Trying It On With Adidas Neo

11 July 2014

You probably remember that I went on a shopping spree at Adidas Neo a few weeks ago, where I got to spend a RM1000 gift voucher because I'm awesome for an exclusive blog experience. You can check out my previous post HERE, where I pranced around the store like a kid in a candy shop, while in this post, I wanna share my experience in the girl's version of Disneyland...
"Skip, skip, skip to my -- Oooh! Pretty!"
As fun as it is to pick out new clothes, rummage through racks and racks of pretty dresses, and try on different pairs of shoes, I'd have to say the changing room is where the real fun is! Every little girl loves to dress up their dolls in different outfits, and every mother likes to dress up their own real life doll (aka their daughters) in cute little dresses for every occasion imaginable. This hobby doesnt stop for most girls, and only flourishes more once we reach that amazing age of having our own money!
Black Crop Top was fun but even the 2XS was a lil too big =/
The changing rooms in Adidas Neo, 1 Borneo are pretty spacious, and I had room to twist and turn while trying on different tops, even with Ana in there with me snapping pix! (Although, I guess you gotta bear in mind we're 2 of the tiniest girls in KK lol) I say tops because I'm not a fan of leggings, and the one pair of pants I took a fancy to made my butt look like twice the size of the rest of me. Which it probably is - hips dont lie for sure, but sometimes I wish they would!
Loving this casual sleeveless shirt - can wear this with almost anything!
Studded and black? Ring it up, cashier!
One thing I like about the Adidas Neo Selena Gomez Collection, is that although they do have a mostly feminine look, what with the pastel pinks and floral prints, but they also possess an edge which makes them wearable by even the least girly girls. 
I actually really love this whole look!
They're also casual, but in a dressy type of way, so you won't be overdressed, but you'll still look fashionable enough to hit the streets, not to mention that since this is the Spring/Summer 2014 Collection, the designs are airy and comfortable enough for Malaysia's tropical weather (an average 35 degrees anyone..?)
Selena hips up a super casual yet comfy outfit with snazzy hi-tops!
Alright, I did promise to show you my haul in this post, I remember! So here we go:
No happiness like full shopping bags!
Pretty good for a couple of hours shopping huh? =P
I'm working on a special surprise for my next post - I hope you'll like it! Sneak peeks will be up on my facebook and instagram accounts, so don't forget to follow me!
We were tired and hungry after our shopping spree, so we decided to reward ourselves with yummy cake!

Love Always,
Calista xx


  1. Ehrmagherd, had no idea this was in KK!! Huge fan of Selena.. Need to run to the kedai now and sapu a few pieces! *starts running* ;-D

    1. Yes! Two branches, 1 Borneo and Suria.. I'm guessing they have new stock in already.. =P