Miss Scuba International 2014 - Of Beauty, Nature, and Passion

31 December 2014

Well, we've finally come to the last page of 2014. How was your year? Mine was full of highs and lows, with the highs being higher than I imagined they could be, and the lows better off left with 2014 when the clock strikes 12 later on. It seems the world over has been through a rough year, so it makes sense for us to wish for more peace, safety and happiness for all in 2015!

I was thinking and thinking, and I have loads of 2014 happenings I wanna blog about still, but finally decided, what better way to end the year than with a post about beauty - beautiful girls and the beautiful ocean!

Before my last trip to KL, Zens Production invited yours truly to witness the grand finals of Miss Scuba International 2014, which was held in the Magellan Sutera Harbour Grand Ballroom. As always with Sutera, the ballroom was beautiful, the food was yummy, and I was in great company.

One of the past year's Miss Scuba International winners and the emcee of the night.
This made me wanna up my emcee game and eventually emcee an event like this someday - maybe 2015? Who knows! 
Unfortunately, I was seated quite far back so didn't get many good shots from my seat, so the photos below are all courtesy of Borneo Frog's facebook page, and you can see more HERE!

Miss Canada - Allison Nicole Pelletier,
Miss Scuba Tourism 2014
Miss China - Qian Ya / Quennie
Miss France - Melanie Marie Louise
Miss Indonesia - Rima Saradiani Demensah 
Best National Costume
Miss Ireland - Amber Ryan Marie Gamble
Miss Photogenic
Miss Japan - Saori Tahara
Miss Latvia - Liene Larko
Miss Malaysia - Joanne Kimberley Majalap / Kimmy
(National Costume designed by our very own Jeffie Jeff!)
Miss Philippines - Amanda Arbitrario
Miss Singapore - Jeraldine Phneah Jialin 
Miss Marine Conservation 2014
Miss Thailand - Cattaleya Schulze
Miss United Kingdom - Michelle Katie Paraskeva
Best Talent (awesome rendition of Duffy's Mercy
Miss United States - Tabitha Eleanor Lipkin
Miss Congeniality 
Miss Venezuela - Krystel Bendahan Corrales 
And the winner is...
L-R: 2nd Runner Up - Miss Ireland, Winner - Miss USA, 1st Runner Up - Miss Thailand
Congratulations to the winners! And to those who didn't win, I hope you still continue on with marine conservation - see you in the sea some time!

So there you have it, the beauties of 2014! We should definitely have more international pageants held here in Sabah, and I'm rooting for another Sabahan beauty to win one of the major pageants in 2015! =P

To finish up, there's literally 3 hours til the new year, and I should get my ass in the shower so I don't have to ring in the new year in front of this computer screen. See ya on the flip side peeps!

Here's to you, 2014:

Here's wishing all my readers a very Happy New Year 2015! I hope you have the time of your lives tonight! Stay safe! 

Love always,
Calista xx

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