15 Years A Natural Beauty!

5 June 2014

I think most girls would agree that makeup is a way of life for many of us, whether putting on a little lipstick for a day at work, winging out that liner for a night out, or just experimenting with different looks.

Like fashion, makeup trends come and go; which colours are in this season? Which particular shade? Matte, or shimmer? The list goes on. One thing is for certain though: 2014 is all about wearable makeup that gives you a healthy glow.

For Lunasol’s 15th Anniversary, Kanebo introduced the Lunasol Sand Spring 2014 Collection; a selection of nude, gold and natural shades, intent on creating a fresh look that’s simple to create, and easy to take from day to night.
With Vicky after my makeover
In conjunction with the anniversary celebration, I was invited to the Kanebo counter in Metrojaya, Suria Sabah for a makeover with the new makeup line. Vicky, KK’s very own Kanebo beauty consultant, told me that all Kanebo makeup artists are trained to finish a look within 45mins, compared to some makeup counters I’ve been to which take over an hour! =D

Arriving with a bare face, Vicky wiped my face over briefly before applying makeup base. The Lunasol Modeling Beige Skin contains SPF 30 PA++, so no extra sunblock is required – extra points! Makeup base smoothes out uneven skin tones and fine lines, and leaves the skin hydrated and glowing. I actually think its pretty ok to even use on its own for a light & casual day out!
Clockwise: Lunasol Skin Modeling Liquid Foundation;
Apply foundation to the inner parts of face and slowly blend outwards;
Pat on loose powder then brush over with a flat brush;
Lunasol Skin Contrast Face Powder
The Skin Modeling Liquid Foundation was the next step to make sure I had the perfect skin before the rest of the colours were added on, followed by a light dusting of loose powder– the painting can only be as good as the canvas right? =P
Clockwise: Eye makeup complete!
Application of eyeshadow; Liquid Eyeliner; Line those water lines! Lenghty lashes.
As always, we start with the windows of the soul, and pretty up those peepers! The latest colour palettes accentuate the eyes’ natural contours, and enhance them subtly, rather than making it obvious you have coloured powder on them. Here’s a chart on how to apply eyeshadow properly (cz I know blending is so complicated hahaha)
After eyeshadow (I chose 03 Warm Sand), a quick swipe with liquid liner, a flick of mascara, and a smidge of pencil liner on the bottom lid, one of the most important things an eye-catching face needs, is a frame – I’m talking about those eyebrows of course!

Vicky successfully found my hiding cheekbones and highlighted them with Lunasol Sand Natural Cheeks in EX 02 (Natural Orange). This blusher looks so pretty!

All the products that were used to complete my look!
To finish off the look, concealer was first applied to the edges of my lips so as to make sure they were even, and followed by lip liner, and Full Glamour Lips in no. 24. To add a glisten to my smile, Vicky finished off with Pure Pink Treatment Gloss.

And voila! My finished look! Polished yet light enough to continue lunch and shopping with my mom! =D

Want a makeover? Drop by any Kanebo counter for a complimentary consultation by one of the Kanebo professional beauty consultants!

Til next time,
Calista xx

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