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Saturday, 6 December 2014

Ada Sudah Bah DIGI 4G LTE!

I love how every company gives their taglines a little personal touch whenever they launch anything in Sabah. Sure, the typical "bah" always seems to make its way into it, but when used correctly, it's actually quite endearing (the opposite of endearing happens when it's obviously inserted even though no one would ever say it as such, but that's another story).

Some of the Sabahan Bloggers at the event!

I've been a loyal customer of DIGI since I first started using a handphone - wow, now that I think about it, that's like 12 years! =O I'm also, as anyone who remotely knows anything about me would know, addicted to the internet, so when I heard DIGI was launching their expansion of 4G LTE coverage in Sabah, guess who was besides herself with excitement? Faster mobile loading? GIMME THAT!

Pictured from left: Christian Thrane, DiGi’s Chief Marketing Officer, K Juslly, Director of SKMM Sabah and FT Labuan, Y.Bhg Datuk Bruno Vun, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Resource Development and Information Technology, Loh Keh Jiat, DiGi’s Chief Sales Officer, Prasanna Rao, DiGi’s Acting Head of Sabah Region
What exactly is 4G LTE? It stands for Fourth Generation / Long-Term Evolution, and has a speed 10x faster than 3G, enabling users to experience better quality internet, higher download and upload speeds, and a more consistent connection. With Sabahans being one of the highest data users on the DIGI network, what better place to expand this than here? (I'm pretty sure I help a lot with those statistics haha).

Video call - no problem!
During the launch which was held in Suria Sabah on 28th November 2014, we got to FaceTime with DIGI's CEO Lars Norling, and the connection was virtually seamless! I was actually quite surprised, even though we'd already checked out the speed-tests and video loading at the various stations across the event:
Whoa! =D

The queue to upgrade sim cards before the event
I upgraded my SIM card to the 4G-enabled USIM for free during the event, but you can just head on over to any DIGI center to upgrade for a small fee (I think it's RM10 but don't quote me on that =P). Keep in mind that not all phones will be LTE-compatible though: from what I know, iPhone 5S onwards, HTC One, Samsung Note 3 are all able to support the higher speeds.

Some of the smartphone plans on offer
If you're looking to upgrade, DIGI is also offering affordable plans for the newer LTE-compatible phones such as the iPhone 6 & 6+, Samsung Note 4 & S5, Huawei Honor 6 etc. Just pop into any DIGI stores to learn more!

I'm glad my HTC One is compatible, because I can't wait to try out my mobile internet speed with the new 4G! I'm currently in Genting, and I think there's still only 3G coverage here, but hey, soon, soon! Cz DIGI is Best For Internet, right?

Love always,
Calista xx

Monday, 1 December 2014

Da Nang in a Vietnamese Nutshell

Visiting Vietnam has been on my wander-list for a while now, and one of my resolutions in 2014 was to make a trip to Hanoi. You can imagine my excitement when I got a call from Ashman, Air Asia's very own fashionista, asking me whether I'd like to go on my 3rd AABC adventure - on their newly reopened route from Kuala Lumpur -- Da Nang, Vietnam!

Being the only airline to fly directly to Da Nang from KL, not an empty seat could be found on our inaugural flight, which took off from the all-new KLIA2 on 29th August 2014. Landing in Da Nang International Airport after a 2 hour and 55 min journey (plus a great catch up session with Anna and Caroline), we got to experience the water salute as we cruised down the runway! We were also greeted by the who's who of Da Nang tourism, who were all smiles and ready for the press conference, and where we got our first taste of authentic Vietnamese cuisine! As we landed at 1330 local time (Da Nang is one hour behind Malaysian time), a well-appreciated buffet was prepared for the local media and us bloggers.

So what should you know about Da Nang? 

Location: Central Vietnam, on the coast of the South China Sea, South East Asia
Currency: Vietnamese Dongs, and US Dollars
Weather: Ranges from 18°C to 34°C, with the rainy season being from September to March                               (Unfortuantely, our trip end August also got rained out)
Time Zone: GMT +7 (One hour behind Malaysia)
Language: Vietnamese (little English)
Electricity: 220V
Souvenirs: The usual trinkets are not easily found, but foodstuff is readily available.

Da Nang at Sunset as seen from Ala Carte Hotel
Photo credits as per watermark
And how can you get to this dazzling destination?

Well, Air Asia flies 4x weekly to Da Nang every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Booking flights is easy peasy with the Air Asia app (available on all major mobile phones), their mobile site, or the old-fashioned way of just checking out their website!

I'll be blogging about the different places we visited and my experience real soon, so as always, do stay tuned!

Love always,
Calista xx

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Cut's Gallery x Milbon Deesse's - Japanese Hair Treatment in KK!

We all know the saying "Your hair is your crowning glory", and no one could deny that having soft, silky hair is the best accessory you can have - I think a good hair day beats a full face of make-up hands down!

But finding a good hair treatment worth the price you have to pay at the salons can be tough - how many times have you paid over RM100 for a treatment which loses its effects the very next time you wash your hair?

I was introduced to Milbon Deesse's by Florence on my last trip to Cut's Gallery Hair Salon. The claimed benefits? A quick-n-easy 3-step salon treatment which includes 4 weekly home care ampoules, designed to improve the feel of the hair instantly, in only 10 -15 minutes. Too good to be true? I had to try it out.

Walking into Cut's Gallery is always a joy as you can just feel the relaxation that's about to happen to you. Starting from the basics, Cut's is definitely one of the best places to get your hair washed and blow-dried - by everyone's favourite Percy! Mom was upset that I took Percy from her that day haha, but sorry mom, the head massage denies me the ability to feel any guilt! =P

Percy talked me through the steps of Deesse's hair treatment, which will take 10 - 15 mins from consultation to blow dry!
My hair before the treatment
First off - After examining your hair and selecting the appropriate treatment type (Deesse's carries 3 different types for fine-normal, normal-coarse, and course & unruly hair), shampoo (your salon's Percy should give you an amazing head massage as they get your hair and scalp squeaky clean =P).

Apply step 1 - Your stylist will squeeze out excess water from your hair before slowly rubbing the orange and grapefruit scented treatment lotion into hair strands. My hair falls into the coarse and unruly category, but step 1 contains amino oil which smoothes out the surface bumps on each strand of hair.

Apply step 2 directly after step 1 - Unlike most hair treatments, step 2 of Deesse's hair treatment is applied directly on top of step 1. Starting from hair ends and working your way up, your stylist will massage the treatment until your hair softens, then comb through with fingers, before rinsing it off.

Apply step 3 after rinsing - the only part of the treatment process where you'll need to wait. Step 3 is applied from hair ends upwards after squeezing out excess water. You'll get another massage (yay!) before rinsing with cold water.

And ta-da! Silky, smooth, manageable hair, just like that!
After my hair was dried and trimmed following the treatment
After curling

Deesse's also comes with Step 4, aka Home Care - You will be given 4 tubes of home care treatment which contains aqua collagen, to be used once a week at home so you can enjoy flippable hair for more than a month! After shampooing, squeeze out excess water, apply step 4 from the ends, wrap with a damp towel or shower cap for 10 - 15 minutes (i used a towel cz I dont have a shower cap), then rinse and blow dry as normal!
Clockwise from top left
Verdict? I just finished my home care treatment, and I'm still loving the softness and shine of my hair! See for yourself:

Milbon Deesse's Hair Treatment costs RM140 - 170 in Cut's Gallery Hair Salon & Academy.

Address: 5th Floor, Palm Square, Centerpoint Shopping Complex, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Call for Appointment088-233386


Now also open:
The Gentlemen's Club by Cuts Gallery
The Gentlemen's Club is a division of Cuts Gallery Hair Salon, dedicated to giving the best men's styles and cuts the traditional way - including hot towel shaves and the like!
You can also take up the Cut's Gallery Scissor Salute Challenge! Contact them for more details..
Also available at Cuts Gallery are these awesome Virginstone anchor and rope bracelets, all the way from Australia! I've got mine, and I'm in love! There are loads of different colour combinations and designs to choose from, but I trust Florence's sense of style, and she wasnt wrong!

Love always,
Calista xx

Thursday, 9 October 2014

The Roller Coaster Months

Hey guys!

I know I haven't been blogging for a while, so I thought I'd give a short update on what's been happening - a lot!It's been a heck of a ride, but definitely a lot more highs than lows...


Chevrolet will be Man U's new sponsor for the next 7 years
After the Adidas Neo shoot with Sham, I was the Chevrolet girl at Sabah's ATAS Motor Show, being one of the very first to wear the brand new Manchester United jersey.

The Rolls Royce Wraith x Breeze Magazine editorial also came out - what dya think?

Couldnt resist getting a photo in one of Da Nang's famed basket boats on Da Nang Beach
Always a proud AABC member, I had the chance to visit Vietnam's newest destination with Air Asia - Da Nang! It was like a dream come true, since my 2014 bucket list was to visit Vietnam.. Only problem is, Da Nang has made me wanna go to Hanoi even more now!

The friendliest sabre tooth tiger - Diego from Ice Age!
So what's been keeping me so busy? Aha.. Well, I've been based in Genting for the past month, and won't be leaving til end of October! I'm emceeing for 20th Century Fox World's Ice Age Adventure here at the Genting International Convention Center, so if you wanna meet Sid, Scrat or Diego, make sure you get here before October 26th! =D

Best part about my time in Genting? Steamboat!


I did get into a little drama last month when someone who shall remain unnamed posted a couple of vulgar facebook statuses, followed by a paparazzi-like photo of me walking past during a bloggers' outing up at Genting. After escalating things into a local forum, including spreading my facebook links and photos, things have thankfully died down. Although this was disrespectful and a blatant violation of privacy, I'm just glad it didnt blow out of proportion.

To be honest, I think this is the biggest 'down' that I can actually remember in recent months, at least, the only down worth mentioning. No complaints, for sure! We all run into bumps in the road, but I guess the journey would be pretty boring if it was smooth sailing all the way; or so they say. I'd actually prefer a one-shot-to-the-top kinda life, but who wouldn't huh? =P

'Cause after everything is over and done, it's still a beautiful world~
Love always,
Calista xx

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Adidas Neo x Calista Leah Liew

Collaborating with Adidas Neo for their Selena Gomez Collection, local photographer Sham KY helped produce three different lifestyle looks.

I'm wearing Adidas Neo Selena Gomez Collection Black Studded Bralet  RM89 and Adidas Neo Selena Gomez Collection Black & Pink Sneakers  RM220

I'm wearing Adidas Neo Selena Gomez Collection Black & White Striped Sleeveless Shirt  RM120 and Adidas Neo Selena Gomez Collection Black & Silver Studded Flats  RM220

I'm wearing Adidas Neo Selena Gomez Collection Floral Jacket with Sheer Sleeves  RM199 and Adidas Neo Selena Gomez Collection Black & Pink Sneakers  RM220

More photos can be found on my facebook page, so do drop by!

My previous Adidas posts HERE and HERE.

Love always,
Calista xx

Monday, 11 August 2014

For Feet As Smooth As Velvet - Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi

If I were to ask you, which part of your body could use a little pampering, what would you say? (I really would like to know which part popped into your mind first - drop me a comment to let me know!)

Truth is, most people neglect one of the hardest working parts of our body when it comes to their beauty routine. Think about it: you probably do hair treatments/masks every once in a while, go for monthly facials, slather hand cream on daily, but how often do you think "Hmm, maybe my feet need a little TLC"?
Before using Scholl Velvet Smooth
We're on our feet most of the day, standing, walking or driving - your feet hardly catch a break. It's no wonder we have dry, rough skin and calluses! But what can we do? Foot spas are expensive, and DIY scrubbing with a normal foot pumice takes so much effort. Well, you can probably imagine how excited I was to receive an electronic foot file, with promises of silky smooth feet in just a few minutes!
The Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi is an easy-grip, easy-to-use electronic foot file which requires minimum effort to achieve maximum smoothness. Powered by 4 AA batteries (included when purchasing), #MyVelvetSmooth buffs away hard skin in just minutes. The phrase "no pain, no gain" has never been further from the truth.

I did a vlog review of my experience using #MyVelvetSmooth for the first time, so I wont repeat all the info I've already mentioned in the video. This is my first time reviewing a beauty product on video, and my first time actually owning a foot file, let alone reviewing anything foot-related on my blog, so bear with me if I made any mistakes k? =)

The roller can be used approximately 12 times on each foot before it needs replacing, but of course this depends on the individual. I think I could use it for more, cz I have tiny feet, but my bf is using it as I type (looking like a kid with a new toy), so I'm probably gonna have to replace it much sooner seeing as he has, well, guy feet haha. Omg, he's already trying to steal my unit (with my refill) to give to his mom! =.="
Before (left) & After (right)
The Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File retails at RM129.90 and refills are RM49.90 per pack. Available nationwide at Guardian, Watsons, Caring Pharmacy, Aeon Wellness, and Lazada. If you'd like to know more, or would like to get a RM10 discount, you can click HERE for a complimentary voucher!

Verdict: Definitely the best DIY pedicure tool I've used. Easy and safe, it smoothed out my rough skin in a matter of seconds, and while it's not a miracle worker, you can definitely see and feel the difference after just one use. It's also quick to clean, as you only need to run the roller under water for a few seconds and allow to dry before the next usage! Will definitely save you money on those pedicure spas!

Love (your feet) always,
Calista xx

Monday, 4 August 2014

Samsung NX Mini: A Social Media Lover's Best Friend

My life pretty much revolves around social media, and I'm not ashamed to say I'm plugged in almost every single day (yes, I get internet withdrawal symptoms)! Whether for work or leisure, Facebook or Instagram, it's no surprise that most of what I share and like, are photos.
Mantanani Island, Sabah
So when I got the opportunity to review the all-new Samsung NX Mini, I jumped at the chance. You've probably seen #myNXMini on a lot of my photos recently, and if you missed them, my previous blog posts from when I first received the camera back in April are HERE and HERE

Three months in, and I'm in love

The NXMini has been the perfect travel partner, event buddy, and all-round daily lifesaver since it has been introduced into my life. Small & light enough at 22.5mm & 158g to carry around in my handbag every day, I've been able to capture things I was never prepared for before, and with 20.5 megapixels? Those moments are clearer than ever. 

Never being the selfie-a-day kinda girl, this camera has definitely helped peak my interest in taking snaps here and there, now that I can confidently know I'm not cropping off half my face with the 3.0 inch flip screen (although, mastering that perfect angle and smile is still a learning process for me =P). With the ultra slim 9mm wide angle lens, I've also been able to snap a selfie of not just my face (which is common when snapping with a phone camera), but with a good view of the background as well! Not to mention group "wefie" shots have been much easier to compose. =)

But my favourite feature? It's gotta be the easy-as-pie (and almost as good) NFC, which allows me to transfer the photos I've taken with my camera, directly into my phone so I can upload them straight away!

All I have to do is:

You can press the DIRECT LINK button on top of the camera, or I prefer to: 

and it's on it's way to my smartphone. Since my main phone at the moment isn't a Samsung phone, I just have to make sure 

4. the Wi-Fi on my phone is turned on
Click my (prior downloaded) Samsung Smart Center App 
wait for the photo to pop up! 
Then I do my cropping or editing or whatever, and upload it directly to Instagram/Facebook just as I would a normal photo. My record so far is transferring about 70 photos at once so I could Whatsapp them to my friends after a trip to Brunei!

I didn't think much of the camera at first, was just expecting another camera to use *yay*. But after using it almost everyday for the past few months, my honest opinion is, it has made my life much easier and my photo skills, if I do say so myself, are getting better just by playing around with it. If I had to have one complaint, I'd say it's the NX Mini's inability to zoom, but hey, I'm already planning to get the zoom lens, which is also compact enough to carry around and interchange as needed! =)

The Samsung NX Mini comes in 5 colours; I'm using white, but the black and mint ones look pretty cool too. There's also pink and brown, and with the leatherette design I can't really say any of them look anything less than stylish. They're selling for RM1399 with kit lens in all Samsung outlets.

For more info you can check out the Samsung website or their facebook page (maybe they have a good offer? You neeeevveeerrr know~!!)

Love always,
Calista xx