12 Days Til Christmas!!

13 December 2011

But the weather outside is frightening.. O wait. Not in South East Asia it's not! ;p

And the countdown begins! Rush, rush, rush to get all the Christmas shopping done, plans for the holidays, sometimes I dont even know where to begin! =D But 'tis the season to be jolly, and that, my dears, I will be! =D

What's on YOUR Christmas lists this year? Do share! =) One of the things on mine is a new hand phone.. Cz mine is way too close to being thrown at a wall! Lol..

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  1. Bought the book "Medical Murder - disturbing cases of doctors who kill" by Robert M. Kaplan one of my brothers has asked to read it after I've finished, might qualify as his present!

    Michael Swango and Fred Shipman seem to be the stars in that area, even when people questioned unusually high death rates associated with them they were hard to stop as nobody would believe that a doctor could do such a thing.

    Anyway my thought for the day and a bit of Christmas cheer! A.B.