Blogger Of The Year - Digi Wwwow Awards

28 May 2011


Hahaha.. Yes, i do. A lot. More than you know. And the only way i can achieve this? How else? With YOUR support of course!! =D Hey, no one can gain success alone right? =) And do you know how powerful you awesome people can be? Well, I posted on my facebook page today (Click Here) that I needed help with votes as I was ranking no. 104 (and that's a long way from no.1, *sobs*). And what did you do? Within 7 hours, my votes leaped to no. 88!! =D

So yes, there is hope! And as long as I have your support, I do believe I can grab this title and continue to blog to my heart's (and hopefully your eyes') content! =)
(Well, you know I'll blog even if I dont win, but hey, make me happy!! ;p)
Make me this happy, i dare you! ;p

You've all gotten me through a lot, and I know I ask for your votes for quite a few things, and you've never let me down! I just wanna say, that you guys are the best readers/friends I could ask for.. *big group bear hug*

Also, I'd love to hear more from you guys! Please, do leave me comments / questions / even constructive criticism!! I want this to be more than me blabbing (even though that IS a favourite past time of mine, nyehehe), i want to connect with you guys, know what you wanna read about, know what you guys like, know what you think is boring maybe.. Let me know!

So, I'll stop rambling now, as that also seems to be a hobby of mine, and leave you with the link to vote if you think i am worthy of the Blogger of the Year title.. =)
Register with your facebook account (you'll see this at the bottom of the screen print of this blog - Against All Odds), then that will be replaced with a box to type in two security words and a VOTE button. CLICK THAT TICK!! =D

You can vote once a day, until 20th June 2011, 11.59pm. If you'd be so kind, you can also share this out on your own facebook, twitter, etc.. =)

Thanks so much guys.. It really means a lot to me.. Modelling and writing are my passion, even though they dont necessarily seem to link with each other, and it's YOU who helps keep my dreams alive.. *teary eyes*
And it also seems i can be quite the drama queen ey? *wink*

Loves as always!