Super GT Queen Top 12!

16 May 2012

So did you go to witness the semi-finals of the Super GT Queen 2012? The top 25 contestants were beautiful, and the crowd was amazing! They say a picture can say a thousand words, so here are about 5 thousand words about what went down that day! ;p
Backstage in gowns sponsored by Melrose.
Different Super GT top designs!
The set-up for the day!
Sabah's very own Weena Marcus and Mandy Nandu!
And finally, the Top 12 have been chosen!
The Top 12 and the sponsors.
Did YOUR favourite make it? Let's see -
Yes! She was one of my choices from my previous post. =)
Another one of my choices! =)

So there you have it! One of these lucky girls will be strutting her stuff all the way to Japan! =D So come on, I really wanna know - Who do you think it will be? =)

Keep up with the competition on the official facebook page for Super GT Queen 2012, and stay tuned to this blog as I'll be one of the official bloggers for the upcoming Super GT Queen 2012 East Meets West Sabah Tour which will not only feature the 12 Super GT Queen finalists, but also Miss Earth Sabah's top 12 finalists too! Yes! You read correctly! 24 gorgeous ladies together on stage here in Sabah! I cant wait, can you? *wink*

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