'Twas The Night Before Christmas

24 December 2011

It's Christmas eve! How's everyone doing? Shopping all done? Turkey defrosted? Invitations sent out? Presents all wrapped? =)

I foresee a good Christmas this year! Having two friends over for Christmas dinner with my family, we have a turkey, a pile of presents, and enough time for extra plans to be made! =) How about you? What are your plans?

I gotta run now though, gotta go squish with the rest of the last minute shoppers in KL!! Wish me luck guys!!


  1. Here's the video in case you missed it:


  2. Just seen it! Thanks so much Smith!! =D

    Haha.. And thank YOU LWM!! ;p

    Hope you both had a very Merry Christmas!! xxx

  3. The video is really good, I like your well thought out explanation of why you do modelling.

    On quite a sad note, if you didn't already know about it, there are some amazing videos of Ben Breedlove whose short life ended on Christmas day as a consequence of a heart condition which he explains in his last videos.


  4. Thanks A.B.! But unfortunately, it was a spur-of-the-moment answer.. No time to think! Hahaha.. ;p

    And I did hear of Ben.. Havent seen the actual videos tho.. =(