Chicken Soup for the Sole

17 May 2011

Ok, so everyone who knows me personally will know I have a thing for shoes, especially heels -stiletto heels to be exact. I just can’t resist a slim, smooth, shiny black heel, the higher the better! I’m the type of girl who walks into places like Aldo and Guess just to drool at their latest collection. A lot of times, I have just the right amount of self-control not to spend hundreds of ringgit on these – quality heels aren’t cheap you know! Especially the 4 – 5 inch ones, which are my fave.. BUT. I also have my weak moments (mostly when I have money in the bank). So last month, what did I do? Yep. I bought TWO pairs of heels. Sigh.. Regret? Not really. Only when I peek at my bank’s balance, but then, only a twinge of it.. ;p So here I want to show off my latest, and highest so far – my 5.5” black heels from Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!! =D

Aren't they gorgeous? =D They were part of their bridal collection, so slightly more expensive than usual, but.. =D

The sole is non-slip, looks like a tyre! Hahaha.. They're a bit hard to walk in, but not so much because of the height but they rub slightly (I've never been able to take the pain, I plaster myself until shoes don't rub any more.. Haha.. I know a lot of girls go through with the pain to build up the skin so they don't hurt, but.. Not for me.. =/ I'm not gonna be walking much in them, plan to use them for shoots mostly anyway.. =) )

So I mentioned I bought a second pair, no? Well, these I got on sale at Robinsons in The Gardens.. Meet.. My Zang Toi heels!!

Ok, so they look much better on than off, haha..

But my favourite pair of heels are still my Guess heels, my 1st ever pair of expensive shoes.. I know they may not be anything out of the norm for some, but for me.. =O Haha..

These have been my trusty companion ever since I wore down my last pair of Emilio Valentino's.. Lol.. They're the comfiest pair I have right now so they come with me on castings, on shoots, on random occasions.. My very own best friends!! ;p

I mean, just look at them! They're so me!! 4.5" heel, black with a touch of goth with the transparent lace.. *hugs self while smiling* I bought these about a year ago, when it was literally love at first sight when I saw them in the window of the Guess store at Sunway Pyramid.. =)

So. What are YOUR type of shoes? Ballet flats? Sneakers? Running shoes? Wedges? Or are you a stiletto freak like me? =) Drop me a comment, I'd love to know!!

Til then,



  1. my fave would be a ballet flats, sneakers and wedges. I can't handle heels cause I'll be walking like a duck! Haha.

  2. Hahaha.. I cant walk in ballet flats, I think my arches are made for heels.. ;p Wedges are ok.. I wear sneakers a lot here in KL for walking around.. =) What's your highest heel then?

  3. Wow I love the first pair esp the soles lol it's a nice change from the typical heels.

    Sneakers and ballet flats for me lol... I've decided to go for comfort.. My highest heel is 4 inches which I never wear because it's so hilly here and I will die!

  4. Haha.. I know right? =) Now I just gotta learn how to walk properly in them.. ;p

    Yea, comfort was my main thing when I came to kl, so (shock, horror!), Calista now owns more than 3 pairs of sneakers.. ;p I only wear my heels for shoots and nights out now.. Feel like wearing them more often tho, cz I've lost the resistance to them! Lol..