Are You An Internet Addict? #JomInternet

18 May 2017

Is there really anything more important than reliable internet connection? Of course, not considering every human being's basic needs, what could be more important than having the world's information at the tip of your fingers, and the option to scroll mindlessly through the crazy amount of social media we're on every day? I sound like I'm being sarcastic, but deep inside, it's (sadly) actually true:

1. Facebook
The internet and social media have become a way of life. How many people do you know that don't have Facebook and Instagram permanently logged in on their phone? Personally I'm constantly on it: scrolling, reading articles, and watching videos. I actually learn a lot just from fb, and it helps me so much with my job  - I have to be up to date with all the latest news, and let's be honest, news on facebook spreads so much faster than the traditional ways!

If I had to use my mobile data for fb, I'm pretty sure it would run out super fast. Luckily you can add-on the RM28 internet plan on Digi Prepaid to enjoy 5GB High Speed Internet +FREE Facebook every month!

2. Communicate Easily
With half my family half way across the world in the UK, and friends scattered all over the place like Korea, New Zealand, China, Australia etc, there is no way we could keep in touch with each other without easy data access. Even when we're not using chat apps, at least we can know what's going on in each others lives just by seeing their updates on our news feed. Which country do you have the most friends/family?

3. Accessibility
There's no knowledge that is inaccessible with the internet, you just gotta dig for it! Anything random that pops into your head is just a search away - hear a song you like? SoundHound it. Wanna sing along? Google those lyrics. Wanna learn the chords to Ed Sheeran's new song? Trust me, there's an article, video and probably app for that.

4. Entertainment
Ok this is totally embarrassing but.. I legit have withdrawal symptoms if I can't keep every minute of my day entertained with my phone. (Everyone backstage at my last Ultraman Live in Genting show can vouch for this: I had about 3 hours when my phone died and it was not pretty.)

Think about it: without data access, we wouldn't even be able to access YouTube, stream songs on Spotify, play games (Fun Run 2), or even listen to the hitz fm app (hur hur). I know I can always go back to picking up a book (I really should), but.. PHONE BAH haha.

I'm a true mobile data addict, and use a lot of data quota every month. Luckily with #DigiPrepaid, you can get more data for less! If you wanna know more about the perks, just check out www.digi.commy/clnlive  , but I wanna know: what do you spend more hours on? Drop me a comment to let me know! #JomInternet

See you online,
Calista xx

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