Hair: Cherry Plum Red by Cut's Gallery

11 April 2016

Since 2012, all my hair needs and dreams have been made into reality through collaborating with Cut's Gallery Urban Retreat

From red streaks, to mermaid hair, to just keeping my hair the healthiest it can be, Stella and her team have been amazing to work with, as you may have seen through all the colourful photos I've been flooding my social media with! 

This year, I really wanted to go bright red for my birthday, since I've always wanted to be a redhead; and what better way to mark the last year of my 20's than by going crazy? 

With MJ's colour expertise, we bleached away the remnants of my green and purple hair, mixing in Olaplex to keep my hair from getting any more damaged (I think I've bleached it about 6 times in as many months now!). Then, with a special L'oreal mixture and an MJ touch, ta-da! 

I present to you, Cherry Plum Red!

Totally in love with this colour!

The best part about this colour is, when it starts to fade (as all fashion colours do), it fades into a gorgeous fushcia, kept vibrant for the whole 2 months by using a special red shampoo and mask. The mask especially is a godsend; it made my hair super soft in just a couple of minutes! 
1 & a half months 
Life saver for bright-coloured hair!
Unfortunately I had to recolour it back to brown due to work, but I'm still loving it right now as MJ gave me a new style to go with it: my very first bangs! This show is over very soon though, so I wonder what I should do next.. Hmmmm...

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If you want your hair to be well taken care of, visit Cut's Gallery at 5th Floor, Palm Square, Centerpoint Sabah, or call 088-233386 for appointments. Make sure to ask for Senior Stylist MJ, and give the code CALISTACUTS for RM50 off all chemical services! =)

*Big shoutout to Vints cty for the beautiful photos! You can check out his work on Facebook - definitely highly recommended for portraiture shots! 
**Also shoutout to Cindy Lai for doing my makeup' if you need makeup/special hairstyles for events, look her up at Cut's! 

Looking forward to another year of great hair,
Calista xx

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