Da Nang in a Vietnamese Nutshell

1 December 2014

Visiting Vietnam has been on my wander-list for a while now, and one of my resolutions in 2014 was to make a trip to Hanoi. You can imagine my excitement when I got a call from Ashman, Air Asia's very own fashionista, asking me whether I'd like to go on my 3rd AABC adventure - on their newly reopened route from Kuala Lumpur -- Da Nang, Vietnam!

Being the only airline to fly directly to Da Nang from KL, not an empty seat could be found on our inaugural flight, which took off from the all-new KLIA2 on 29th August 2014. Landing in Da Nang International Airport after a 2 hour and 55 min journey (plus a great catch up session with Anna and Caroline), we got to experience the water salute as we cruised down the runway! We were also greeted by the who's who of Da Nang tourism, who were all smiles and ready for the press conference, and where we got our first taste of authentic Vietnamese cuisine! As we landed at 1330 local time (Da Nang is one hour behind Malaysian time), a well-appreciated buffet was prepared for the local media and us bloggers.

So what should you know about Da Nang? 

Location: Central Vietnam, on the coast of the South China Sea, South East Asia
Currency: Vietnamese Dongs, and US Dollars
Weather: Ranges from 18°C to 34°C, with the rainy season being from September to March                               (Unfortuantely, our trip end August also got rained out)
Time Zone: GMT +7 (One hour behind Malaysia)
Language: Vietnamese (little English)
Electricity: 220V
Souvenirs: The usual trinkets are not easily found, but foodstuff is readily available.

Da Nang at Sunset as seen from Ala Carte Hotel
Photo credits as per watermark
And how can you get to this dazzling destination?

Well, Air Asia flies 4x weekly to Da Nang every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Booking flights is easy peasy with the Air Asia app (available on all major mobile phones), their mobile site mobile.airasia.com, or the old-fashioned way of just checking out their website www.airasia.com!

I'll be blogging about the different places we visited and my experience real soon, so as always, do stay tuned!

Love always,
Calista xx


  1. Cool beans, your blogs are nice, ive got to read one from Vietnam and danang and the other one from India. You are welcome to Vietnam anytime again.
    Hamid @ vietnam tour packages

    1. Thank you! Will definitely be back as soon as the opportunity arises - loved it!