Super GT Queen final audition updates and who made it through!

7 May 2012

Well, the auditions are over, so if you didnt make it you're just going to have to wait til next year for the chance to come around again. For the audience though, now is the time to choose your favourite, because the semi finalists have already been chosen!

As I mentioned in my previous post, the final auditions were held in Sg. Wang on the 5th of May.
Stage Backdrop.
Organizer Tina Fong from Amaze Communications helping the girls sign up.
Celebrity audience - Wilson Tan, one of Malaysia's top male models.
Just look at that line-up! *phewitt*
Judges Whitney, Lavin Seow, Kenji Chan, Bryan Kwan, and the crowd!
By the end of the night, 25 semi-finalists were chosen, and you can tell it's gonna be a competitive season! Here they are, in no particular order:
Akifu, 23
Angiebaby, 21
Casandra Lim, 20
Cath Lim, 20
Charissa Chong, 18
Cindy Chew, 24
Cookies Yap, 19
Erica Chan, 17
Evonne Chou, 19
Freda Foong, 24
Heidi Goh, 23
Jesnny Mok, 20
Julie Tan, 21
Lily Kon, 20
Mico Lee, 23
Miya Yap, 19
Natasha, 23
Pauline Koo, 21
Rice Hing, 21
Roselyn Woon, 19
Sheila Bannu, 21
Taylie Teo, 22
Valerie Chua, 24
Victor Yong, 23
Yumi Meiki, 24
All of these girls have such potential! I wouldnt say they have the best choice of names, but I suppose it's up to them to choose what seems fit. I have to say though, I think we should stop trying to be unique on the name front already, it's gone a bit too far.. @.@

Anyway, I digress. The ride of their lives has just begun, because even before they choose the finalists, these 25 lucky girls have a whole lot of exciting activities lined up for them! =D

So who are your favourites so far? Let me know! For me, I'd say Angiebaby (not her name though), Casandra, Erica and Pauline. This is only by these photos though! It's very likely I'll change my opinion when I see more! ;p

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