#HitzEscape: Meeting Sabah's Wildlife

5 June 2016

The internet has been on fire after the death of Harambe, Cincinnati Zoo's beloved 450lb male gorilla who was killed recently after a child fell into his moat. The truth of the matter is, such tragedies happen more often than we realise, and mostly by the hands of man. 

Fortunately, there are also human beings who care so much for wildlife, that they have dedicated their whole life into protecting it. Here's how you can get close to Sabah's wildlife in a more ethical way:
1.  Orangutans: Sepilok Orangutan Rehabiliation Centre is a great way to see the orangutans in a natural habitat. The centre rehabiliates orphaned, injured or displaced orangutans, and finally releases them into the virgin jungles of Sabah once they are ready. You can visit Sepilok on the way to Sandakan.
The hatchery at Pulau Selinggan
PC: Tourism Malaysia
2. Turtles: The Turtle Island Park, or Selinggan Island, is located 40km away from Sandakan, in the Sulu Sea. Protecting the nesting of endangered turtles, the island also has a hatchery for green turtles and small hawksbills. As turtles only lay eggs after dark, it's recommended to stay overnight. Pristine white sand & the clear blue sea make it all worthwhile!

3. Elephants: Sabah is home to the Borneo Pygmy elephants - the smallest elephant species in the world! Elephants are my absolute favourite animal in the world, and they roam freely around the Kinabatangan river. Take a river cruise or go on a hike, and you might just come across them crossing the river; or the road! A friend was driving from KK to Tawau via the new Keningau road, and actually caught a glimpse of them before they disappeared into the jungle! 

What are your favourite animals? Drop me comment! 
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