15 December 2011

Saw this on one of the walls in Sunway Pyramid.. Yummy!! ;p


  1. Now's the perfect opportunity for me to ask how does a guy appear good looking to girls. Fortunately I've never been able to understand, if I did I would then have a difficulty in life. What is it eyebrows? the shape of the head? how far the eyes are apart? where the nose is? Girls often say "she's pretty!" but guys at least in Australia never say "wow he looks handsome!"

    Didn't think much of the book on doctors, then? A.B.

  2. Haha.. Take a look at my latest post.. He's the hottest guy around in my opinion! ;p

    Have never read that book.. Hmm..

  3. I can sort of see it but it's a guy thing probably, I can understand about Damian Lewis the king of cool - and an old Etonian. My niece has liked Colin Firth for some time.

    The Kaplan book examines the power a doctor has as being the reason why Shipman and Swango could go so long without being detected.

    Do you like the way what I talk about has so little to do with the post? I thought I had gone to far away from the subject so the comment might have worried you! A.B.

  4. Haha.. Well you also have to remember that everyone is different, and not all girls think a particular guy is good-looking, and vice versa! =)

    And dont worry about deviating from the post.. Like I said, it's always great to learn more, and I suppose that wouldnt be as possible if I just got comments specifically about the one thing my post was about! ;p