Turning 25: Part 2 - Sunway Pyramid Ice Skating and The Ship!

3 February 2012

This is a continuation of birthday post 1 - KLCC Skybridge, which you can view here.

After a long morning, we left KL to go back to Selangor. After marveling at our country's amazing architecture and view from above, it was time to get a little feel of the fun other countries have during winter - Ice skating! =DLook, green gloves! All bundled up, but it wasnt cold at all.. Zzzzz.. At least it was a little bit of protection when I hit the ice! ;p

I was really worried I'd spend the whole time on my bum before we went in to the rink, but honestly, it was easier than I thought! Especially considering I'm usually such a klutz.. ;p I only fell twice, though one was a whole fall-on-your-butt-and-slide-past-three-people-on-your-back kinda fall.. Haha.. THAT was fun tho, other than the fact I was all soggy after that.. ;p

Gliding across the ice was so much fun, but I seriously doubt I'm the next figure skater to watch.. Hahaha.. I wouldnt mind going again though.. It's only about RM14 per person on weekdays, and you can be on the ice all day til 8pm if you want to! =D Next time I'll definitely go earlier to get my money's worth.. You have to purchase gloves if you dont have your own too, for RM8..
I suggest you wear jeans and a jacket even though it's not cold, as accidents do happen.. Also, be careful how you fall, as minor accidents with skates and bare arms do happen, it happened within the 2 hours I was there so.. *wince* Looks painful.. Try not to go sprawling across the ice as you fall, there's actually an instruction on their website that says your hands should never touch the ice. Luckily we were all safe, though I did have a bruise on the back of my ankle from the boots.. They're really hard, to protect your ankles when you fall I guess..

We left when they closed at 8pm, reluctantly, may I add. ;p Too bad we couldnt take many photos, as no cameras are allowed on the ice.. There is a photographer there to take photos of you if you want, but just a warning, they're very expensive.. RM40 for a 4R print if I'm not mistaken.. =/
Ooh ooh, and before I forget to tell you: DONT go on weekends or public holidays or school holidays.. I've seen the rink during these periods, and the amount of people on the ice is scuurrry..!!

We didnt have a fancy dinner that night, just had Esquire Kitchen, cz we were saving our money for Saturday, when we went down to Bukit Bintang to have...Omg, this is SO so so yummy! =D They definitely do have the best steak in town.. And so many choices too! Lol.. Now I'm hungry again.. Hmm..

Anyhoo. We reached quite early, because of the GAC let down (read about it here), around 6pm. I also wasnt in the mood to change, so please excuse the ugliness. I was all ready to get dirty and sweaty in the big rubber balls but obviously that didnt happen, sigh.
Gee, that sentence sounds so wrong. =/ Lol.. I digress.
Anyway, it was a good job we arrived early because by 7pm it was jam-packed, with a queue up front! After pouring over the menu and changing our minds numerous times, we finally decided on our orders:Adrian: Fillet Steak Flambee Au Brandy

According to the menu, this is grilled fillet steak garnished with white mushroom gravy sauce and flambee with brandy, served with french fries and vegetables. And flambee they did! Unfortunately I'm a slow poke, and wasnt expecting it, so I didnt get a photo of the little bonfire that was lit up on the spot in this waiter's hands! *regret* Here's a photo of him flipping the meat to get it covered in the burning brandy though:Oliver's choice doesnt sound so fancy, but it was still seriously yummy:Obviously he couldnt wait to tuck in to this Tenderloin Sizzling Steak:
A tender fillet steak on a sizzling hot plate , topped with gravy and garlic butter, served with french fries and a bowl of salad.

Theirs were really nice, but I still think that I made the best choice:Neptune Taurus Delight - A combination of tenderloin fillet steak and tiger prawns topped with gravy and served on a sizzling hot plate with french fries, corn on cob, and a bowl of salad.

Let's just say the salad went nearly untouched, but I'm sure that doesnt surprise those of you who have eaten with me or Oli before.. ;p The warm rolls that were served, that's a different story altogether! I LOVE warm bread, and so does Oli:Yep. He crazy.

For drinks, Adrian had a huge mug of watermelon juice, while Oli had orange juice, and I had a fruit punch. Price-wise, I wouldnt say it was cheap, but for steak that good, and the portion size? It definitely cant be classified as expensive.. For each steak it was between RM41.90 - RM44.90, and we were all way too full when we finished.. ;pWhat did I tell ya? YUMMY! =D

And that was it! The most wonderful 2 days of the year (so far -hey, it is only January! ;p)! Now we've got Oli's birthday to look forward to - 9th Feb, you better live up to expectations!



  1. Love your expression when your showing the green glove.

    No hands on the ice brings two things to mind, that the glove immediately freezes upon contact with the ice and they need to use a hairdryer to heat up the area and free your hand.

    More likely, though, would be the potential for entry to the microsurgery ward for reattachment of any limb that may fall victim to a passing skater's blade.


  2. I put your(belonging to) instead of you're (short for you are) in the first sentence it's like its and it's people get them confused these days. Sorry for that grammatical atrocity. I meant gloves plural as well.

    The first sentence should now read.

    "Love your expression when you're showing the green gloves." A.B.

  3. Haha.. Goofy is good.. ;p

    Haha.. Yea, it was the 2nd reason.. ;p It does happen too.. A girl's skate went over a guy's arm while I was on the ice.. It just left a cut, but it looked really nasty.. *shivers*

  4. I'm really hoping that doesn't happen all the time the blood would show up on the ice pretty well. Does Malaysia have an Ice Hockey team? or am I being a bit silly again.

    My comment about grammar must have been a bit wacky then or maybe it didn't come out. I meant to say you're instead of your in the first sentence. I'm a grammar and spelling person, or try to be! A.B.

  5. Haha.. You're funny.. The grammar comment went into spam, which is why I didnt see it at first.. ;p

    N yes, we do apparently have an ice hockey team.. I see them practicing at the rink almost every night! =)

    And as for the blood, it shows up very well, but is quickly removed when skaters skate over it and the ice becomes watery.. =/ It wasnt a tremendous amount of blood though..