Professional Photography? Hmm..

1 December 2011

So I bought one of the local fashion mags last month, the November 2011 issue of Cleo, and it came with a little booklet, the new catalogue from local shoe brand Vincci. Now, as you all know I'm kind of a shoe freak, so I immediately grabbed it and flipped through..

Unfortunately, it wasnt the shoes that caught my eye. Much to my surprise, good photos were ruined by a small detail that none of the editing team seemed to notice: unsightly wrinkles in the skin-coloured tights of the model!

Some were not so bad, like this one is barely anything:But then it gets worse:And the worst one is definitely this one:Out of the 9 images that featured the model (excluding the covers), 4 were crinkled! As an ad campaign, I would've thought small details like this would be important, it's not hard to smoothen out such a minor but distracting thing using photoshop! Not impressed Vincci, not impressed at all..

What do you think? Do you think it's a big deal? Should it have been dealt with before going into print? Or do you think it's fine to leave the wrinkles on the finished photo? Let me know! =)



  1. For me, i did notice those wrinkles but thought it was how Vincci wanted it to look. I don't know, cause if they really didn't want those wrinkles, they would've taken notice early but since there were more than one wrinkled tights, it looks like they actually purposely made it that way.

  2. Hmm.. Maybe.. But to me, it just looks a mess.. I dont know how it could be part of the fashion.. =/ Especially the last one..

  3. "I was riding along in my automobile" no longer than 30 minutes ago when I heard The Police singing "Don't Stand So Close To Me" in which the lyric "he starts to shake and cough just like the old man in that book by Nabokov" which brings me to the subject of Lolita which was "that book by Nabokov." Which also allows me to mention Stanley Kubrick without straying too far from the subject.

    I was wanting to tell you that because it reminded me to look at your blog again and I see you have done a new post.

    A strange one about the wrinkles, maybe it is an advertising ploy to get people to tell the company they have made a mistake and to then say "thankyou for pointing that out to use" could you please tell us your name and address and we will post our catalogues to you for the next few years. Does all this exist in my imagination or do you think it might be the case.

    It does seem like a blatant mistake, once you pointed it out! A.B.

    You are a gorgeous model.

  4. Hahaha.. Your comments always make me laugh.. =)

    I'd rather they post me vouchers for new shoes! ;p But that could happen, the posting of catalogues I mean.. You never know the marketing ploys of some of these companies these days! ;p

  5. The toothpick legs on the models, who are essentially very beautiful worry me as well. The wide angle photography, often one of my favourite techniques, seems to make the shoes look clumsily big, perhaps the mood wasn't right during the shoot.

    Can that happen? The mood that is, can it be all wrong as if the whole shoot is cursed from beginning to end?

    yours sincerely,
    A puzzled A.B.

  6. I guess they do it so you have no choice but to see the shoes, as that's essentially what they're selling.. But I have experienced shoots that have gone wrong from the start, though never a shoot on this scale obviously! ;p

  7. Excuse me for ranting on but before we came to Australia my dad worked for Mars in Slough where he used to write the company weekly news bulletin. About half an hour after its release one man used to come racing into his office pointing out the errors. Dad eventually thought of putting deliberate mistakes in for his enjoyment. If we put the pictures in this light the amount of complaints about the photo might be a good way to do market research.

    Forrest Mars was reportedly a dictatorial Texan millionaire who used to enjoy seeing people beg him to keep their jobs. I also heard they had to provide special toilet paper for whenever he visited! True or not it's hilarious. The toilet paper - not so much about the begging.

  8. sigh .... I could say alot but really I am just too baffled by these photos and the "artistic director's" skills (NOT!!)

  9. Everything should be perfect in a magazine. :)

  10. Couldnt agree more Meitzeu! =)

    AAC: Totally mind-boggling ey.. ;p

    AB: Your dad sounds like he had a wicked sense of humour.. =D