Congratulations, Appy!

30 May 2012

Congratulations to my friend Appy, who just released his debut EP last night at Party Play, Lintas! =)
Glad I made it just in time to hear him sing 2 last songs, including a Bruno Mars song, and a special encore of "Intertwined", just for me! Hahaha.. Apparently, the crowd had been cheering for an encore more than once! And one thing is for sure, Party Play was jam-packed that night! Not a table empty, inside or out! =D Unfortunately I never got the chance to hear any of the opening acts, which were Beverly Rachel, Jasmine Yong, U'KayKay'Le and The Dang Bandangs. =(
Appy has been working on the album for quite some time, and is already an established singer here in KK, performing in hotspots around town to an always appreciative crowd. Focusing more on R&B and jazz, his first single, "Aku Dan Love" was released a couple of weeks ago on  Suria FM and KK FM.
Appy having fun with his friends after the showcase.
Appy's friends came out to support him, like true friends should! =)
For 2 of the songs on the 4-song EP, Appy collaborates with other artistes: Sabah-based rapper Decipher on "For You", and another rapper Jin Hackman on "Superstar". Yours truly also had the chance to work with Appy, when he asked for ideas for a specific song idea. We both got to communicating via facebook, and within a few days, voila! A song was born! And I have to say, not that I'm biased *ahem*, but "Intertwine" is definitely my favourite song from the album.. ;p Guess I can now add lyricist to my resume.. Hmm.. Lol!
So proud of myself when I see this.. Hahaha.. ;p
Also seen at the event were renowned Sabah producer Richado Tawith, and executive producer Arthur Lee of Sabah-based record label, Noisy Lions.
Arthur Lee, me and Appy!
Richado Tawith, who I've worked with before on a photo and video shoot for local magazine Bandwidth, which was also started by Arthur! Talented, talented people.. =)

So if you werent there folks, what are you waiting for? Appy will be at KDCA tomorrow (31/5/12) singing and promoting his album, so go grab one and listen to his silky voice! =) See you there!

And to all Sabahans, Kotobian Tadau Tagazo Do Kaamatan! Happy Harvest Festival! Drink responsibly and drive safe alright?

Appy is signed with Malaysian recording label Noisy Lions, and a full length album is expected to be released end of this year.


  1. I met Appy at the KK Jazz Fest 2012 launch party last night. God, he is good!!

    Will make a blog entry on the party soon.

  2. He IS good! Hahaha.. So proud of him.. =) Will follow your blog so I get to read that story.. =D