Super GT Queen Sabah Tour - Official Blogger!

23 May 2012

Just found out from the organizer that I will be the only official blogger from Sabah (if not Malaysia) to be invited to cover the whole tour from start to finish! =D So happy! Thank you so much for the opportunity Tina!

Starting from the 25th - 27th of May, the top 12 finalists of the Super GT Queen 2012 will be busy with many activities and appearances in the Land Below the Wind. Many of the appearances are public, with the main highlight being the car show which is in collaboration with Volkswagen KK at Suria Sabah. Hot cars and gorgeous girls, so what's your excuse to not be there? ;p

Here's the ad for the event:

The 12 beauties will be appearing side-by-side with our own sumandaks - the Top 12 finalists of this year's Miss Earth Sabah for a fashion show on the 27th of May, 12pm - 3pm. Come give your support to the 24 girls and let's give the Super GT Queens a proper warm Sabahan welcome! =D

I'll be updating here on all the fun the girls (and I!) will be having, but for the latest happenings as they, well, happen, do add my page on facebook! I'll be posting candid shots throughout the days (and nights). =)

Cant wait to see you there! And for other bloggers that will be coming to any of the activities, do let me know! Would love to meet you! =D

Til then!


  1. Congratulation, all the best!^^

    1. Thanks a lot Max! =) Hope I can do the brand justice!