The Countdown...

21 December 2011

...To Christmas!!Omg, Christmas is in 4 days!! I foresee a very hectic week ahead, seeing as NOTHING is done yet!! =O

Spring cleaning to be done before the 'rents get here.. In 2 days!! Not to mention all the X'mas shopping that has to be done! *nail-biting*

Although we wont be having a tree this year,I know Santa will still be coming to townWith pressies galore for me and my loved ones!And after so many years, we'll be having Turkey!! =D
Too bad no roast potatoes though.. =( Although - latest news! - Adrian might be doing something about that!! =D=D=D)

I havent even planned the places we want to go after the 25th.. Hmm.. A few nearer-to-home places we've never been before? Or a road trip? Decisions decisions!!

How are your plans looking? Ready for a very merry Christmas everyone? =) Drop me a note, I'd love to know! And if you have any suggestions on where I should take the family, I'd LOVE the help! =D

'Tis the season to be jolly!xxxxx

Credits to Fame Cherry and Marcus Low for the awesome Santarina photos!


  1. Lovely pictures, Santarina really does exist!

    Thanks for putting up with my off the wall comments!

    Should be an interesting day.


  2. Thank you A.B.!! =) I hope you have a very merry Christmas!!