Introducing, the top 12 finalists of Super GT Queen 2012 - Things You Don't Know About Them Yet!

30 May 2012

And so the 3-day East Meets West Super GT Queen Sabah Tour has come to an end. It was amazing fun, and, as I'm not the selfish kind, I am here to share all the fun I can with you, the readers of this blog! ;p

Before I take you on the ride of your life, I thought you'd like to meet the girls, one by one, as they, the other finalists, and I see them. =) You ready? Here we go!

1.Erica Chan
Erica is the youngest contestant at 17 years old, and comes from Cheras, KL. She has been belly-dancing for 1 and a half years, and definitely has some skills, which won her the first prize at the East Meets West Talent Competition. She describes herself as being very frank, and loves ballet, latin dancing, singing, doing magic shows, mask-changing and costume-changing, all of which she was trained for by her grandmother, who has big dreams for her little girl.

Roselyn describes Erica as being playful and talkative, but knows how to be serious when needed. Erica's latest achievement was being named the winner of facebook competition OMG Covershot Girls, and feels that the Super GT Queens competition schedule can be quite tight and rushed, and it can be very tiring, but she has learnt to communicate and to work as a team. Initially forced by her grandma to join, now that she's in the finals she wants more than anything to win, and although she prefers more high fashion/sexy modelling, Erica says she will perform with with discipline if she gets to go to Japan. Learn more about her HERE.

2. Mico Lee
Mico is originally from Johor, and brought us back to old-time Shanghai during her performance of Teresa Teng's 《千言万语》 at the talent competition. Looking beautiful in a long cheongsam, who couldnt help but be mesmerized by her performance? Self-confidence is her key to success, she says, and also staying active with her love for badminton.

Pauline, her roommate here in Sabah, says Mico cares more about the people she meets than the actual competition, and takes care of her friends. Always willing to help, jealousy is not in her nature. The former marketing manager now freelances in modelling, and the Super GT Queen 2012 is her first competition, which she joined on impulse. She says she has learnt a lot and is over the moon at making it to the finals. The organisers have helped her gain more experience from the industry, and really push her to be the best version of herself. Mico is thankful for the opportunity to experience different places and cultures (like Sabah!), and she is definitely going to try her best to win. If she does, Mico says she will spend the first competition just taking everything in, then processing it all and work on improving herself to be the best she can be before representing the country to Japan next year.

3. Lily Kon
Cath, who has known Lily since they were both "classmates" in the Amber Chia Academy, describes Lily as being very easy-going, easy to get along with, and will automatically find a way to cover her friends' mistakes, as was seen when they were dancing to K-Pop group T-ara's Roly Poly for the talent competition, and Cath admitted she missed a few steps. The lass from Cheras says she loves making friends and always tries to look ways to communicate with different people. She tries to stay away from drama as she enjoys working as a team and reaping from the success it brings. She loves the water, so it's no surprise Lily swims regularly. She also enjoys yoga and badminton, and would love to learn how to play the guitar.

As with many of the finalists, Super GT Queen 2012 is Lily's first competition, and she's thoroughly enjoying the ride! Interested in commercial modelling as she feels she is not tall enough for the runway, Lily says that Super GT Queen is providing her with the first step towards the modelling industry, and would love to become the ambassador of the Super GT Malaysia franchise.

4. Rice Hing
Rice in RED, Cookies in BLACK.
Born in Kuantan, Rice moved to KL with her family when she was 9 years old. Now 161cm tall, Super GT Queen is her first competition! Dancing with Cookies and Roselyn to Gee and J.Lo's "Dance Again", she captivated the crowd with her good looks and cool dance moves. A self-confessed foodie, Rice says she loves meeting new people, while Yumi says Rice is the cutest thing, and that she is sweet, quite innocent, and doesnt drink beer. Now a make-up student at Diva Production in KL, you can check out her work as a freelance model HERE.

Rice says that the whole Super GT Queen journey has been so much fun, and she has learnt and experienced things she never had the chance to before through the intensive training provided by the Super GT Queen team. The first thing she'll improve on if she wins is her body shape, as she believes Super GT needs the best to represent Malaysia in Japan!

5. Pauline Koo
Originally from Penang, Pauline prefers singing acoustic, and with a more Taiwanese sound than Western. For the talent show, Charissa played the guitar for her while she sang 郭彩杰's 《你在不在》。Mico says Pauline likes simplicity, and does her best to stay away from conflict. She's direct, but kind, and is one of the friendliest girls in the competition. Pauline admits her life's joy comes from making people laugh, and that although she loves food, she has a bad habit of getting bored with it halfway through which results in waste.

Pauline is one of the most photogenic girls in the competition, and she was one of my choices from the start. After consulting with the bf (who else's opinion should I trust? Obviously he has good taste! LOL! ;p), he also agrees that Pauline is a very beautiful girl, and takes great pictures even when they are candid. Her good looks previously won her the Shiseido Make Me Beautiful Best Lips title.

6. Yumi Meiki
Yumi, at 24, is the oldest contestant, and also the shortest. This doesnt faze her though as she says she wants to be a role model for shorter girls, who may not be as confident. (Sounds like a certain someone, no? *Reminiscing 2009* ;p) Hailing from Damansara in KL, the super-talented Yumi impressed all with her Japanese/Chinese dance, which half-way through saw her throwing off the yukata and wiggling her hips to Beyonce's Single Ladies in a mini cream dress! Not surprisingly, this fusion dance earned her second place in the East Meets West Talent Competition! She enjoys singing and public speaking, and describes herself as being bubbly and fun to be with, which I can definitely vouch for! As for keeping fit, she swims almost every morning.

Rice describes Yumi as a sweet girl, and is the most careful in the group. She always takes care of them, just like a mama! Yumi has placed among the top 3 in several competitions before joining this year's Super GT, and she says that she's having a blast while gaining great experience, and really enjoys getting to know the other girls and the trips to all the new places that this competition has taken them too. If she becomes the Super GT Queen of 2012, Yumi expects to expand her list of connections and build a different reputation for herself and also Malaysia when she goes to Japan. You can find Yumi on facebook HERE.

7. Roselyn Woon
Dressed in identical but different coloured stripes during the group dance with Rice and Cookies, Roselyn looked adorable with her long wavy hair! Going by the name Roselyn Doll on Facebook, this cutie from Serdang says she's very shy when she first meets people, but can be very talkative if you give her the chance. Bright and cheerful by nature, Victor says she is easily affected emotionally, but although she cries quite easily, it will never happen in public.

Still a student at KTAR studying advertising, Roselyn loves playing hockey, ice skating, and swimming. She told me that there was a large gap between the finalists in the beginning, but since coming to Sabah, the stress has seemed to have disappeared. She's really enjoying being a finalist in Super GT Queen, as she says she's having tons of fun and there are many activities and events which make this competition like no other. Roselyn sees Super GT helping her build up her portfolio, allowing her to explore more and gain more experience and exposure. She's been modelling since she was 16 years old, but will thinks it's important to be more professional if she wins the title. 

8. Victor Yong
When asked to describe Victor, Cookies claims that she is a very self-protected person, and that she wont easily accept the zeal of others until she is sure she knows the motive of that person. Victor, who is from Miri, Sarawak says that she may come across as cold or unfriendly, but she just needs a little time to warm up to people. Communication is not her strongest point, but she is working on improving that. While singing 《依然是朋友》 during the talent contest, Victor was so nervous she couldnt continue singing half way through. She is immensely grateful and happy for the support of her fellow finalists and the audience for helping her sing along and dispelling the awkwardness.

Victor has previously won titles such as Miss Perfect Skin and Miss Popularity in the Miss Chinese Cosmo 2011 pageant and Miss Friendly in Miss Cheongsam 2010. She likes watching action movies, and get this - bungee jumping! She's currently learning English at Erican Academy, and is also a student at Amber Chia Academy. When asked about her feelings towards Super GT Queen so far, she says she has learnt a lot, and that everyone is so friendly, and the organisers really care a lot about the contestants. Victor would love to go into acting someday, and she hopes Super GT Queen will give her a leg up into the modelling industry. If she wins, she says, she will mix Malaysian and Japanese culture, and promote Malaysia to the world.

9. Cookies Yap
With a tag line of "Cookies - Nice to see, not to eat", Cookies was "manufactured" (haha!) in Malacca, but grew up in Shah Alam. When asked why she, Rice and Roselyn decided to form a group for the talent show dance, she admits that there was a conflict among the finalists before coming to Sabah, so the girls with no prominent talent decided to group together and rehearse a simple dance routine which incorporated a bit of acting from Cookies herself, as they only had 2 days for rehearsal. However, since arriving in Sabah, the 12 girls have made peace with each other and have spent the 3 days here enjoying themselves as a team.

Erica, who describes Cookies as being her closest friend in the competition, says that she is friendly, playful, and funny. Cookies takes it a step further and admits she's the most hyperactive and craziest of the group, and that she loves talking and annoying the quietest person in the group until they join in the conversation! She hates to see anyone feeling down. As for her hobbies? Oh, only the most masculine of activities can catch her attention, such as rugby, football, racing cars and hiking. Being so athletic, it's no wonder she won the Miss Mean Machines Malacca 2012, and the Miss Muzium Popularity and Facebook Popularity 2012 titles too! And popular she is! Check out her page! She initially joined Super GT Queen for fun, but the closer they get to finals, the more she's determined to win yet another title to her name. Don;t worry though, Cookies is not the type of contestant who would throw the other girls under the bus just so she can win - she says that teamwork and the journey is more important than the end prize.

10. Cath Lim
This Pahang babe comes across as shy at first, and I found myself over-looking her a lot the first day of the tour. How wrong I was, for as soon as I started interviewing her we ended up talking until it was time for her to go on stage! I'd describe Cath as being open, talkative, and is ready for the long road to success. She knows what she wants and what it will take to get there. Lily agrees and says that Cath comes across as very cool, with a fierce look when she doesnt smile, but is amazingly helpful, for example helping all the other girls with their hair etc. She also said, with a smile, that when Cath has on eye makeup, she looks like a Cat!

A manicurist, she says she doesnt quite like the cute look, and doesnt like ribbons, opting to go with a simple and elegant look whenever possible. People think she is unapproachable and snobby, but she's actually the opposite. Do go up and talk to her first, as she's always afraid you may not want to speak to her! Cath prefers being on the runway to photoshoots, but her height sometimes holds her back (she is only around 166cm tall). She enjoys spending time in the gym, indoor swimming and kickboxing. Super GT is also her first competition, and She says

11. Julie Tan
Born and raised in Kajang, KL, Julie's dream is to become a singer in Japan. She is fluent in English and Japanese, and sang Avril Lavigne's Skater Boy mashed with Japanese song Sakura Kids for the talent show.Cheeky and care-free is how she describes her personality, and she may come across as stuck up or a party girl, but she's actually really fun to be with and doesnt go clubbing or drink alcohol. Julie was actually the first girl to come up to me and start chatting away, and I find her really friendly with a lot of potential to become a GT Queen. There is one thing I think she should change though, and I'll leave that for her to know and you to guess! Haha.. *gives Julie 3 blinks* ;p

Having being crowned Miss V-Class Motorsport 2011 and being featured on the cover of ExtremeKars magazine, Julie has a good feeling about Super GT Queen 2012. She hopes to become a better person and improve her performance skills, while gaining more connections to achieve her dreams. You can get to know Julie HERE.

12. Charissa Chong
Julie thinks Charissa has great potential to become a professional catwalk model, as she has the height and the body, but says she lacks confidence, which she hopes Charissa will work on as she's good in public speaking, but her body language brings her down. She's friendly, prefers to just go with the flow, and has no problem talking to everybody! Hailing from Subang, the Taylor Swift-esque Charissa sang a mash-up of songs including the Black Eyed Peas, Jason Mraz and Alicia Keys while playing the guitar, which she has been playing for a year now. The talents of this beauty were undeniable and placed her 3rd in the talent competition. Other than singing and playing the guitar, Charissa is also a competitive cheerleader, and taught herself how to play the piano. She blogs too! She's currently taking her mass communications diploma in INTI, and hopes to major in broadcasting.

Being her first competition, Charissa sees Super GT Queen as a good opportunity as not everyone gets to fly to Sabah all-expenses paid to have fun and learn new things! She has learnt how to present herself to the public, and also brushed up on her makeup skills. If she wins, she will try to learn as much as she can about Japanese culture, and share how unique Malaysia is when she gets to Japan, along with her experience throughout the competition. She promises to brush up on all the skills required to be a good ambassador. If she doesnt win, she wont lose hope, and will use her newly-learned skills to take the next step towards her dreams.
And there you have it! The 12 beautiful girls of Super GT Queen 2012. Are you ready to explore Kota Kinabalu with them? =)
 See you real soon,

PS: I will be running a contest to win 2 Grandstand tickets to the Super GT in Sepang on 9th June, so don't forget to follow my blog! =)


  1. Nicely written... Makes me feel sorry that I missed the talent show!!!

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  3. Thanks Anonymous! I'll be posting up short clips of the girls' performances soon, so keep on reading! =)

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  5. The GIRLS are cute you mean? Hahaha.. ;p

    1. What a lovely info you got here about them! Hey, I 'go go' for Julie Tan. She is a lovely person and with huge of confident...I don't surprise if she get the Super GT Queen Malaysia this year.

      BTW, nice meeting with you on that day. Keep in touch. ;)

    2. Hahaha.. Thanks! And this is just the start.. It was a very packed 3 days, so gotta separate the posts.. =) Julie is definitely one of my favourites for the title too! =D
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