena had one of my favourite collections: Borneo WarriorsThe designerJeffie Jeff's Mon Amour collection was stunning, with the models parading slowly to haunting opera music.After the finale, Angelina and Estee Perete serenaded the crowd with their latest song "Butterfly Baby".Then it was time for Olumis Batik to present their collection!One of my favourite dresses from the collection!
The event ended with refreshments provided by Bella Italia and Le Safron, and i got a chance to snap a shot with my dear friend Jeffie before he was whisked away with congratulatory handshakes and hugs! Haha..
Congrats Jeffie, and we await the next fashion event in KK.. Let's make heads turn! =D


  1. Very good coverage of the event. Congratulations!

  2. Mt, you did? Why didnt you come say hi?? =D

    S'mal: Thanks! =) xx

  3. Haha :D Was leaving and went for a chat with Mandy that day. :P

  4. Was Jeffie Jeff the photographer on your Le Luxe Extreme shoot YT video?

    Do guys whistle at pretty girls at events in KK or is that just an Australian thing? I don't do it, you understand, just asking.

  5. Ah.. Ok.. U know Mandy? =)

    Anon: Yes! He was! =) He's really good..
    And yes, guys do.. Altho, I find they seem to break into song when pretty girls pass by more than whistling.. Lol..

  6. I'd like to personally thank the blogger comments section for making me have to type this again...not that I'm one to complain! Forgot to sign my last comment so I will sign this one twice to make up for it.

    I would be interested in your opinion of a model called April Maroshick, she's quite a networker and I've had a few return messages from her. There's a nice photo of her with MIss U.S.A. and Miss New York. A.B. A.B.

  7. Haha.. It's done that to me before.. Other sites too.. Sometimes after a really long message and I feel like flinging the computer at the wall.. Lol..

    Erm.. I've never heard of her but a quick google search brought the conclusion that she's in the running to be this year's Miss New York Teen USA..?

  8. She was in the top ten and got the people's choice award it's in one of her YouTube videos AprilbyVictoria...she might enter Miss New York next time. Her photos are on her twitter site. She thinks she was selected because of her stand on internet bullying.

    If you see her YouTube videos she's really funny and thinks really quickly.

    She ran a Formspring account for a while but every second comment seemed to be obscene or intrusive, that was the problem with Formspring it eventually works towards the lowest common denominator, there seems to be a lot of immature males, even more immature than me! A.B.

  9. I see.. Haha.. I dont usually follow pageants.. ;p

    Yea, anywhere where people can say things anonymously usually ends up with people thinking they can say whatever they want.. As you said, immature! =)

  10. The comments sections on these blogs have done it again! I checked here twice yesterday and it didn't have your comment up but it's been there for over 24 hours. It's now 8:51 a.m. local time Eastern Australia on the 19th.

    I think she might be a star of the future as all guys who are secure about their own masculinity I've been looking at beauty and makeup vids on YouTube and April was "discovered" that way. She's been really nice, very intelligent I think she's studying Law, which I failed to get into myself years ago. Twice. A.B.

  11. Haha.. I havent been on my blog a lot lately. As you can see from the lack of posts I guess.. Lol..

    I wouldnt be able to go into law.. Lol.. Havent got the patience nor memory! =) Law is really tough though.. And a lot of the Miss America contestants are a great combination of beauty and brains.. It's kinda the requirement nowadays I guess.. =)

  12. I'm in love with April in the same insane way I was with S. in 2007, I find it very hard to control, it's pathological, if you look at some of the zany comments and poetry on her twitter its all mine, April and I have corresponded by email.I think I've got it under control as I've tapped into her sense of humour. I never meant any harm to S. at all but it just got out of hand and I got nasty. I really frightened her I think and that wasn't right. My judgment gets affected because you can see I'm pretty rational. S. is just one of those girls who is so desirable that guys just literally go crazy over her!

    You can publish this if you like because only you and I (and S.)know what were talking about but otherwise I'll just put another comment and you can reply to that. I'll talk about the weather or something a.b.

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. I won't be offended if it's not mentioned at all Calista, it's probably wrong of me to mention it, but you probably know a bit about what I did.I shouldn't tease her by asking what she thought about Wearside Jack on her blog, although it was an interesting hoax!! A.B.

  15. Haha.. I'm sure S. has already gotten over it.. But you really do need to be careful about what you post! =)

  16. I wish I'd known that years ago...you're a great diplomat Calista and I'm so sorry to involve you in it. It's love fever that I get I think, actually it might be deClerambault's syndrome if you're interested in looking it up! I've sent an email to her apologising today anyway. A.B.

  17. Hmm.. That's actually quite interesting.. I never knew such a syndrome existed until now.. But I do recommend a doctor if you have this! Hahaha..

    I'm not sure what kind of reaction S. will have to your email, but as her friend, I do hope that whatever her wishes, you will respect them.. =) She is quite a private person..

  18. Will do I've left her alone for years, I didn't realise I had it until I read about it in a Psychiatric Journal. It explained a lot.

    Glad you know about it now as you are a pretty model and you must get guys who become infatuated and persistent.

    Obsession is a fascinating area, celebrity stalkers are often convinced that the celebrity is in love with them.

    I've calmed down a lot about April, it doesn't help when she emails me from her mobile phone during a photoshoot to tell me she liked my love poetry on valentine's day!

    The email to S. is a pure apology, I was very bad and spiteful. A.B.

  19. Thanks for all your help and patience. Just got a nice email! A.B.