Furball Heaven - KK's First Pet Cafe

17 August 2016

If you have a dog, you'd have probably realised by now that there aren't that many places you can take your dogs out in public, especially if your dogs aren't toy size, like mine.

Meet Ivory & Caesar
Love this photo with Omnom
Why hello there, Furball Heaven! I was so excited when I heard this dog cafe was opening - finally, my doggies will get to socialise! I have 6 dogs (Magic, Ivory, Omnom, Bouncy, Chocolate & Little - who is not little in the slightest now), so taking them all out at once is impossible, but at least they will get to take turns to meet the outside world properly!
Doggie Cupcakes
Human Cake =P
Located in Lido Plaza, Kota Kinabalu, it sells cake for both humans and dogs, as well as other dishes and drinks. All dogs are welcome, as long as they are up to date on their vaccinations, and of course, tick free.
Clockwise from left: Logan, Butter, Peanut, Xiao Ai
If you don't have any pets, you're also welcome to drop by to enjoy the food and in-house pets: The owners of Furball Heaven have 5 dogs themselves: a Husky called Logan, a Shihtzu called Xiao Ai, a toy poodle called Peanut, a Golden Retriever called Butter, and latest addition, the tiniest Daschund-Border Collie mix called Jelly. They're so adorable! All of them are really friendly and love to play!

Definitely recommended; Ivory loved it, and even usually anti-social Omnom seemed content. Take your pets there, and maybe our dogs can all be friends =P

*Photos by Charlotte Fong & OneWingedAngel

Furball lover always,
Calista xx

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