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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

สวัสดีค่ะ!! Sawatdee ka!!

After much procrastination, here it is. Finally.

My first trip to Thailand! Phuket to be exact, and it was the best holiday I've had in ages, if not ever! =D Not that I've been on many holidays yet, but still.. Haha..

Like most things that happen in my life, the trip started out with me being mighty confused. The Air Asia tickets said we'd be flying at 4.15pm, and landing in Phuket at 4.35pm, while return was a 5.10pm departure and a 7.35pm arrival. Huh? I know right. Turns out, yes, it may be a faster flight from KL - Phuket compared to KL - KK, but it was an hour's time difference! Duh! Lol..

Anyway, we arrived, and got a taxi down to Patong, where our hotel was.. A Toyota Camry as our taxi! Felt more like we'd hired a car and driver! ;p After a 45 minute drive, we finally arrived.
As soon as we got out of the cab I was like "Oh no!". Directly across (unfortunately) was a girlie bar.. Sigh.. Should've been prepared for that, but I wasnt I guess. However, that was the ONLY let down of the hotel. Inside was worth every penny we paid! =DReception and Lobby
Our room!
Nice riiigghhhhttt...? =D

Ray wasn't feeling too well the first night (liar, he's actually a lazy bum who wanted to sleep!), so we just went somewhere near for dinner, before calling it a night (much to my disappointment. I was hyper!). We went to this place called Elephant Cafe, where I had pineapple friend riceTo be honest, I prefer the ones served in KL.. =/
and Tom Yam Gaiwhile Ray had Tom Yam Goong with yellow noodles.It was nice! The tom yam in Thailand is very flavourful, but not omg-spicy like the tom yam you get here in Malaysia. In fact, it's not spicy at all really, I was having a ball! =D

The next morning, we had breakfast at the hotel (which was a bit expensive as it wasnt included with the room). To be honest, it wasnt very nice.. =/ We had cereal, pancakes, eggs, bread, the usual stuff you know. Then we rented a motorcycle to tour the city (naughty actually, seeing as Ray doesnt have a motorcycle licence, nyehehe). Damn cheap weyh..!! 150 baht (RM15) for 24 hours! And gas is only like 40 baht per bottle, which lasts a LONG time!!Too bad I didnt think to take a photo of the gas stands til it was too late! =( They're like wooden tables, like really old school.. Haha..

We went road Patong Beach a couple of times, went to a couple of market-type places (everywhere was so expensive!), and came across this:Why havent I been receiving any royalties????
There were TWO some more!! ... Lol.. I also came across a poster advertising a muay thai fight, which I really wanted to see, but the tix were so expensive! Ringside 1,500 baht, and stadium 1,300 baht (RM150/RM130)! =(

Then we decided to take a ride into Phuket town.As you can see, this is quite far away! ;p

We stopped halfway up a hill to take photos here:Yes, Ray's 自拍 skills are a lot better than mine.. ;p

We stopped by one of the malls that was on every map we had picked up:Uh-huh, he can find ways to park illegally anywhere! Hahaha..

Found out the cinema is more expensive there than in Malaysia.. Hmm.. We didnt walk for long as it had already been a long day, and Ray was scared of the shopaholic in me.. Nyahaha.. He's not too bad himself, what with almost giving in to temptation and buying an ipad 2! (Which are cheaper there by the way, in the Apple store as well!)

On the way back, we passed by this temple. The interesting thing about this temple is that not only is it on a hill, at a bend, but that nearly every vehicle that goes past honks! I was intrigued, so we went in and asked the lady, and she said it is to say hello to the gods. =)

Back in Patong, we stopped by a little coffee shop for a late lunch. Ray tried the iced Thai tea, and had Fried Rice USA (......).Helmet hair!I, being oh-so-predictable, had Tom Yum Gai with plain rice.. ;pNom nom nom..
I think it was the best Tom Yum I had there!

Then it was back to the hotel to rest (keep in mind Ray was in some discomfort from a boil on his hip). At night, we went out for dinner, and stopped over at a place suggested by the dive instructor from Manchester, whom we'd met while enquiring dive prices.The food was really good, and omg so cheap!! Tom Yum Gai (AGAIN)Beef fried in hot basil leaves, and choy sum

It was by the seaside, and boy was it windy! I actually wanted to show you guys photos of my hair being blown everywhere, but.. All ugly.. Hahaha.. So we'll stick to one of my fave photos of us:And that was Day 1 - 2!! Stay tuned, will be bringing you Day 2 - 5 real soon!! =D

Coming up: Diving, Simon Phuket, Day Tour!

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