"Wait! Let Me Put On My Face!" and Other Makeup Stories

7 July 2014

It's a well-known face that most girls (and some boys!) love makeup, whether on a daily basis, for the camera or stage, or to create masterpieces. Hey, your face is a great canvas, and who doesn't like getting dolled up?
Makeup can definitely boost your confidence; and your ability to feel sexy!
Coming back to basics, Make up allows us to create different looks based on our mood each day, and can complement an outfit. Best part? "Flaws" are easily covered up, while your best features can be accentuated beautifully. We live in an appearance-orientated world, and we all have those days where we stress over a blemish, scar or pimple, and wish we could just erase it. Of course, the proper way would be to apply the appropriate skin care, but while we're waiting for that whitening cream or pimple gel to work, concealer is our best friend before that important meeting or hot date! Personally, eye brightening concealer is a life-saver, because no matter what Korean/Japanese eye bag trend is going on, I'd very much love to live without my dark circles, thank-you-very-much!
Korean actresses with emphasised eye bags with the help of makeup

Another personal daily-must product for me is mascara, probably passed down from my mom, who never leaves the house without a flick of the mascara brush! (I use a lot more makeup than her though - mascara is her only cosmetic!) I love mascaras which can give me volume, as I'm blessed with long-ish lashes, but would love for them to be thicker. I'm not a big fan of falsies, thus am always on the hunt for new mascaras to try. Sephora is a haven for this: not only do they stock a large variety of brands, but as each brand usually has way more than one mascara... I just wish I had more eyes to try each time! =P
Mascara widens and brightens up your peepers!
Blusher and shader are other products I'd love to learn more about. With my hamster cheeks, blush and shading is a must, but unfortunately I'm still not as well-versed on them as I'd hope to be. I really envy the girls with amazing makeup skills; and good makeup skills often translate to a large and colourful makeup collection! In Sabah, we're not blessed with any makeup one-stop-shops (yet! Fingers crossed they decide to come in, to the 2 upcoming malls perhaps?), but all is not lost as there are still online stores such as Zalora where we can browse through a wide selection of makeup products and have them sent right to our doorstep! 
How about trying a horoscope-themed look? (Yes, I'm a Capricorn!) Source
While I'm not a fan of caked-on makeup every single day, I think we could all agree that makeup is a fun must-have for different occasions. My daily ritual is usually concealer, mascara, and most recently, eyebrow pencil, with jet black eyeliner if I'm feeling a little dark or fancy. What about YOU? How do you leave the house each day? Tell me in the comments!

Til next time,
Calista xx

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