Review: Japan Girls VC+nanoC Facial Masks - Dry Skin Begone!

30 April 2014

Hey girls! (And guys - I know you like to look good too!)

As you probably know, I've been in KL for a little over a month now, and as always, my skin tends to get a little more congested and drier than usual while I'm here, probably because I'm crossing busy roads under the hot sun most days! Ah, the days of public transport..

This time around, I was lucky enough to receive some new daily facial masks to review, from the one and only Manoah! Facials can be pricey, especially when you're not sure of the best places to go, so this was the perfect solution to help keep my skin clear and hydrated at my home away from home!

Usually facial masks are suggested once, or maximum twice a week, but with the Japan Girls co.,ltd VC + nanoC Masks, you can apply it every day without the fear of it drying up your skin. It's actually meant to be applied every day, as it's packaged with 30pcs in a zip lock bag, and they're to be used within 60 days of opening! (I would do this on some occasions, for instance being in a big city such as this month, or if I have abnormally dry skin that particular month, but probably not every month in the year.)

All 30pcs are packed together, making it eco friendly!
The VC+nanoC Masks are 100% organic cotton sheets from Japan (as you probably already figured out by the company name). Containing vitamin C derivative (Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate for those of you who like to check your science!) and hydrolysed collagen to keep the skin moisturised, no fragrance, colorant or mineral oils are added.

*VC = Vitamin C   NanoC = Nano Collagen, which helps you achieve firmer, clearer and more supple skin

As with all facial masks, apply onto skin after cleansing. There are two ways to use this one:

 a) Close your eyes and relax; make sure your eyelids get some TLC too by covering them with the flaps!


b) If you dont know how to relax (like me), fold the eye flaps down and give your under-eye area that TLC instead! (You can play with your phone, read or whatever at the same time then! =P)

Before: Taken in a hotel bathroom while in Penang, when I was slightly sick. No judging! =P
Leave the mask on for 5 - 10 minutes, the follow with your usual skin care routine. What I usually do, because the mask is always still moist, is I fold it in half and drape it over my neck for another 5 - 10 mins. No waste, reap more rewards!
After: Zero editing, taken with natural sunlight.
As you can see, after about a month of using the Japan Girls VC+nanoC masks (what a mouthful ey?), my skin is definitely clearer and more supple. I'd recommend this if you're prepping for an upcoming big event - just add a quick sheet mask to your nightly skin regime! It's light enough and doesnt come out of the packet dripping wet like some other sheet masks, so not being messy is definitely a plus point! And even though I just kept it in my suitcase every day, the mask felt cool when applied, while the serum absorbed quite quickly once I removed the sheet from my face.

Japan Girls co.,ltd VC+nanoC Masks are only available at selected Guardian stores around Malaysia. They're only selling at RM65.00 per box of 30pcs, so it's definitely affordable!

Have you tried any Japan Girls products before? How did you find it? Or do you have any favourite facial masks you'd recommend? Let me know in the comments! =)

Til next time,
Calista xx


  1. I really want to buy some , what guardian stores in KL sell them? Does the one at KLCC stock it?

    1. Hi! I think all Guardian stores have it, but I've personally seen it in 1 Utama.. =)

  2. Great review btw! X