Xplay Kota Kinabalu was Burning Hot!

28 December 2012

The stage and the bar at B.E.D. Waterfront in KK, Sabah were on fire for different reasons last Saturday:
The BAR!!
Yep, those 3 sexy ladies were the main attraction of the night! DJ Freeze (Malaysia), DJ Miss Dusk (Australia) & DJ Ayu (Indonesia).

I went with some awesome friends:
L-R: Tristan, Charlotte, Me, Beverly & Sherrie!
As soon as we reached the entrance of the club, we were greeted by a super cool L.E.D. man outside the Xpax booth.

The DJs each played their own set before joining up for an epic group spinning session that sent the crowds wild!
1st up - DJ Freeze, who is actually smoking hot!
DJ Dusk spun next, making us want the good beats from Dusk til dawn! ;p
I was totally in love with DJ Ayu's outfit!
Ever-ready for the camera.. Lol!
Other than the DJs, we also had some dancing entertainment (READ: Eye Candy)! Champions of Showdown 2011 (a dancing competition on 8tv for those of you not in the know) ELECOLDXHOT were showing their moves on stage while the DJs spun, and were also with us in the upstairs reserved area!
Oh did I mention? We were VVXPs baby! =D
Elecoldxhot in action!
Wouldnt you wanna get this close? ;p
Fuzz of ECX
Taken towards the end of the night: Dennis Yin of ECX, who is also of Youtube fame having starred in Jinnyboy productions etc
3-in-1 - All 3 DJs on the decks!
Bartenders trying to set the roof on fire while DJ Dusk spins!
More snaps of the gang and I:
Beverly's Happy Moment - with Dennis Yin!
Sherrie got a snap with DJ LapSap and DJ Ayu!
The place was jam-packed! Couldnt move an inch when I went downstairs for a few minutes!
I think it's pretty safe to say that Xplay KK was a tremendous success, and we cant wait for the next one! I mean come on, everyone knows KK peeps like to PAR-TAY!!! =D

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*Photos courtesy of Beverly, Sherrie & Xpax!



  1. Glad u had a great time babe! xoxo

    1. It was great! Loving all the parties that are finally coming down too KK! =D Now, just waiting for you to come join us! ;p